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Rose Mciver Pregnant? Meet Her Boyfriend Ben Lamb, Family And Net Worth 

‘Rose Mciver Pregnant’ has been a widespread media headline after rumors about the New Zealand actress’s pregnancy began to spread worldwide. Continue reading this article as we try to dissect the truth or lies behind those rumors spreading like Fire. 

The 33 years old actress from Auckland is one of the finest talents produced from the Oceanic country in a long time. With her latest projects, she has made herself a decent fortune and career. As Rose tries her luck in new projects, fans fall more in love with her never-ending bag of talents.

After achieving such high praises at a relatively younger age, the sky is the limit for her. Many directors are keen to add such up-and-coming famous actresses to their ranks, and she is also looking for new challenges to take. 

Is Rose Mciver Pregnant?

Despite the thousands of media outlets claiming otherwise, there is no conclusive information about the actress’s pregnancy. She is yet to come out to the public to deny those rumors, but there has also been no confirmation. 

The rumors began to spread after the actress appeared in a movie wearing a prosthetic pregnant belly for the entirety of it. But it was just the demand of the storyline rather than any truth. 

Rose Mciver Pregnant
Rose Mciver Pregnant during one of her movies.
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Since her popularity is widespread, it is easier for people to spread rumors about her, but as we do not have any authentic news source to confirm, there is no news about her pregnancy of Rose. 

She has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Ben Lamb for quite some time, but they are yet to be decisive enough to get married to each other. As soon as the power couple decides to tie their knot, we will know because they are relatively active on their social media.

Meet Rose’s Boyfriend, Ben Lamb

As mentioned earlier, Rose is rumored to be in a relationship with her boyfriend, Ben Lamb. The couple met each other long ago, and since their profession matches each other, they had a likeness of mind and instantly fell in love with one another. 

Ben married long ago, but since his last relationship did not last, he hopes his fate will be different this time. He is also an actor, making for a likeness of mind between them.

Since both are busy with their careers, they rarely get to spend quality time with each other. But as soon as they have time to spare, they go on vacation. 

Meet More Members Of Rose’s Family

Rose was born in Auckland to her parents in 1988. In the October of 1998, the Mciver family welcomed a new member of their family. 

She was born to her parents, John George Whitfield “Mac” McIver and Ann McIver. Growing up, she had a sibling with whom she shared many memories. Her brother was named Paul McIver.

You can visit her Wikipedia page to learn more about the actress’s family. The explicit mention in the popular website consists of elements of her personal and professional life.

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How Much Is Rose Mciver Worth?

According to Forbes Wikipedia, Rose has an impressive net worth of around $1-5 Million. She has one of the highest net worths among all the actresses in her country. 

Since she is very young, she has been one of the most promising talents in her country. With her young age and a ridiculous amount of talent, she can afford to relax a little. 

As many directors are trying to get her signature, her future looks promising. People from all around the world are trying to see how her future pans out. 


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