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Is Luis Rubiales Gay Or Does He Have A Wife? Kissing Scandal Explained

Luis Rubiales gay speculations have risen after recent allegations of sexual assault and misdemeanor against the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (REEF).

Former professional defender and current Spanish football official Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar was born on August 23, 1977.

He is best known among football enthusiasts for having tenacious skills who appeared in only 53 La Liga matches over three seasons.

By March 2010, he retired from his football career and was later chosen to lead the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE).

The current president of The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Rubiales, often surrounds himself with scandals.

On April 18, 2022, the Spanish digital newspaper El Confidencial exposed Rubiales to a negotiating commission.

The online news portal shared leaked audio messages that proved that Rubiales arranged for Gerard Piqué, a former Spanish footballer, to receive some commissions for representing Spain in the Supercopa de Arabia.

El Confidencial also published a Whatsapp conversation exposing Rubiales speaking ill of various Spanish football teams in October 2022.

Now Luis Rubiales is facing what may be the biggest scandal of his career for kissing Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso.

Is Luis Rubiales Gay, Or Does He Have A Wife?

Luis Rubiales gay rumors and questions regarding his marital status have arisen after he was caught kissing Jenni Hermoso, a Spanish midfielder, during a medal presentation.

Rubiales, who is quite famous for a number of scandals during his career, is quite private about his personal life.

Luis Rubiales gay or not
As per ESPN FC, Luis recently made a statement that he will not be resigning as president of the Spanish Football Federation following his behavior after the Women’s World Cup final. (Source: Instagram)

There is little to no information, especially about his romantic relationships. Thus, there is no evidence to back up Luis Rubiales gay accusations.
Sources confirm that the Spanish football official does not have a wife and has never been married either.

The lack of information about his romantic involvement with anyone may be the reason for Luis Rubiales gay rumors to have gone viral.

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Luis Rubiales: Kissing Scandal Explained

After Spain won the Women’s World Cup in August 2023, Luis Rubiales was photographed kissing Jenni Hermoso, a Spanish midfielder, on the lips during the award ceremony.

Hermoso later expressed she did not like the kiss via an Instagram livestream.


She further reported that he placed his arm around her in the changing area and announced that the two would get married in Ibiza.

He was also spotted grabbing his crotch when Queen Letizia of Spain stood beside him with her 16-year-old daughter Infanta Sofia.

Luis Rubiales
American soccer player Megan Rapinoe says Luis Rubiales behavior reflects misogyny and sexism’ in women’s soccer. (Source: BBC)

Following the misconduct, Rubiales received harsh condemnation for his obnoxious behavior.

In a formal statement, the AFL’s high officials called for his resignation and warned that if he didn’t quit right away, they would demand that the Sports Law be applied to him.

On Friday, Rubiales lamented that “false feminists” were “trying to kill me” when speaking at an RFEF emergency meeting.

According to him, what happened was just a “little peck” that was “spontaneous, mutual, euphoric, and consensual.

“Will a friendly kiss get me out of here? I won’t step down. I’ll fight to the bitter end,” declared Rubiales, earning cheers from the audience, who were mostly men.

Acting Labor Minister Yolanda Diaz immediately criticized his statement, calling it “unacceptable.”

Spain second VP and Minister of Labor & Economy, Yolanda Díaz
“The government must act and take urgent measures: impunity for macho actions is over. Rubiales cannot continue in office,” Diaz said. (Source: Twitter)

Despite what prior reports claimed, Rubiales strongly refused to quit before the emergency Extraordinary General Assembly.

Two members of the Spanish men’s national team and Real Betis, Héctor Bellern and Borja Iglesia, publicly criticized Rubiales on social media on the same day.

Iglesias refused to represent Spain unless Rubiales resigned.

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