Nando Viana Esposa And Filho

Nando Viana Esposa And Filho- Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

People want to know about Nando Viana Esposa And Filho which basically means Nando’s wife and son respectively. One of the top new stars in humor in Brazil is stand-up comedian and humor writer Nando Viana.

He was responsible for the first group of stand-up comedies in Porto Alegre, and today he participates in significant humor nights and festivals in Brazil. A comedy special was also available on NETFLIX, or “Nando Viana – Da Turma do Fundão Desde 1981”.

Currently participating in the list of humorous “A Culpa é do Cabral”, para o channel a cabo Comedy Central. Programa de basta sucesso no horario que retrata as diferencias regionalais do Brasil, debatidas por 5 humoristas.

Nando Viana Esposa And Filho: Details on His Wife And Son

Nando Viana Esposa and Filho names are Não Conhecido and Teodoro R. Viana respectively. 

He is currently part of the cast of the satire “A Culpa é do Cabral” for the link channel Fun times TV. Beneficial program at the time that portrays local distinctions in Brazil, examined by five humorists.

Among its projects is the Rindo AFU Celebration, a meeting of new and old gifts from the Rio Grande do Sul, which has already reached 15 urban communities and is one of the recent achievements opened in the Rio Grande do Sul.

Nando Viana Esposa And Filho
Nando Viana Esposa And Filho. Source: Instagram

In São Paulo, he is essential for the cast of Comédia ao Vivo, the primary and most frequent encounter of the stand-up genre in Brazil, which in its continuous arrangement incorporates Diogo Portugal, Fábio Rabin, Thiago Ventura, Dih Lopes, and Luiz França and runs for a considerable period of time, every Friday at the Renaissance Theater,

As an essayist, he composed for Aquaviário Porta dos Fundos, and on TV, he did stand-up satire in projects such as “Praça é Nossa” and the second, fourth, and 6th time of the exceptional “Funny TV Presente” and the Rodada da Noite scenes in the program “ The Noite” and Humor na Caneca in the “Programa do Jô.”

What is the Net Worth of Nando Viana? 

Net worth and salary information for Nando Viana: Nando Viana is a comedian with a $16 million net worth. The date of Nando Viana’s birth was August 3, 1988. On Comedy Central Presents in November 2012, a comedian who afterward achieved international fame. In 2016, he developed the program The Blame is from Cabral.

Nando Viana Esposa And Filho
Nando Viana with his son.
Source: Instagram

Growing up, he was always the class clown. In June 2008, he gave an Open Mic performance at Comedy in Foot. Nando Viana is a comic that won distinction by participating in the Fun time’s TV Presente in November 2012. In 2016, he made the program A Culpa é do Cabral. In high school, he was known as the class comedian.

His most memorable authority show was in November 2008, doing stand-up at Comedia em Pé. In May 2018, he posted a photo with his mother on Instagram.

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