Who Is Ella Webb

Who Is Ella Webb Hocking County? Grandmother Arrested After Baby Found Locked In Bug-Filled Cage- Where Is She Now?

Who Is Ella Webb? People are curious about the homicide case of a baby found dead in a locked bug-filled cage. 

According to the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office, investigators discovered a 3-year-old chained up in a cage and a 2-year-old using meth at a residence in Ohio.

According to the sheriff’s office, Franklin “TJ” Varney, 38, and Megan Smith, 25, abandoned the toddlers when they fled the house while being investigated for a sexual assault.

During a Monday chase near the house, they were apprehended and captured. According to the sheriff’s office, Varney and Smith are each accused of endangering children on felony counts.

Police discovered the house in deplorable condition when they executed a search warrant.

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Who Is Ella Webb Hocking County: Where Is She? 

Ella Webb, a 61-year-old Logan grandma, was detained and charged with Endangering Children, a 3rd Degree Felony. She was taken to the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office Jail to prepare for her arraignment in Hocking County Municipal Court.

Additionally, Franklin “TJ” Varney, 38, of Logan, and Megan Smith, 25, of Logan, were charged with 3rd-degree felonies of Endangering Children. Court orders for nationwide arrest warrants were made.

Chief Deputy Caleb J. Moritz of the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office said, “I very, very highly urge Mr. Varney and Ms. Smith to turn themselves into law authorities immediately. The Hocking County Sheriff’s Office will tirelessly use every local, state, and federal resource to bring these two to justice if they choose to flee their obligations, as they did tonight.

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Three-Year-Old Found in Cage Inside Home: What Happened? 

In connection with a sexual assault investigation, Hocking County Sheriff’s Office detectives conducted a search warrant at home on Bear Run Road on September 18 with the help of the Logan-Hocking Special Response Team.

A three-year-old child was locked inside a cage fastened with zip ties when law enforcement officers visited the house, which was in terrible shape. The infant was kept in a cage that contained soiled bedding, bugs, and a cup of ruined milk. Additionally, a two-year-old was seen wandering the house with a methamphetamine pipe in his hand.

Ella Webb
The Cage Where 3 Year Old Baby Was Found (Source: SciotoPost)

The parents of the babies left the house with the children and assisted with investigating the sexual assault. It was possible to hold and take into custody the grandmother of the newborns, the kids’ guardian.

South Central Ohio Job And Family Services provided help so that the two infants may be safely brought into emergency custody and placed in emergency foster care for safekeeping.

Where are Franklin “TJ” Varney And Megan Smith? The Parents Of 3 Year Old

Franklin “TJ” Varney, 38, and Megan Smith, 25, are from Logan, Ohio, and were charged with endangering minors. Near their residence on Bear Run Road, the two were pursued by law enforcement authorities on foot into the woods before being caught.

Ella Webb
From Left Megan Smith; Franklin Varney; Ella Webb (Source: TrueCrimeDaily)

They were taken into custody while running away from the Police. 

Authorities said that they discovered a 3-year-old imprisoned in a cage with bugs fastened with zip ties when they got to the house. Then, according to police enforcement, a 2-year-old was seen entering the home while carrying a meth pipe.

Both kids were removed into protective custody right away.

According to the sheriff’s office, the infants’ parents left the house because they were a part of the investigation into a sexual assault. Ella Webb, the newborn’s 61-year-old grandmother, was taken into custody and accused of endangering the kids. She entered a not guilty plea and had a $200,000 cash surety bond issued.

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