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Paul Bamba Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Boxer? 

Although Paul Bamba has etched his name in the sport’s history with his captivating journey, Paul Bamba Wikipedia page is yet to be created. Netizens are curious and hell-bent on learning more about him.

Paul Bamba is a professional boxer known for his impressive skills and determination. He began his boxing journey at a young age and quickly made a name for himself in the amateur circuit.

With a natural talent for the sport, he soon turned professional and entered the world of competitive boxing.

Throughout his career, Bamba has faced numerous formidable opponents. He has fought in several weight divisions, proving his versatility and adaptability.

Bamba is not only a Boxing champion but was also involved in the US Marine Corps as a combat vet. Born on August 18, 1989, Bamba is currently 33 years old with a commanding height of 6 feet 1 inches.

Paul Bamba Wikipedia: Age, Parents And Background

Originally from Rio Piedras, Porto Rico, Paul is now a very successful boxer who once had a very traumatizing childhood.

His parents separated right after birth, and his mother was heavily into drugs. Perhaps that is why his father tried to get his custody but failed.

Adding more trauma to the young Paul, his mother sold him for cash to get some drugs when he was only 3.

Paull Bamba Wikipedia
Paull Bamba shares a picture of him reading a ‘Ruthless Consistency’ book on his Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Albeit safer than human trafficking, Paul found himself in foster care later. However, he had a rough time growing up in foster as he was often the target of harassment, bullies, and abuse.

After living in 20 different foster homes, he finally found a home where he felt he belonged. The family that took him remains a very integral part of his life.

Bamba is in touch with his biological father and is getting to know him, but in an interview, he revealed that he does not want to have any kind of relationship with his mother.

After living a hard life in foster care, Paul joined the United States Marine Corps at 18 in 2007 and was posted to Iraq.

Paul Bamba Wikipedia
Paul is active on Instagram, inspiring his over 100k followers to never give up on their dreams. (Source: Instagram)

When he read a magazine and saw an ad for the Corps, Paul got the idea to join the Marine Corps. He jokingly put a call through, and a staff Sergeant came looking for him an hour later.

He was terrified to see the Sergeant, but eventually, the Sergeant encouraged him to join the military and said that it gives a chance for people to start life afresh.

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Paul Bamba’s Journey to Boxing Glory and Community Giving

At the age of 25, Bamba was discharged from the Marine Corps. Although it helped him get a direction to a better life, he struggled for his next step. 

He tried attending school but eventually realized it was not working for him. Throughout his life, he lived with different families and in different homes, so after coming out of the Corps, he had nowhere to go.

He randomly decided to move to New York City in 2014. At 25, Bamba struggled to feed himself and had no place to live.

He started living in the streets, sleeping on couches and in subway cars in the city.

While exploring this city, he discovered that in Morrispark Bronx, a boxing gym called ‘Morris Park Boxing Club’ is owned by a former American boxer, Aaron Davis.

He found out that at the boxing club, he could get paid $10 per round and even more if he could survive the following rounds.

Bamba began boxing for $10 and earning more as he would last more than around. What began as a way to feed himself later changed his life.

After spending four years in the gym, he thought he was good enough to start training himself, which led him to found ‘Trifecta Strong LLC, ‘ his own boxing and fitness gym.

Paul Bamba GYM
Paul Bamba shares a picture of him in his Fitness gym ‘Trifecta.’ (Source: Instagram)

Many people found out that Bamba was good at training. He would eventually get to train regular people and many A-list celebrities, including comedian Rip Michaels, Jessie Jess from UFC, Hip Hop group Earth Gang, and NFL’s Bennett Jackson.

Even after training such high-profile figures, Paul Bamba did not have a separate Paul Bamba Wikipedia page.

After training and teaching for years, he finally decided to go pro at boxing on January 9, 2021, and debuted as a pro boxer at 31 against Mexican boxer Felix Alexis Cardenas in Mexico.

He won the first round in his debut boxing match and has since fought in more than six bouts, winning four and losing 2.

In an interview, he said,

It’s extraordinarily inspiring to see that a kid who was abandoned by his own mother for drug money would one day be so successful.

With ever-rising fame, it is a matter of time before fans will get to see a separate Paul Bamba Wikipedia page highlighting his major accomplishments.

Having that said, not having any Paul Bamba Wikipedia page does not make his success any less.

Besides his career achievements, Paul Bamba has arranged many fundraising events and made a lot of donations to his local communities in New York.

He recently gave away 500 turkeys to people within the Bronx community. Further, he is also very active in providing funds for foster care. 

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