Olivia Pratt Family And Parents: What Happened To Her? Funeral Details

Olivia Pratt family said their final goodbyes to their little girl while dressed in her favorite color, pink, at her funeral.

Olivia Pratt was a 9 years old little girl born on June 13, 2013. Her parents and 2 siblings survived her in Liverpool, North West England.

Unfortunately, she died on August 22, 2022, when a shooter accidentally shot her at her home. Olivia was brilliant and lovely, and when she died, her family, her neighbors, and her school family were significantly affected by her loss.

Currently, Olivia Pratt is all over the headlines, and people are inquiring about her family and death details. 

Olivia Pratt Family And Parents

Olivia Pratt family is devastated by her death.

Pratt lived in Liverpool with her parents, Cheryl Korbel (mother)  and John Francis Pratt (father). Likewise, she also had 2 older siblings; a brother, Ryan Korbel, and a sister Chloe Korbel.

Moreover, according to News Sky, late Olivia was born 6 weeks prior and had to spend more than a week in special care. Her mother, Cheryl, mentioned that though her daughter was small, she was brilliant.

She was bubbly and loved to talk with anyone. The mother further added that she would have been a great lawyer. Nonetheless, Pratt loved sparkly and glittery stuff and was very picky about her outfits.

Moreover, the little girl was loved by everyone. According to Mirror, Olivia’s uncle Peter wrote a sad post on his Facebook account that said the family would miss her and her photo will forever haunt her killers.

Likewise, one of her cousins apologized for the harsh world and said, “Baby girl, I don’t think the family or I will ever find the words to describe the heartache we have all felt the past 24 hours.

Olivia’s family members continue to post mourning messages for their little girl as they mourn her death. 

Nonetheless, the family has also requested their well-wishers and the public to help find out her killer and do the right thing for her justice.

Olivia Pratt Death: What Happened to Her?

Olivia Pratt Korbel’s death occurred on Monday, August 22, 2022.

Per the Wikipedia page, she was unintentionally shot by a masked man in the chest. After that, the little girl was rushed to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

The incident occurred when Olivia’s mother, Cheryl, heard some noise outside her house and opened the front door to peak at the situation. However, one of the men tried to enter their home forcefully while the other man tried to shoot him.

So, when Cheryl tried to block the man from entering their house, the other man fired at her wrist, eventually shooting Olivia, who was standing behind her mother.

olivia pratt 1
9 years old Olivia was shot to death (Source: Reedditch Advertiser)

According to 247 News, the intended target was a 35 years old man linked to drug dealing and burglary. Moreover, the actual shooter is yet to be arrested, and the Police are actively searching for him.

Few suspects have been identified and arrested, but the cops bailed them after interrogation. On September 10, the cops arrested the 9th suspect, but further details about him are yet to be disclosed.

Olivia Pratt Funeral Details

Olivia Pratt’s funeral was conducted on September 15, 2022.

A private funeral was conducted at St. Margaret May’s Catholic Church; however, hundreds of people, including their neighbors, attended the service. The mourners were asked to wear something pink to tribute the departed soul. Pink was Olivia’s favorite color.

As per Guardian, Olivia’s family decorated her coffin with pink butterflies and rainbow, and it was taken to the church in a carriage pulled by 2 white horses.

olivia pratt coffin
Olivia Pratt’s coffin being led to the church (Source: Liverpool Echo)

Additionally, Olivia’s mother refused to say goodbye to her little girl; instead, she said, “good night, love you, see you in the morning.

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