Ansha Afridi Husband

Who Is Ansha Afridi Husband Shaheen Shah Afridi? Meet Shahid Afridi Daughters, Wikipedia And Net Worth

People want to know about Ansha Afridi husband Shaheen Shah Afridi. Pakistan’s cricket team’s young superstar is Shaheen Shah Afridi.

Every game Shaheen has played has shown his tenacity, and fans enjoy watching him compete and take those wickets for Pakistan. Shaheen Shah Afridi also discussed whether or not his future bride Ansha harbors resentment for his ferocious female fan base.

Shaheen Shah Afridi, a rising star in Pakistan’s fast game, revealed for the first time his romantic life. Shaheen discussed his marriage to Shahid Afridi’s daughter during an interview with Pakistani news station Geo TV.

Ansha Afridi, Shahid’s daughter, and Shaheen are already engaged. Shaheen stated to the news outlet that he wished to wed Ansha and is pleased that, by the grace of God, his request has been granted. Be with us till the end to know more about Ansha Afridi husband cricketer Shaheen.

Who Is Ansha Afridi Husband Shaheen Shah Afridi?

Ansa Afridi husband is Shaheen Shah. It was announced in March 2021 that Shaheen Shah Afridi would marry Shahid Afridi’s eldest daughter Aqsa. A fast bowler for the Pakistan national cricket team, Shaheen Shah Afridi is a professional cricketer from Pakistan.

In April 2018 he made his international debut for Pakistan, and in December 2018 he played in his first Test match for his country. Afridi is a member of the Pashtun tribe of Zakhakhel Afridi. He was raised in Landi Kotal, a town in Pakistan’s Khyber District that is close to the Afghan border.

Ansha Afridi Husband
Afridi (behind the stumps) and Prince William playing tape ball cricket in Lahore, in 2019. Source: Wikipedia

Shaheen is the youngest of seven brothers; the oldest, Riaz Afridi, is 15 years older and played one Test match for Pakistan in 2004. Shaheen began his cricket career at Landi Kotal’s Tatara Ground, which bears the name of the neighboring Tatara Hills.

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Meet Shahid Afridi Daughters: Are They On Wikipedia?

Shahid Afridi’s eldest child is Aqsa Afridi. She’s twenty years old. With his wife Nadia, Shahid Afridi is the proud Father of 5 kids. Aqsa, Ansha, Ajwa, Asmara, and Arwa are Afridi’s daughters. Shahid Afridi’s eldest child is named Aqsa. Speaking of Wikipedia, Shahid Afridi has a page particularly for it, although his daughters do not.

Aqsa Afridi will marry Pakistani bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi, according to an announcement made a few months ago by former all-rounder Shahid Afridi. Before his family proposed getting married, Shaheen had no relationship with Aqsa, according to an interview with Shahid Afridi.

Ansha Afridi Husband
Shahid Afridi with his wife and children. Source: NDTV

The former Pakistani captain was quoted by GeoTV as saying, “We Afridis have eight tribes, Shaheen, and we belong to separate tribes.” Take a closer look at Aqsa Afridi.

What is the Net Worth of Shahid Afridi?

Afridi gave 1975 as the year of his birth in his autobiography, Game Changer (2019). Afridi later explained that the year printed in the initial edition of his autobiography was incorrect, and it was later established that he was born in 1977. He was said to have been born in 1980 to the Pashtun Afridi tribe in Pakistan’s Khyber Agency.

His grandfather Maulana Muhammad Ilyas was a revered spiritual leader in Bhutan Sharif, a community in the Tirah Valley, and he comes from a line of Sufi Pirs. Sahibzada Abdul Baqi, his other grandfather, earned the moniker Ghazi-e-Kashmir (conqueror of Kashmir) for his actions during the 1947–1948 Indo–Pakistani War.

Ansha Afridi Husband
Afridi in the field during a 50-over warm-up match against Somerset at the County Ground, Taunton, during Pakistan’s 2010 tour of England. Source: Wikipedia

He has five daughters from his union with Nadia Afridi, a maternal cousin. Aqsa Afridi and cricketer Shaheen Afridi were engaged in 2021, according to Afridi.

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