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Perez Hilton Wife: Why Fans Think The Real Bling Ring Cast Is Gay? Family And Net Worth

Perez Hilton has not been officially married or engaged to date. Here are the details about his partner, children, family, and networth you might be interested in.

Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., known as Perez Hilton, is an American vlogger and media personality. He was 44 years born on March 28, 1978. 

His blog is mostly about gossip about celebrities, and he has long gained controversy for his attitude and content. Besides being a vlogger, he is also interested in writing; he has published four books. And also hosts a podcast with Chris Booker and has two Youtube channels of his own. 

Read further to know if he is gay or not. 

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Perez Hilton Wife: Why Fans Think The Real Bling Ring Cast Is Gay?

He always kept his dating life private and severe. Some report that he once dated former actress and YouTuber Stevie Ryan.

Peter Hilton has been cast in a Hollywood Tv series, The Real Bling Ring, Based on the “Bling Ring” robberies that took place in LA’s wealthy suburbs between 2008-2009.

Hilton’s sexual orientation is gay. Earlier, when he grew up, he kept his sexual orientation hidden from everyone. Finally, when he was at University, he came forward and told his family that he was gay.

One involved a revelation he made when he stated that he had lost his virginity to another schoolboy at 12. He said that they used to have sex every day in the chapel. The more information about that boy is unknown, and we also don’t have any information about his dating life. 

He hasn’t shared it with anyone after he claims that Perez is gay; he has not been seen with any boy or with women. So, we are all unknown about his relationship, but it is clear that Perez Hilton is gay. 

Perez Hilton Family And Children

Perez is the son of Teresita Lavanderia and Mario Lavanderia in 1978. The information about his father is unknown, and he has a great relationship with his mother. He lives together with her mother and three children. 

Perez is not officially married, but he has three children. His child is named Mario, Mia Alma, and Mayte Amor first, second and third, respectively.

Hilton is the biological father of his three children, who were conceived with donor eggs from the same woman and were born through surrogacy. He has been a great single parent and often shares pictures of his children on his social media account. 

Perez Hilton with his children
Perez Hilton with his children. Image Source: nickiswift

The children live with their father and grandmother, Teresita Lavandeira, who care for them. Hilton lives with his mother, who helps him care for his children. Also, the children have a good relationship with their grandmother; they often hangout with her when Perez is busy with his work. 

Perez Hilton Net Worth 2022

The estimated net worth of Perez Hilton is $20 million. Apart from celebrity blogging, he is also an established writer and actor. He is a somewhat controversial character, and there is no doubt that Perez Hilton has had considerable success in the entertainment news industry.

He got two YouTube channels, ‘Perez Hilton’ and ‘Perez Hilton and Family.’ He reached around 400k plus subscribers from both accounts. He has been making his earnings through his YouTube channel, also. 

The mentioned net worth Perez might be more or less; this is just an estimated amount; he might have other different sources for earning, like business and investments. 

Also, he has been earning a higher amount from 2020-2022. 

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