Shayan Haghbin And Ana Prado

Meet Shayan Haghbin And Ana Prado From Love Is Blind, Are They Married? Kids Family And Net Worth

The watcher of the Love Is Blind show wants to know about Shayan Haghbin and Ana Prado being together or married. 

Ana Carolina Prado, a single mother of a child and a working model, joined this series because she believes people’s connections in the real world are superficial. 

Even Shayan Haghbin, a divorced retailer and investor, approached this production with a similar perspective, so it was no surprise when they instantly linked. 

It was Shayan’s 30th birthday when they met in “pod” #10, and that’s how their love story began. On the first day, they talked about everything from family to values to expectations.

During their second conversation, Shayan revealed to Ana that he was Iranian and had relocated to Brazil six years before. This increased their involvement because she was the only person with whom he shared his heritage. 

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They discovered common ground in their love of horses, desire for a more prominent family in the future, and the need for mutual consideration in any relationship. By day five, Shayan and Ana had both fallen with their date’s “strong” attitude. 

After Shayan sang in Persian for Ana, he confessed his affections, got down on his knees, and proposed, to which she replied yes!

Are Shayan Haghbin And Ana Prado Married? Kids Explored 

Shayan Haghbin and Ana Prado talked about walking through life in “pods” that persisted even when they met face to face. Not only was there an obvious physical attraction between them, but there was also an emotional one. 

That being said, things changed as they left their “honeymoon” and entered the real world, as the differences in their employment, cultures, and lives became apparent. 

Shayan and Ana talked to them as openly as they could. Still, it left them with an unsettling sensation, making them doubt their love was strong enough to sustain their relationship indefinitely.

Shayan and Ana have kept their relationship private, so we can’t be too confident about anything. However, this could be because the season has yet to finish its run on Netflix. 

Shayan Haghbin And Ana Carolina
Shayan Proposing To Ana (Source: The Cinemaholic)

They follow each other on social media and engage through tales, indicating that they still have a strong bond and may have married. We’re rooting for them because Shayan was introduced to her daughter by the fashion model. 

On the other hand, Shayan talked about his future with Ana, obviously hinting that they’re all in. As a result, it appears doubtful that anything or anyone could simply break them apart.

They did not have any kids of their own. But Ana has a daughter, Elle, who might be 6-7 years old. But she was divorced and was raising her child by herself. 

However, Shayan did not have any kids. 

Shayan Haghbin And Ana Prado Family Details 

Shayan Haghbin is a model, retailer, and entrepreneur who has appeared on reality television. He is an Iranian who moved to Brazil roughly six years ago and is now featured on the reality show Love Is Blind: Brazil.

Shayan Haghbin And Ana Carolina
Ana Prado With Her Daughter Celebrating Christmas (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Ana Prado is a Brazilian beauty who also happens to be a single mother with a daughter.

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She has been a model for a long time and rose to prominence after appearing on a reality TV show. However, little about her has been uncovered and revealed until now.

She joined the show because she did not consider the links individuals cast in the real world nowadays based on their appearance. Shayan Haghbin is a divorced shopkeeper and investor as well.

Shayan Haghbin And Ana Prado Net Worth Explored 

Shayan Haghbin And Ana Prado have not been calculated, as they are reality TV stars. However, in the coming future, they might have their net worth estimated after completing their work successfully. 

Ana Carolina Prado can be found on Instagram as @anapradomuack.

She has around 372k followers on her Instagram account as of 2022. She frequently posts photos of herself modeling on Instagram. She also shares images of her family, friends, and child.

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Her Instagram photos reveal that she works with modeling agencies and promotes numerous businesses and items. Ana and Shayan have mutual social media followers.

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