Is Pengz Arrested? What Did He Do And Where Is Musical Artist Now?

Rapper Pengz is from Toronto, Canada, and he first gained attention with his four-year-old duet with TwoTwo, “Grizelda Blanco.” Following this, the rapper went quiet for a while before making a significant comeback with “Gangsta,” another TwoTwo duet.

Following the success of “Gangsta,” 3M French collaborated with both of them on the song “Lizzie Mcguire.” Pengz quickly released “Alejandro Sosa” and “Eastern Conference” after establishing a distinctive and recognized flow.

Following the popularity of these two singles, Pengz made a slick move and surprised his audience with “Iglo.” One of his best music videos and an excellent song overall.

The first track on Pengz’s EP was “Free Chaotic.” The song is from “Can’t make this shit up,” his most recent EP. Seven songs total from the EP is now being made available.

Pengz has developed a following that is enamored with his dependability, hot bars, and stunning visuals. He devours every verse, whether solo or group effort and deserves much more praise.

Is Pengz Arrested?

Pengz was detained in Sudbury, according to several sources, after Sudbury Police discovered drugs valued at $56,000 and a loaded handgun during their investigation.

Three Southern Ontario residents—Bobby-Ohemeng Boating, 27, Elijah McPherson, 24, and an unnamed 16-year-old—as well as Greater Sudbury resident John Markell, 44—were all detained as a consequence of the inquiry.

Pengz arrest
Pengz arrest details in Reddit.

They are accused of various offenses, Under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Controlled Substances Act, like Possession of a Schedule I Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking, Unauthorized Possession of a Prohibited or Restricted Firearm, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Under $5,000, and many others.

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All four people were detained by the Police and will appear in bail court on October 12, 2022, to defend themselves against the allegations.

What Did Pengz Do?

Pengz reportedly had a gun and drugs in his possession, according to several accounts.

The Provincial Joint-forces Guns and Gangs Task Force, according to a press release from Sudbury Police, concentrates its efforts on significant crime activities that offer a direct and elevated threat to the safety, security, and well-being of Northern Ontario communities.

The Task Force learned that Southern Ontario residents were trafficking illegal substances in Greater Sudbury.

Pengz arrest 2
Pengz’s fans on Pengz’s arrest news.
Source: Instagram

Detectives requested and received a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) Search Warrant for a home on Galaxy Court as part of the ongoing investigation.

The search warrant was carried out at home on October 11, 2022, around 5:10 am by members of our Emergency Response Unit (ERU), the Task Force, and detectives from our Integrated Crime Section.

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Detectives discovered and confiscated a loaded firearm, $56,500 worth of what is thought to be cocaine and more than $1,100 in cash during the execution of the search warrant.

Where Is The Musical Artist Now?

We do not know the artist’s exact whereabouts because he has not yet provided his fans an update on where he is.

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But the rapper recently shared a story on Instagram on October 17, so we know he is safe at home. Pengz has not yet formally validated this information.

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