Erick Garibaldi

Who Is Erick Garibaldi? A 26-Year-Old Fort Hancock Man Is Arrested For Shooting

Erick Garibaldi has been a trending topic on the internet in the past hour or so after news about a gruesome act has been revealed. Continue reading to learn more about this sudden public attention over Erick.

The news of a 26-year-old man being arrested is circulating all over the media. Since the act committed by that man is gruesome, people are cursing him and asking for as severe punishment as possible.

Even though there has been no official confirmation about the fact, people have connected this shooting to the trend of shooting migrants in America. Many people have lost their lives because of apparent anti-immigrant violence.

We will try to report the details of the murder and the arrest in Erick’s case.

Who Is Erick Garibaldi?

Erick Garibaldi is a resident of America who has come to recent media attention after being arrested on the charges of shooting a man. Erick is only 26 years old, and he was accused of shooting someone in the face and was later arrested on those charges.

The man shot by Erick is currently being treated at Del Sol Medical Center. If we are to believe the reports circulating on the internet, the man is in severe condition, and the chances of survival are bleak.

Erick is a resident of Hudspeth County. The incident happened near his residence, and for some reason, he pulled out a gun and shot him in the face. Fortunately, the person survived the attack and was treated under expert medical supervision.

We wish a speedy recovery to the person in case and strength to his dear ones as they go through this challenging phase. The charges against Erick are confirmed, and he will be punished accordingly.

There is a massive uproar on the internet, the people calling for severe punishment possible to him. Since this act happened in cold blood, there is a direct attack on the public’s safety. People want security for those reasons to be strengthened so that incidents like these would be avoided.

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This Incident Is Potentially Connected To Other Ones

Even though there is no link connecting this incident to others, people have made sure to find a pattern. People are relating this incident to the streak of immigrants being hurt. In America, there have been many shootings where the targets are immigrants.

Since this incident also matches the others in that regard, people are saying this is connected. Since two more people were shot in Hudspeth County, people are starting to think that those two incidents are connected in some regard or have the same motives.

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There is a big uproar among immigrants in the state as those two incidents have proved how unsafe people are. Anyone can pull a gun out and shoot you in broad daylight, so the fear of life among people is understandable.

If the Police want to reduce incidents like this, then security measures must be increased.

Police promise to increase security measures after the Erick incident
Image: cityandstateny

Erick will be punished according to his crime, but there could always be more incidents like this, so the Police have advised everyone to stay alert.

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