Parag Agarwal Kids

Parag Agarwal Is A Father Of Two Kids, Meet His Wife Vineeta Agarwala, Family And Net Worth

Parag Agarwal’s kids have been a topic of interest lately, as fans look forward to learning more about his wife and family.

Parag Agrawal, an Indian-American software engineer, served as the CEO of Twitter, Inc. from November 2021 to October 27, 2022.

Unfortunately, that day, he was dismissed alongside three other top executives in the wake of Elon Musk’s acquisition of the Company.

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Meet Parag Agarwal Wife Vineeta Agarwala

Parag Agarwal and Vineeta Agarwal are married in San Francisco, California.

Having children is a life-changing experience and one that many couples look forward to, and for this particular couple, they have been blessed with two children, born in 2018 and 2022.

Vineeta, a board-certified physician and internal medicine resident at Stanford, is an adjunct clinical professor in the Division of Primary Care and Population Health at the Stanford School of Medicine.

Vineeta Agarwal boasts a distinguished academic and professional pedigree, having attained her Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University.

Subsequently, she earned an MD and Ph.D. in Biophysics from Harvard Medical School and Harvard University.

Parag Agarwal Wife Vineeta Agarwala.
Parag Agarwal Kids: Parag Agarwal’s Wife, Vineeta Agarwala. (Source: Twitter)

Currently, she is a general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, which describes itself as a tech-driven ecosystem connecting startups, investors, administrators, engineers, researchers, industry professionals, and more.

Agarwal also serves on the board of several portfolio companies, including BigHat Biosciences, GC Therapeutics, Memora Health, Thyme Care, Pearl Health, and Waymark.

Parag Agarwal Family & Early Life

Parag Agrawal was born in 1976 in Ajmer, Rajasthan. However, he and his family later moved to Mumbai, where his Father was a senior official in the Indian Department of Atomic Energy and his mother a retired Economics professor from VJTI.

Parag Agarwal Kids: Parag Agarwal with his family.
Parag Agarwal Kids: Parag Agarwal with his family. (Source: Timesofindia)

After graduating from the Atomic Energy Central School (AECS) with honors, Parag pursued his bachelor’s degree in engineering at the India Institute of Technology (IIT). He was recently recognized and valued by IIT Bombay for his contributions to the tech world.

Afterward, he went to Stanford University to earn his Ph.D. degree. While there, he interned at major tech companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, and AT&T Labs, gaining valuable industry experience.

How Much Does Parag Agarwal Have Net Worth?

Parag Agrawal, a software engineer appointed as the new CEO of Twitter on 29 November 2021, has an estimated net worth of $42 million.

He earned an annual salary of $5 million, plus bonuses and restricted and performance-based stock units worth $12.5 million.

His sources of income included working at various positions at Twitter and Yahoo, and Microsoft and conducting research for various companies. Before becoming the CEO of Twitter, Agarwal’s annual salary was approximately $250,000.

Parag Agarwal Got Fired By Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has fired Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal. After months of tension between the two, Musk decided, leading to Agrawal’s departure from the Company.

The news has sent shockwaves throughout the tech industry and has left many wondering what the implications of this move will be. 

In November 2021, India-born Agrawal took over as Twitter’s CEO after Jack Dorsey stepped down, with Dorsey offering his full support.

Unfortunately, Agrawal’s stint was cut short when Elon Musk fired him after just under a year.

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What Is Parag Agarwal, The Former X-CEO Of Twitter, Joining Next?

Parag Agarwal’s departure from the Chief Executive Officer position of Twitter has spread globally like wildfire, shocking people.

Many Twitter users expressed their disbelief that the only Indian CEO of Twitter had been let go.

There is much speculation about the ex-CEO’s next steps; however, no official information has yet to be released. 

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