Rapper Sfera Ebbasta and Angelina Lacour are popular and well-liked pairs among fans. They met three years ago, in 2019, and have never been apart since. 

Gionata Boschetti, better known by his stage name Sfera Ebbasta, is an Italian rapper and musician. Ebbasta emerged with the publication of XDVR, a collaboration between record producer Charlie Charles and DEACC that found commercial success in Italy.

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Between 2010 and 2012, the rapper began his musical career by submitting songs to YouTube without success. He met producer Charlie Charles while attempting to join a Hip Hop TV performance in Milan unlawfully during this time.

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Are Rapper Sfera Ebbasta And Angelina Lacour Have been Together Since 2019?

Angelina and Sfera Ebbasta (aka Sfera Ebbasta) are popular and well-liked pairs among fans. They met three years ago, in 2019, and have never been apart since. 

Rapper Sfera Ebbasta
                                              Rapper Sfera Ebbasta And Angelina Lacour (source : oggi)

There are three years between them, yet their journey continues apace, and the two are more in love than ever. Angelina and Sfera are highly private people, and they only allow themselves a few photos to be uploaded on their social media accounts.

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Angelina Fiol Lacour was born on May 31, 1995, in Argentina, under the sign of Gemini. She was raised in a sporting household in Argentina but is also culturally linked to France and Spain. An education that taught her to be obsessed with her body, its care, and her health.

Who Is Sfera Ebbasta Kid? Meet Gabriel 

The official pregnancy announcement came in January 2022, followed by images of the baby shower that revealed the child’s sex. 

sfera ebbasta papa nato gabriel
                                                       Rapper Sfera Ebbasta Kid Gabriel  (source : mtv)

Gabriel was born on June 22, and both his mother and Father gave some adorable social images to him, along with loving dedications all for him: “All I will do for you,” Gionata wrote, and Angelina added, “To the kid who made me a mother, I shall adore you forever.” You are the most lovely thing I’ve ever seen.”

The baby is already on social media, where the pair opted to announce the arrival by sharing a hug with the newcomer.

The youngster has been kept away from social media and the press because their parents wish to keep the child’s nature private and away from social media.

How Much Is Rapper Sfera Ebbasta Net Worth?

Sfera Ebbasta is a $10 million net-worth Italian rapper. The yearly salary of Sfera Ebbasta is expected to be $79.82 thousand.

Based on the millions of views of his YouTube videos, rumors suggest that Sphere of Money is generating a lot of money, and an income of 200 thousand euros per month is calculated, a respectable amount that ranks among the highest for artists in the same category.

This is in addition to income from his successes, which are not small when considering Sfera now has 20 gold and ten platinum recordings. Not to mention the revenue from Spotify, where the Cinisello rapper is quite successful.


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