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Robert Luna Wikipedia: How Old Is Los Angeles County Sheriff? Family And Net Worth

People want to learn more about Robert Luna’s Wikipedia details since he is running for Los Angeles County Sheriff.

Robert Luna is pleased to announce his candidacy for Los Angeles County Sheriff to restore public trust and reorganize the Sheriff’s Department. 

Since the current Sheriff has created dysfunction and chaos, endangering public safety, Robert believes they can do much better.

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Luna is ready to take on the challenge of leading the Sheriff’s Department after serving as the Police Chief of Long Beach for seven years.

Robert Luna Wikipedia Details Explored

Wikipedia has not included Robert Luna’s biography on its official page yet. However, his hard work and dedication might soon lead him to be listed on Wikipedia.

Luna attended the FBI’s National Executive Institute and National Academy, Harvard University’s program for senior executives in the state, and the Delinquency Control Institute of the University of Southern California (USC). Robert pursued a master’s degree from California State University in public administration.

Luna began as a reserve officer in 1985 and has since advanced through the ranks of the Police Department. In 2014, he was appointed Chief of Police and recently served on the Executive Board of the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA). 

Robert Luna Career Achievements 

He also served on the Police Executive Leadership Institute (PELI) mentorship program and the organization’s Homeland Security Committee.

Robert Luna 2
Robert Luna greeting people. Source: latimes

Robert guided the Department toward community-centered Police policies and practices inspired by President Obama’s Task Force on 21st-Century Policing. He specifically implemented the City’s Neighborhood Walks program, emphasizing relationship-building and crime prevention. 

The Long Beach community has rallied to support these new policies, and he is eager to share them with the rest of the County.

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Property and violent crimes declined in the city during his seven-year term as the Department’s first Latino head, which concluded with his resignation in December, while homicides and rapes rose.

Robert Luna Family: Who Are They?

Robert Luna was the eldest of three children and the first in his family to complete high school and college. His father was a janitor at a school.

His mother gathered nopales from their neighborhood’s low-lying hills, dethroned them by hand, and sold them to neighbors alongside homemade tamales.

Robert Luna
Robert Luna outside his childhood home. Source:

Robert and his wife live in Long Beach and have two adult children. Their names have not been revealed yet. He grew up in an unincorporated East Los Angeles neighborhood patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department in a Latino, working-class immigrant family.

Robert and his family faced inequity because of the color of their skin and language, prompting him to devote his life to advocating for justice. His personal experiences influenced his perspectives on relationship-based policing in underserved communities of color.

Luna is the only candidate in this race who does not work for the Sheriff’s Office. His bottom line is that their service as Sheriffs must always be respectful, empathetic, and constitutional.

Robert Luna Net Worth In [current-year]

Robert Luna’s net worth in [current-year] has not been revealed yet.

He’s running to displace embattled Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who dominates national and local headlines whether he likes it or not. However, according to a recent poll, more than half of likely voters have no opinion of Luna.

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As election day approaches, getting his name and vision in front of voters is critical for the affable [calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1966″]-year-old, positioning himself as the calm antidote to Villanueva scandals and fear-mongering.

As one L.A. political observer put it, the current Sheriff gets better daily, dominating the headlines.

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