Kaalan Walker Case Update

Kaalan Walker Case Update: How Many Victims Are There? Arrest And Charges

Kaalan Walker, Rapper and Actor of ‘SuperFly,’ is sentenced to 50 Life in Prison In Case of Sexual Assault. 

Kaalan Walker is a renowned rapper famous by the stage name ‘KR.’ He had released his EP album entitled ‘The Intermission.’ He has also played in multiple films like Halle Berry, starring Daniel Craig and Kings. 

Walker had appeared in the BET legal drama In Contempt for two episodes and later played a role of a hot-headed gang member as Juju in the remake of the 1970s cult classic Superfly. 

During a comprehensive interview with Billboard in 2018, Walker shared about being raised by a single mother and feeling like a ‘loser’ that nobody would talk about growing up before vibing with hip hop.

He also shared his struggles with depression and his career ambition in acting and Music. 

Kaalan Walker Case Update: How Many Victims Are There?

On Monday, October 17, Well-Known Rapper-actor Walker got sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for sexual assault charges of engaging four young women and three teens in attacks dating back to 2013.

Superior Court Judge Joseph Brandolino also commanded Kaalan Walker to record as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace told City News Service that she trusts the defendant is “truly a voracious.”

Kaalan Walker - XXL Mag
Kaalan Walker – XXL Mag

A Van Nuys jury condemned Walker on April 18 of three counts of coercive rape, two counts each of unlawful sexual intimacy with a minor and rape of a drunk victim, and one count of assault to commit oral fornication involving crimes between 2013 and 2018.

Jurors acquitted him of two counts of assertive rape and one count of forcible digital infiltration involving three other accused victims.

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Walker used Instagram and Twitter to tempt his alleged victims to locations he chose by booking them for fake music videos or photoshoots or with a fake promise of introducing them to celebrities.

Walker was arrested in September 2018. He was released on bond but was taken into confinement again after the jury’s judgment was read.

Kaalan Walker: Charges And Arrest

Kaalan Walker was condemned Monday on charges involving six-woman, three of them were 16-year-old ambitious models, and the sexual ravishment of a seventh woman. Walker faced up to 100 years to life when he was sentenced, but his lawyer, Andrew Flier, pledged to launch an allure. 

The rapper had been suffering more than a dozen numbers involving ten alleged victims, but a Los Angeles jury acquitted him of charges involving three alleged victims.  

Superfly' Star, Rapper Kaalan Walker – Rolling Stone
Superfly’ Star, Rapper Kaalan Walker – Rolling Stone

Walker used to pick girls, and he petitioned their dreams and hopes and witticism Drake and used his power to Halle Berry to gain these girls’ trust. Once the girls reached the location, it was not about photo shoots but about assaulting them. 

Some of his appellants were allowed to attest though their allegations did not result in assuredness. 

Model Jada Everon was only 16 years old; Walker connected her through Instagram for Photoshoot. She testified she was raped after she met Walker at the destination. 

Everon told Rolling Stone that Walker allured her into his trap by naming Drake and promising to make her rich and famous.  

Another of Walker’s victims, model Sydney Stanford, posted an emotional video to Instagram following the judgment. She claimed she was locked in a car and then raped on the first meet. 

One victim told the jury that Walker influenced her into a spontaneous sex tape by promising to introduce her to Drake and will fulfill her dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret model.

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