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Who Is Paulinho Loko On Twitch? Family Girlfriend And Net Worth

Paulinho O Loko  also known as Paulinho Loko on Twitch is a famous digital creator. He is a popular content creator with millions of followers. 

Modder, a young man from Minas Gerais, is Paulinho the LOKO. The character “Paulinho o LOKO” made YouTuber Modder stand out with a channel with more than 4 million subscribers.

The persona stood out by doing pranks and making prank calls without ever revealing his identity. The goal is to make the figure seem more authentic by giving them peculiar attire and characteristics.

Who Is Paulinho Loko On Twitch?

A young man from Minas Gerais named Modder made a name for himself on YouTube with the persona of Paulinho o LOKO. Making others happy has always been his pastime; he tries to broaden their horizons and make them more comfortable.

Paulinho Loko on Instagram
Paulinho Loko on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

The funny part of this tale is that it was done secretly in his room. After he passed the 500k+ following margin, his family learned of this. He had already won the coveted YouTube card before that.

He is also famous on Twitch. An American company called Twitch specializes in live video game broadcasting, including coverage of esports events. It also provides music streams, original material, and “in real life” feeds., Inc. subsidiary Twitch Interactive runs it. His username on Twitch is PaulinhoLOKObr, and he has roughly 1.1 million followers.

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Paulinho Loko Family And Girlfriend 

There is no information about his mother or father. His family details are pretty unknown, but we know he was born and raised in Minas Gerais. 

A sizable inland state in southeast Brazil called Minas Gerais is well-known for colonial cities built during the nation’s gold rush in the 18th century. These towns include So Joo del Rei, Tiradentes, and Ouro Preto, the former capital, all of which feature cobblestone avenues, elaborate homes, and baroque churches with decorations created by the sculptor Aleijadinho.

Paulinho uses social media extensively. On Instagram, where he has nearly 2 million followers, he frequently updates his whereabouts. He appears to like traveling and socializing with his buddies.

Paulinho Loko Net Worth 

Paulinho Loko seems to have a decent net worth. According to glassdoor’s website, The average monthly wage in Brazil for a content creator is R$3,711.

He is also the brand ambassador for the “Stake Brand,” the Best Crypto Betting Platform.

Paulinho O Loko some years ago
Paulinho O Loko some years ago (Source: Soundcloud)

It is run by Medium Rare NV, a business with its corporate headquarters in Curaçao and a license to operate an online casino. The company has offices in Serbia, Australia, and Cyprus and employs people worldwide.

He is also the CEO of Brazuca City Season 1.5. 

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