Randy Kaufman Wife

Randy Kaufman Wife: Is Arizona GOP Candidate Married? Family And Net Worth

Arizona GOP Candidate Randy Kaufman Wife has become a buzzing topic after her husband was arrested for allegedly indecent public behavior.

On Oct 4, 2022, Randy, a Trump-loving, Republican, and avid election denier running for the Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board, was arrested after he was caught performing obscene acts in his vehicle near a preschool.

When the officer approached the vehicle, the Maricopa County Police officer identified a Ford F-150 parked with a shade screen along the windshield. The candida for the upcoming election was red-handed and caught in his car.

Following the incident, the Maricopa Community College Board GOP candidate suspended his Campaign on October 18, 2022. After Police allegedly caught him performing a sexual act on himself while parked in his car near a child care center at Rio Salado Colleges’ Surprise campus.

According to investigating officials, Kaufman’s truck was parked in full view of the Wirtzels Preschool and Child Care Center where children were playing outside on the playground.

Randy Kaufman Wife: Is Arizona GOP Candidate Married?

Randy Kaufman is married but has kept his personal life out of sight of the media.

Following the incident, the Arizona GOP candidate was suspended from the Republican Party following the United States Consitution and its values.

On October 4, an officer with the Maricopa County Colleges Police Department observed a pickup truck in the Rio Salado College Surprise parking lot.

Randy Kaufman Wife
Randy Kaufman, with Rep. Kelli Butler, a state legislator for a district-wide seat on Maricopa County Community College District’s Governing Board in the November election.

The officer reported that, when this happened, he witnessed a person riding a bicycle nearby and children playing in a schoolyard less than 200 feet away.

At Rio Salado College’s Surprise campus, a Police officer west of Phoenix reported seeing Randy Kaufman allegedly exposing himself while in his parked truck.

How Much Is Randy Kaufman Net Worth?

According to sources, Randy’s net worth is more than one million dollars.

According to Authorities, Kaufman’s vehicle was in full view of a preschool and childcare center where children were on a playground. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office said prosecutors need time to review the case before making a charging decision.

According to sources, elected officials are paid about $200,000, and the average pay for a county executive-level position is estimated at around $79,784.

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Randy Kaufman Arrest And Charge: Is In Jail?

Randy Kaufman, a person running for Maricopa County Community College board of directors, has been arrested for indecent public behavior.

Randy Kaufman Wife
Randy Kaufman, the Arizona GOP candidate was suspended from the Republican Party following the incident
source: azfamily

The news of a candidate in Arizona being busted for masturbating in his car near a school despite his sworn dedication to protecting children is the latest in a series of glaring examples of Republican hypocrisy during this wild and crazy 2022 midterm elections cycle.

The Arizona GOP Candidate, Randy Kaufman was arrested earlier this month for what the Maricopa Community Colleges Police Department described as “public sexual indecency.”

AZ Central reported that Kaufman had suspended his candidacy. However, his name will remain on the ballot just weeks before Election Day, according to elections officials.

The county elections department has not received an official statement of withdrawal from Kaufman. Authorities said that without the signed and notarized document, he’s still an active candidate, and his votes will be counted.

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