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Rishi Sunak Illness And Health Update: What Happened To New UK Prime Minister?

Rishi Sunak Illness And Health Update: The newly elected British PM is doing well. He does not have any known health issues or problems.

Rishi Sunak was elected unopposed as Leader of the Conservative Party on Monday (October 24) and took office as Prime Minister on Tuesday (October 25), replacing Liz Truss.

Liz stepped down after a seven-week term amid a government crisis in which her tax-cutting plans sparked economic and political troubles.

Rishi is the first ever British-Asian and Hindu to hold the position. He took his oath over the Bhagavad Gita and also celebrated the festival of Diwali in his official residence.

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Rishi Sunak Illness And Health Update: The New U.K. PM Is Fine

Rishi Sunak is fit and healthy as of October 28, 2022. There has been no official news that he is suffering from any illness. The concerns and rumors about his health might have emerged due to one of his recent decisions.

The new British Prime Minister will not attend a major United Nations climate conference in the coming month. The PM’s office has confirmed the news. 

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However, it has nothing to do with Sunak’s health situation. The office stated the decision had to be made because of “pressing domestic commitments,” such as the preparations for an emergency budget on November 17.

They added that it does not hint at a lowered commitment by the Conservative government to fighting climate change. A spokesperson said the Kingdom remained firm on reaching net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050 and leading international and domestic action to combat climate change.

State heads and officials from around 200 countries are scheduled to gather in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, starting on November 6 to discuss ways to counter global warming at the conference known as COP27.

The U.K. hosted the COP26 conference last year in Glasgow, Scotland, which the then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended. Other senior government ministers will join this year’s event.

Rishi Sunak illness update
Rishi Sunak was among the attendees in COP26 last year, when he was chancellor. (Source: BBC)

Sunak’s decision was not free from criticism. Opposition Labour Party spokesperson Ed Miliband told the BBC that he had made “a terrible decision.” “These summits matter,” he said. 

What Is Rishi Sunak Net Worth In 2022?

The Washington Post notes that Rishi Sunak and his wife, Akshata Sunak, have a collective net worth of £730 million ($830 million). 

The Sunak couple is one of the wealthiest in Britain and over twice as rich as King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort, who own £300 million-£350 million. It is the first time in history that the residents of Downing Street have more wealth than those of Buckingham Palace.

Rishi Sunak net worth
Rishi Sunak and his wife, Akshata Sunak, are wealthier than the royals. (Source: The Washington Post)

Rishi is an MBA graduate from Stanford University who worked for Goldman Sachs and was later a partner at the firms like The Children’s Investment Fund Management, Theleme Partners, and Catamaran Ventures.

He was chosen as the Conservative candidate for Richmond (Yorks) in October 2014, defeating Wendy Morton and succeeding William Hague. He later became the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and ultimately the Prime Minister.

Moreover, Rishi married into a highly wealthy family. His fashion designer and businesswoman wife, Akshata, is the daughter of Indian billionaire and founder of Infosys N. R. Narayana Murthy and author and educator Sudha Murthy. 

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