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Paola Tommasi Wikipedia Age – Italian Economist Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Forty years old Paola Tommasi is a well-known Italian economist who became famous thanks to her role in Donald Trump’s staff in the US presidential campaign. Let’s find out more about her.

Paola Tommasi’s name is linked to the world of political affairs. She is an Italian economist who attended the Bocconi University in Milan at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce. Paola also devotes herself to politics, which has always been her passion.

Paola Tommasi Wikipedia And Age 

Paola Tommasi was born in 1982 in Lecce, Italy. As of 2022, she is 40 years old. Talking about Paola’s personal life, there is very little information about her private life. This is because she is a highly reserved person in terms of feelings and privacy.

Moreover, talking about her early days, she graduated with a degree in the faculty of economics and commerce from Bocconi University. Besides that, the information regarding her early and high school is yet to be disclosed. 

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Similarly, She is present on Twitter but is not very followed. For the rest, he does not seem to like social media very much. 

Italian Economist: Paola Tommasi Family Ethnicity

As Paola Tommasi was raised and brought up in Italy and her family is from Italy, she belongs to the Italian Ethnicity. Besides this, the name of her parents and other details regarding her family is not available. 

As for her private life, Paola Tommasi does not have a husband. Paola Tommasi at the program said she wanted to become a mother, even if she did not have a partner.

Despite the difficult period due to the health emergency of Covid-19, Paola Tommasi has managed to crown her dream by going to Spain, to Barcelona and resorting to assisted fertilization with the sperm of an anonymous donor.

Paola Tommasi ( Source: controcopertina)
Paola Tommasi ( Source: controcopertina)

In an interview, she said, “Better sooner than later; then everything becomes more difficult because biological age matters, and it’s not just a phrase of circumstance. I’m happy to tell all the young girls my story that if you want to have children, you must think about it soon. The career, the house, can come later, indeed having children brings good luck”.

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 On April 16, Letizia, her baby girl, was born. After her birth, Paola said, “I hope to see myself as much as possible in this little girl. It’s that simple. They see you then, in my case, fair complexion, green eyes, and brown hair and choose someone with the same characteristics.”

Paola Tommasi Net Worth

The exact detail about Paola Tommasi is not available as it is yet to be disclosed. However, through the analysis, it is definite that she earns a good enough fortune for living through her work. 

She is an economist who started working first as an accountant and later at the Revenue Agency. She joined the world of politics by becoming head of the technical secretariat of the president of the Forza Italia group of the Chamber of Deputies.

 Paola Tommasi during her interview (Source: Nonsolo TV)

Paola Tommasi during her interview (Source: Non solo TV)She also writes for Libero newspaper, where he deals with economics and international politics, primarily American. In 2016, the economist participated in Donald Trump’s election campaign.

Among her professional experiences, Tommasi has also collected that of a member of Donald Trump’s staff during the presidential campaign in the United States.

Her main research topics focus on international economics and politics, especially American politics. She is also the author of a successful book: Attack Trump, published in 2017.

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