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What Happened To Jon Batiste On Colbert? What Is He Doing Now? Why Did He Leave Colbert

Jon Batiste on Colbert had been a constant presence for an extended time, which is why many people have left curios after he announced that he was leaving the show. 

Jon is one of the most popular singers in recent times, he primarily focuses on the Jazz genre, but he is versatile enough to switch genres. 

In his career, he has already delivered songs that are loved by fans all around the world. He was known for his appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where he spent more than seven years of his life.  

But he will no longer be connected with the program as he has decided to move on. 

What Happened To Jon Batiste On Colbert?

On Thursday’s latest program, Colbert announced that Jon Batiste would no longer be a part of Late Show With Stephen Colbert. This sudden announcement shocked everyone as people wondered why he had departed.  

People had started to brew up different conspiracy theories about the topic. But in plain and straightforward language, Jon explained how he just wanted to move on and explore new things in his life. After his statement, Jon left no room for any crazy stories to be reported about the reason behind his departure.

Jon Batiste
Jon Batiste leaves Colbert (Source: People)

Since it had been more than seven years since he joined the program, it was an emotional occasion for Jon, and he was sad to leave the show. But he was sure of wanting to go so he could explore new career paths and earn more experience. 

As of now, the next step in his career is unknown. But all his admirers are trying their best to figure out how his career will take him in the upcoming days. 

Why Did Jon Leave Colbert?

A question in the mind of every fan arose about the potential reason behind the departure of singer Jon Batiste from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Since the singer was emotionally attached to the program and happy doing it, this sudden announcement was a big shock. 

But as he explained in an interview, as much as it pained him to leave, he had to. He wanted to explore new things, and since he was still very young, he was entitled. 

So he took the difficult decision to leave the program he loved dearly. He just wanted to gather new experiences and have fun. But as of now, he is yet to announce what he plans to do next in his career. 

Who Is Going To Replace Jon Batiste On Colbert?

As one of the crucial pieces of the show was leaving, there was a search for a worthy replacement. Even though it is hard to imagine the Late Night Show without Jon, Louis Cato will try his best not to let the fans feel the absence of their favorite singer. 

Louis served as the interim band leader this summer, and now a vast responsibility has landed at his feet. He would be determined to make the best of what comes in his career.

How Much Is Jon Batiste Worth?

Jon Batiste has amassed an impressive net worth of around $4 million, according to a report made by celebrity net worth on his earnings. 

The singer has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Apart from his collaboration, he has also been a part of some excellent original songs. 

As his career has taken a new turn, it will be interesting to see which career path he pursues. Whatever he chooses to do, with the amount of talent Jon possesses, success is guaranteed.

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