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Ravil Maganov Net Worth: Death Cause Wife And Children: What Happened To Him?

The chairman of Russian oil, who had made enormous net worth, had died after falling from a window. On Thursday, Ravil Maganov was killed after falling from a window on the 6th floor of Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital.

Ravil served as the chairman of Lukoil, the country’s second-largest oil company.

He graduated with a degree in oil and gas from Gubkin Russian State University. Oil and gas are mainly produced, transported, and sold by his firm, LUKOIL PJSC, from Western Siberia.

The company also produces fuels, chemical products, and other petroleum-based goods. LUKOIL runs refineries and gas stations in Russia and the United States. The business uses its ship fleet to deliver refined products and oil across pipelines.

Ravil Maganov Net Worth

The former Deputy Chairman, Executive Director, and Member of the Management Board Ravil Ulfatovich Maganov has a net worth of billions.

He served as the organization’s first executive vice president for exploration and production. His economy had not been formally published. Even though his property is worth millions, he has not disclosed his financial information.

Ravil Maganov
Ravil Maganov in a meeting (Source: replica-storage)

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He includes 3 orders and three medals and is the Russian Federation’s Certified Oil and Gas Specialist. He has won the RF Government Prize in Science and Engineering three times.

Besides net income and pay, Ravil also held some stock in those companies, valued at millions of dollars because they were the largest gasoline exporters.

Ravil Maganov Death Cause: What Happened To Him?

Ravil Maganov, the chairman, passed away after a prolonged illness. After experiencing health issues, he was taken to the hospital.

According to several press stories, he reportedly fell from a Moscow hospital window. His alleged cause of death was a fall from a hospital window while receiving treatment. However, some of his supporters in the nation are speaking out over this unsolved passing.

They claim this was a premeditated murder because before, when Russia and Ukraine were at war, Ravil had spoken out against the country’s leadership.

Ravil Maganov Wife And Children

Elena is his wife’s name. More details concerning Ravil’s family have not been disclosed. Since he had a significant position with the largest oil exporting corporation, he wished to maintain the privacy of his personal affairs.

Neither he nor she has mentioned having kids. After the divorce, according to “vchkogpu,” Maganov gave his wife Elena 0.118% of the shares, according to the LUKOIL press office. From 0.486% to 0.368%, his investment fell. Ravil Maganov owns a $138.98 million interest in the firm with a $44.35 billion market value.

Ravil Maganov’s Career: His Company

Since 2006, he has served as the Company’s First Executive Vice President for Exploration and Production. He held the position of Vice President of the Company from 1993 to 1994. From 1988 until 1993, he was Chief Engineer, Deputy General Director, and CEO of Langepasneftegaz.

Oil and gas are discovered, produced, refined, marketed, and distributed by PJSC LUKOIL and its subsidiaries. Crude oil and gas are explored, developed, and produced by the company’s Petroleum Exploration and Production section.

Refining, chemical procedures, transporting, selling, and dealing crude oil, fossil fuels, refined fuels, and associated services are all activities carried out by the company’s Refining, Sales, and Advertising sector. In 19 countries, the firm has retail operations of 5,005 gas stations.

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Additionally, it makes sophisticated polymer-bitumen binders. Incorporated in 1993, PJSC LUKOIL is a Russian company with its headquarters in Moscow.

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