Sara Escobar Husband

Sara Escobar Is Pregnant With Her Husband Mauricio Montaner, Family And Net Worth

Social media star Sara Escobar Is Pregnant With Her Husband, Mauricio Montaner. The influencer announced the joyful news to her fans via her Instagram post.

Sara Escobar is a renowned content creator, model, Instagram influencer, and social media personality.

The content creator often shared her lifestyle, travel, and fashion content on her verified account. She has 1 million followers and 395 posts with her husband, family, and child on her Ig handle@saraescobar.

Besides her social media popularity, Sara is famed for series like Bolívar: Una lucha admirable, Mau y Ricky: Qué Dirías? and The Montaners in which she has appeared.

Who Is Sara Escobar Husband Mauricio Montaner?

Sara Escobar and Mauricio Montaner have been together for eight years, consolidating their marriage in February 2018, and recently welcomed their child.

Her husband, Mauricio Montaner, is a singer. Moreover, he is the son of a famous Argentine-born Venezuelan singer and songwriter, Ricardo Montaner.

Sara Escobar Husband
Sara Escobar and Mauricio Montaner have been together for eight years
Source: Instagram

Mauricio’s Father, one of the best-selling Latin music performers, has produced more than 24 albums and numerous top-charting songs.

Marlene Rodrguez Miranda, his mother, is a stakeholder and owner of the former Sonorodven record label in Venezuela.

Her husband has two siblings: Richardo and Evaluna, and two older half-siblings from his Father’s previous marriage with Ana Vaz: Alejandro and Héctor Jr. 

Following in their Father’s footsteps, Mauricio’s siblings have chosen singing as a mainstream career. While Mauricio and Ricardo constitute the duo known as Mau y Ricky, Evaluna, Héctor, and Alejandro perform on their own.

Héctor and Alejandro, the eldest sons of the singer with his first wife Ana Vaz, have two children, each with their respective wives, so Ricardo Montaner has six grandchildren.

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Sara Escobar Family

According to Sara’s Instagram post on her handle @saraescobar, she and her husband welcomed their first baby, born on October 6, 2022. She has shared the tiny feet and hands of the infant among her million fans.

After announcing her pregnancy among her followers, Sara shared numerous pictures flaunting her baby bump and the gender reveals glimpse.

The famous Montaner family continues to grow, and after Evaluna Montaner and Camilo welcomed little Indigo earlier this April, another member of the “dynasty.”

Sara gave the news via the Instagram social network by showing an animation of instant photographs where you can see aspects of Sara’s pregnancy, her already significant baby bump, and even the ultrasound of the boy they will call Apollo.

Índigo and Apolo are the first two direct grandchildren of Marlene Rodríguez, the second wife of Ricardo Montaner.

How Much Is Sara Escobar’s Net Worth In 2022?

As of 2022, Sara Escobar’s Net Worth must e more than $ 1 million in 2022.

The primary source of Sara’s earnings is brand endorsements, her modeling career, and social media post.

Sara Escobar Husband
According to Sara’s Instagram post on her handle @saraescobar, she and her husband welcomed their first baby, born on October 6, 2022.
Source: Instagram

According to world salaries, the average earning of the content creator in Venezuela will typically make around 1,583,700 VES per year, ranging from the lowest average salary of about 401,300 VES to the highest average wage of 7,093,500 VES.

According to sources, Ricardo Montaner has an estimated net worth of about $4.87 million.

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