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Ulf Timmerman: Life, Career, and Achievements

Shot put is a track and field game played in the Olympics. In this, a person throws a heavy spherical ball as far as possible.

Shot put has been a part of the Olympics since 1896 for men and 1948 for women. Many players are known for keeping their records in it. One of them is Ulf Timmermann.

Ulf Timmermann is a German shot putter. You might have heard of him as the first man to throw over 23 meters. He has broken many world records during his career.

Ulf Timmerman in 1989 (Source: Wikipedia)
Ulf Timmerman in 1989
(Source: Wikipedia)

Ulf Timmermann is also one of the only two people who have thrown over 23 meters along with Randy Barnes to date.

Quick Facts

Professionally, you might know a lot about Ulf Timmermann. But you might not be aware of some facts about Ulf Timmermann. Here are some quick facts about him:

Full Name Ulf Béla Timmermann
Birth Date 1 November 1962
Birth Place East Berlin, Germany
Residence Berlin, Germany
Religion Not Available
Nationality German
Ethnicity White
Hobbies Sports, Work
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Nickname None
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Opposite Sign Taurus
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Age 58 years
Height 194cm (6ft 4inches)
Reach Not Available
Weight 118 kgs
Eye Color Not Available
Hair Color Not Available
Body type Not Available
Individual Awards Gold Medal : (1997, 1989- World Indoor Championships), (1988 Olympics), (1990 European Championships)Silver Medal : (1983 World Championships), (1986 European Championships)
Marital Status Divorced
Profession Shot-Putter, Freelance Management Consultant
Coach Werner Goldmann
Children Christoph Timmermann, Philip Timmermann
Net Worth $1 Million – $7 Million
Social Media Not Available


Ulf Timmermann: Early Life

Ulf Timmermann was born on 1 November 1962. He was born and raised in East Berlin, Germany.

He was born into an athletic family. It was natural for him to grow up to become an athlete himself. His father was a discus thrower (a sport where a disc-shaped object is thrown), and his mother was an all-rounder.

Before he started short putting, he tried his hand in rowing. Later, at the age of 13, he started discus throwing. After that, he started shot-putting.

His coach, Werner Goldmann, had been guiding him from the beginning. He showed him through his career as a shot putter.

Ulf Timmermann: Age, Height, and Weight

Ulf Timmermann is currently 58 years old. He stands 194cm (6ft 4 inches) tall and weighs 118 kgs (260 lb).

Ulf Timmermann: Career

In Shot-Put

Being born in an athletic family, Timmermann himself chose to be an athlete too. At the age of 13, he started shot-putting.

In the year 1979, he became the winner of Spartakia. Later in 1983, he came second place, winning a silver medal in the World Championship.

The first time he hit a world record was in 1985. He set the record by throwing the ball 22.62 meters away. This record had earned him global fame.

But, he was not going to stop at this. Again, in 1988, he hit another world record and a pretty historical one. He set the record by throwing a 7.25-kilogram ball 23.06 meters away.

The record made him the first person to throw a ball over 23 meters. And currently, he still stands at second place in throwing over 23 meters behind Randy Barnes.

At the European Championship in 1986, he was second behind the Swiss Werner Günthör with 21.84 meters. In 1990 he won with 21.31 meters.

In the 1992 Olympics, he again represented Germany in shot-put. That year was quite disappointing for him and his fans as he placed the fifth position in the event, but it was an equally proud moment as he came fifth despite having an injury.

His planning technique is considered exemplary, and series of images are still used for training today.

Besides Shot-Put

After the end of his sporting career as a shot putter, Timmermann first worked as a commercial clerk at an airline. Later, he started working as a tax clerk in a Berlin tax office.

But he couldn’t quite let go of the sport. He was athletic by personality, so it must have been hard for him to let go of his career as a sportsman.

In 1998 he tried his hand at American football. In 1999 he decided to pass on his specialist knowledge as a competitive athlete and took over the shot’s supervision put hope, Ole Hertel.

Ulf Timmermann completed an apprenticeship as a tax clerk and now works as a freelance management consultant.

Ulf Timmermann: Injuries

Injuries are common if you are an athlete. However, it is equally troublesome. It affects your practice, your games, etc. Some injuries are even lifelong, which is the most problematic.

In the year 1992, Timmermann was suffering from a hand injury as well as a hip problem. Hand injury is the worst for a shot-putter and, on top of that, a hip problem. This injury couldn’t be any worse for Timmermann.

But he didn’t back out, making his injury an excuse. Instead, he represented Germany in the 1992 Olympics. Moreover, he even came fifth place.

His fifth place was quite disappointing for some of his fans as they expected more from him. But those fans who knew about the injury were proud of him for not backing out and even getting fifth place.

1988 Olympics

The year 1988 was the golden year for Timmermann. He participated in the Olympics and represented his country Germany in shot-put.

He won his first Olympic gold medal by beating Randy Barnes’ record by just 0.08 meters.

Here’s how Timmermann won the 1988 Olympics:

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World Records

Ulf Timmerman has made world records in the 1980s. In the year 1985, he hit his first world record. He threw the ball 22.62 meters away, which also made him the winner of the event.

Soon after that, in the year 1988, he hit another world record. He became the first person to throw 23 meters away. His exact record was 23.06 meters. He is one of the only two people to throw over 23 meters along with Randy Barnes even in 2021.

Ulf Timmermann: Net Worth

Ulf Timmermann earned a lot throughout his career as a shot-putter and many more.

His Net worth is estimated to be $1 Million – $7 Million

He is currently a freelance management consultant, as per sources, but his whereabouts are still unknown. He is probably living a happy life.

Ulf Timmermann: Education

After graduating from high school, he first began studying mechanical engineering but then switched to an apprenticeship as a carpenter. In 1986 he began studying at the School of Economics.

Ulf Timmermann: Personal Life

Ulf Timmermann’s personal life is not known to the public. He probably likes to live his life privately and peacefully.

However, he is inevitably divorced. He also has two children. They are named Christoph Timmermann and Philip Timmermann.

Ulf Timmermann: Social Media

Ulf Timmermann has not been seen on any social media platform. He probably wants to keep his life private as it is.

Ulf Timmermann: Fun Facts

As Ulf Timmermann is from an athlete family, his nephew Theo Timmermann also became a national volleyball player representing Germany.

Ulf Timmermann is a Scorpio as he was born between October 23- November 21.

Randy Barnes, a record-breaker since 1990, was aiming to beat Ulf Timmermann’s record of 23.06 meters which he did in 1990.


What record has Ulf Timmermann broken?

Ulf Timmermann has broken several world records. Among them, his history of throwing 23 meters away is still intact. No one except Randy Barnes has been able to break his record of 23.06 meters.

Which Olympic gold medal has Ulf Timmermann won?

Ulf Timmermann won a gold medal in the 1988 Olympics held in Seoul, South Korea.

What technique did Ulf Timmermann use while shot-putting?

Ulf Timmermann used the glide technique while shot putting. The technique behind the world records was the glide technique. His planning technique is considered exemplary, and series of images are still used for training today.


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