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RHOSLC: Who Are Jack And Henry Barlow? Lisa Barlow Kids Age Gap Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Jack Barlow and Henry Barlow are Lisa Barlow Kids. The Barlow brothers were born seven years apart and are co-founders of the haircare company Fresh Wolf.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, shortly known as RHOSLC, is an American reality television series. It is the tenth installment of The Real Housewives franchise, focusing on the lives of several women living in or around Salt Lake City, Utah.

The show will return for a third season on September 28, 2022. Lisa Barlow is one of the cast members of the show. Additionally, an ambitious woman owns the LUXE marketing company and various businesses, including VIDA tequila.

This season the gorgeous lady is turning her attention to the three most important things in her life, i.e., her husband, children, and business. Thus, let’s get to know about Lisa Barlow’s kids, husband, business, and net worth in this short article.

Who Are Lisa Barlow Kids Jack And Henry Barlow?

Jack Barlow and Henry Barlow are Lisa Barlow’s sons. The businesswoman shares the adorable baby boys with her husband of 19 years.

Jack is the eldest among the Barlow pair. He was born in 2005. Afterward, the Barlow couple welcomed their second bundle of joy Henry Barlow in 2012. While Jack is 17 years old, his little sibling Henry is 10. That means the Barlow brothers have seven years of the age gap.

Both John and Lisa are businesspeople, and their schedules are packed. However, the Barlow siblings’ mother and Father never miss their chance to spend quality time with them.

Jack and Henry are still in school and have sports practice. Their mother always picks them up from school. Additionally, Lisa always kisses the boys before going to sleep.

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John And Lisa Barlow Kids Are Already Into The Business

Have you ever wondered what the offsprings of the fantastic women of Real Housewives: Salt Lake City are like? Are they anything like their parents? Well, Lisa Barlow’s Kids have inherited some good genes from their parents. They are already into the business, and their parents become the wind beneath their wings.

As per Meeww, Lisa began making an earnest effort to spend quality time with her beloved kids and partner around 2021. While spending time, she encouraged Jack, also known as James and Henry, to set up their own haircare company, Fresh Wolf.

Lisa Barlow Kids
Jack Barlow and Henry Barlow are Lisa Barlow Kids. (Source: Instagram)

Later, the Barlow siblings’ Father and mother invested their own money into the business and helped the young guys’ dreams come true.

During the final episode of the 2021 RHOSLC, then-15 years-old Jack, one of the founders of Fresh Wolf haircare, tells his mom that if he continues to work hard, he eventually will be able to buy his own Land Rover Defender with his own earning.

On the other hand, the youngest Barlow, Jack’s business partner in their company, has a bright smile and charisma. Lisa quickly instilled her work ethic in Henry. She often told him that he could do anything he wanted in life if you are willing to work.

Then the adorable little guy told the RHOSLC cast that what he wants in life is a McLaren. It looks like Lisa Barlow Kids will become a businessman in the future.

Lisa Barlow Net Worth Is $5 million

Lisa is the wealthiest RHOSLC member. According to SCMP, Lisa Barlow’s net worth is $5 million.

As already stated, she owns a marketing company LUXE and has also built the Tequila brand VIDA with her husband. Her fortune comprises her earnings as a businesswoman.

Moreover, the RHOSLC cast members earned 2000 per episode in the first season. But for the second season, their pay increased drastically, i.e., $6500. Plus, their payment might be more in the upcoming season.

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