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Rupa Huq Religion: Does Labor MP Follow Jewish Faith? Is She Related To Konnie Huq?

Rupa Huq is a well-known British politician, columnist, lecturer, and academic writer. She has been the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Ealing Central and Acton since 2015.

Huq’s future as a Labour Party member is uncertain as she is currently investigating for making racist remarks to Conservative Party chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng at a Labour Party event.

What is the Labor MP Rupa Huq’s Religion? Is the politician Jewish? No, the parliament member is not Jewish. She is Muslim and was born to parents who moved from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to Britain.

Before following her political aspirations, Huq used to teach at the University of Manchester and Kingston University.

Rupa Huq Religion: The Labor MP Apologized To The Chancellor For Making Racially Insensitive Remarks

Rupa Asha Huq was raised by Muslim parents Muhammad Huq (Abedul) and Rowshan Ara Huq (Dulali Biswas). During the 60s, her parents emigrated from Bangladesh to London. Therefore, the former lecturer is of Bengali descent.

Rupa Huq Religion
Rupa Huq received a lot of backlash for her racially insensitive comment against Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng. (Source: Independent)

In September 2022, the politician called Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, a superficial black main. In the Q&A session of the conference, Huq said, “If you hear him (the chancellor) on the Today program, you wouldn’t know he’s black.”

The Muslim columnist received a lot of backlash and criticism for her comment. Shortly after, Huq made a public statement apologizing to the chancellor.

However, the apology was not enough for the Labor Party to withhold her suspension. If the party decides to move forward with the suspension, Rupa Huq will have to remain in the parliament as an independent member.

The former University lecturer has been previously involved in racial controversies, particularly offending the Jewish community.

In 2015, Huq was scrutinized for defending the suspension of fellow Labour MP Naz Shah. Shah had allegedly shared anti-semitic posts about Israel on her social media. The academic writer came under Fire for “trivializing racism.

In 2019, there were complaints against the Ealing MP for displaying anti-semitic behavior towards former employees of the Labor Party. The investigation could not verify the allegations. However, Huq was asked to leave the Labour Friends of Israel.

The Former Lecturer Rupa Huq Received A Suspicious Package

Unfortunately, the Labor MP has also been on the receiving end of racism.

Rupa Huq Religion
Rupa Huq in an interview with BBC’s Iain Watson after receiving a suspicious package in 2018. Source: Twitter

Rupa Huq was one of the four Muslim MPs to receive an Islamophobic package in 2018. The package contained a copy of “Punish a Muslim” that detailed a list of violent acts against Muslims. The package also had low amounts of poisonous liquid.

The MP has been vocal about the detrimental effects of Islamophobia and has often lent support to fellow Muslim politicians like Nusrat Ghani.

Huq expressed disappointment towards the BBC comedy show Citizen Khan for being Islamophobic and inaccurately portraying Muslims as backward.

In a recent op-ed, Dr. Rupa Huq opened up about her struggle as an ethnic minority in parliament. The politician mentioned that she would be screened a lot more by security when entering the House of Commons.

Likewise, her identity as an MP has often been challenged as she keeps hearing “that’s for MPs only.” The lecturer added that she is also mistaken for fellow Labour MP Tulip Siddiq, even though both don’t look alike. 

The politician tries to stay involved with the Muslim community by attending gatherings and exhibitions organized by her local mosque. On April 22, 2017, Huq participated as an honorable guest at the West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid’s “CommuniTea” gathering.

Is The Ealing MP Related To Blue Peter TV Presenter Konnie Huq?

Rupa Huq is the older sister of former children’s TV host Konnie Huq. Konnie was also the presenter of the ITV show The Xtra Factor for a season.

Rupa Huq Sister
Rupa Huq with her younger sister, Konnie Huq. Source: Daily Mail

The British-Bangladeshi is the middle sister of two and has an older sister, Nutun Huq, an architect. The Huq sisters endorsed Rupa’s re-election as the Ealing Central and Acton MP. They lost their mother, Rowshwan, on May 21, 2017, a month before the elections.

Although the Huq parents wished for a boy, they gave up when Konnie was born. Growing up, the younger sister, Konnie, got into pop music under the influence of her two older sisters, Nutan and the Ealing MP, Rupa.

The younger two sisters, Rupa and Konnie, attended the University of Cambridge for their undergraduate studies. The columnist studied Political and Social Science at Newnham College, Cambridge.

TV Presenter Konnie often visited her sister at Cambridge and decided to study economics at Robinson College, Cambridge.

The politician has been suspended from the Labour party and is awaiting her pending investigation’s decision.

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