Where Is Myra Lewis Williams

Where Is Myra Lewis Williams After Her Ex-Husband Jerry Lee Lewis Death? Kids And Net Worth

People are curious to know where is Myra Lewis Williams, as her ex-husband Jerry Lee Lewis died at 87. 

Jerry Lee Lewis was the only performer in his prime who could compete with Elvis Presley for the title of King of Rock. With songs like “Great Balls of Fire” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Shakin’ Goin’ On,” Lewis, also known by the moniker “The Killer,” made history in what was looking to be an unconventional career.

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The primary reason Lewis’ career never attained the heights it promised has again come to light following his passing on Friday at 87.

Although Elvis, too, broke all the norms and had a feral attitude, what ultimately ended up ruining his career was something more personal.

Where Is Myra Lewis Williams After Her Ex-Husband Jerry Lee Lewis’s Death? 

Daughter of Lois and J.W. Brown, Myra Gale was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on July 11, 1944. Rusty Brown was the family’s son; he was born in 1954.

The Browns then moved to Memphis, Tennessee, after J.W. Brown accepted a position with Memphis Gas, Light, and Water as a lineman. J.W. Brown decided to form a band after suffering an occupational injury. 

He looked for Jerry Lee Lewis, his cousin, and a young musician. J.W. Lewis played the piano and sang, and Brown played the electric bass. Together, they made rock and roll history by producing smash singles for Sun Records. Lewis moved in with J.W. in 1956. The Brown family.

Myra Lewis Williams
Myra Lewis Williams With Her Ex-Husband Jerry Lee Lewis- Source: The Sports Grail

Brown has been a successful Atlanta real estate salesperson since 1980. In 1984, she wed Richard Williams, her third husband, and worked in his Century 21 real estate agency.

In 1984, she obtained her broker license, and in 2003, she was given the Million Dollar Lifetime Award. She currently goes by Myra Lewis Williams and lives with her husband in Duluth, Georgia.

In the Ethan Coen-directed 2022 documentary Jerry Lee Lewis: Trouble in Mind, she is seen being questioned.

Myra Lewis Williams Kids: Who Are They? 

Myra Williams sometimes questions whether her life was all a dream as she reflects on her 1957 marriage to her cousin, the singer Jerry Lee Lewis. When she was 13 years old, their happy and unhappy times together, their two children, and the lasting harm their relationship caused to Lewis’ career and legacy.

One day after Lewis’ passing, the 78-year-old author and former real estate agent called The Times from her House in Atlanta and said, “But it happened.” “It did. All of this occurred to me.

She listed the life-changing events during her adolescence, calling them all “gigantic”: getting married at 13, becoming a mother at 14, losing her firstborn child at 17, and having her second kid at 19.

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By the time Lewis wed Brown in 1957, his second wife, Jane Mitchum, was still his legitimate wife. Lewis and Brown remarried in June 1958 following their divorce.

However, the relationship ended 12 years later when Myra Gale filed for divorce in 1970, accusing him of adultery and domestic violence. Steve and Phoebe Lewis and Brown were the parents of two kids.

Jerry Lee married Judith Lewis, now his widow, and was previously married to Myra Gale’s brother, four more times before their union ended in 2012.

Myra Lewis Williams Net Worth In 2022

Myra Lewis Williams will have a net worth of $6.97 million in 2022, according to People. After a publisher’s editing, the book Brown engaged author Murray Silver to co-write—originally intended to be her autobiography—became Great Balls of Fire: The Uncensored Story of Jerry Lee Lewis. The book’s initial publication came from William Morrow & Company in October 1982.

Myra Lewis Williams
Myra Lewis Williams Posting Her Book Cover Source: Twitter

Great Balls of Fire, a 1989 motion picture, was made from it! Featuring Winona Ryder as Brown and Dennis Quaid as Lewis.

Brown received $100,000 for her narrative, but she was miffed that, despite being promised, she was not involved in the script or casting of the movie. She visited the Memphis set even though the producers did not want Brown or Lewis to be connected with the film.

Brown wasn’t happy with the book or the movie, even though she thought the performers were kind and talented. She wrote her memoir, The Spark That Survived, in 2016 to share the experience of a woman who overcame challenging circumstances and encouraged others to recognize their strengths.

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Her turbulent marriage to Lewis is described in the book, as is how she created a new life for herself following their divorce.

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