Sharee Hough: Husband, Siblings & Net Worth

We’ve all heard about many famous Hollywood families who live grandiose and admirable lifestyles with impeccable careers. One of the members of such families is Sharee Hough.

Sharee hough is a 46 Years Old American flight attendant, dance teacher, and fitness instructor. Moreover, she belongs to one of the famous and prestigious American families, the Hough family.

Her siblings, including herself, live a unique and estimable lifestyle and are some famous media figures.

The mom of six is a very fit and beautiful woman. She is currently living her best life with her husband, Mark Selman, in Utah.

Sharee Hough
Sharee Hough posing for a photo

Her family is full of talented dancers, artists, actors, and entrepreneurs. Coming from a large family with multiple siblings, Sharee is a very driven and appealing woman.

Most people know her from her fantastic relationship with her popular younger sister, Julianne Hough, a dancer, actress, singer, and songwriter.

As the second oldest child, Sharee has been a role model for all of her younger siblings, including Julianne.

Sharee Hough: Quick Facts

Before knowing in detail about Sharee Hough, let’s dive into some quick facts about her:

Birth name  Sharee Hough
Another name Sharee Hough Selman
Birthdate  July 22, 1977
Birthplace  Orem, Utah, United States
Religion Christianity
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  Caucasian 
Zodiac sign Cancer
Father’s name Bruce Robert Hough 
Mother’s name Marriann Hough
Siblings  Four
Sibling’s name Three sisters (Marabeth Hough, Katherine Hough, Julianne Hough)
One brother (Derek Hough)
Age  46 Years Old
Height 5 ft 2 inches
Weight  55 kg
Eye color  Blue 
Hair color Blonde 
Build Slightly muscular 
Marital status  Married 
Husband  Mark Selman (m.2018)
Children  Six
Children’s names Paris Hough, Skye Hough, Star Hough, Willow Hough, Quaid Hough, Bronson Hough
Ex-husband Randall Wise
Nephew Aidan Poole
Niece  Ariana Poole
Uncle John Hough
Profession  Flight attendant, dance teacher, fitness instructor 
Net worth  $500K
Social media Instagram 
Julianne Hough  Merch Safe Haven, Grease Live!, Rewrite, The/Paradise Double Feature 
Last Update April, 2024

Sharee Hough: Early life, Parents, and Siblings

The eldest sister of the famous Hollywood dancing stars Julianne and Derek Hough, Sharee Hough, was born in Orem, Utah, the United States.

Moreover, she was born to a beautiful Caucasian family on 22 July 1977.

Sharee was brought up in a well-off family by her mother, Marriane Hough, and her father, Bruce Robert Hough.

Sharee’s father, Bruce Robert Hough, is a politician and has twice become the Utah Republican Party chairman.

In addition, he is also the president of Utah’s health supplement manufacturing firm.

Sharee and her mother marianne
Sharee with her mother, Marianne Hough.

Sharee is the eldest child among her parents’ five children. Her four siblings include Marabeth Hough, Katherine Hough, Julianne Hough, and Derek Hough.

Being in a large family with many siblings, we can assume that Sharee is a very giving and selfless person.

Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, Sharee’s parents got divorced in 1999.

The siblings were then separated as Marabeth and Derek stayed with their father, Bruce, while the other siblings, Katherine, Julianne, and Sharee, stayed with her mother.

Although the siblings weren’t much together, they made up for it after they grew up.

Despite the distance, they bonded pretty well and can still be seen together in many of their social media posts.


As the Hough siblings got older, they all chose their career paths and excelled at them.

They are all currently media personalities doing great with their lives and have amazing families.

Furthermore, all of the siblings share their mutual interests in dance and music.

Sharee Hough’s sister Marabeth Hough is the second oldest sibling in the Hough family.

She is currently married to the man of her dreams, Michael Poole. Besides, they have been married for more than 16 years and have one child, Aiden Poole.

Like other members of her family, Marabeth has also been passionately involved in dance and music. Moreover, she is a songwriter and works in a real estate business in Tennessee.

Sharee’s other sister, Katherine Hough, is an actress who is married to J.J Drechsel. They have a child as well. She is currently working as an entrepreneur and runs a spa.

Julianne Hough is the youngest sibling in the Hough Family. She is an actress, dancer, singer, and songwriter. Many people know about the Hough family and Sharee due to her.

Sharee’s mother was diagnosed with Epstein- Barr disease. When she had to get treatment, Sharee took care of Julianne when Julianne was only 11 years old.

picture of hough siblings taken from derek's instagram
Sharee & Her Siblings in 2012.

Derek Hough is the only male sibling in the family. He is a professional Latin and ballroom dancer, choreographer, actor, and singer.

Subsequently, he was able to gain a lot of popularity. Currently, Derek has a huge fanbase.

After their parents were divorced, Sharee’s younger siblings Julianne and Derek were sent to London to live and study.

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Hough Family: Peculiar Family Tradition

As you have already guessed, the Hough family is no ordinary family. Their style of doing things can be described as unique and even impressive.

The whole family has been passionately involved in dancing and music.

It is almost unsurprising to know that Sharee’s grandparents from both sides were dancers. Moreover, Sharee’s parents are also trained dancers.

It is incredible to know that Sharee’s parents bonded in school due to this hobby and had a married life with five beautiful children.

The Hough family is no different from any ‘celebrity family’ that we hear about as they have an exquisite style of doing things.

Their family functions compromise splendid themes and costume coordination for family photos.

Their clothes and decorations are always striking as per the occasion. Also, regardless of the occasion, they always look presentable in front of the camera.

Another elaborate thing about Sharee’s family is that they have a custom of sharing dance routines, and they always commemorate Thanksgiving by competing with other families.

It is astonishing to know that the Hollywood star Jennifer Hudson has also been a part of the Hough family’s classy traditions.

Sharee Hough: Career

Sharee Hough is undoubtedly a multi-talented woman. Besides being a mother and a wife, she is a flight attendant, dance teacher, fitness instructor, trainer, and lipstick distributor.

However, she quitted the job as a flight attendant because of tight scheduling and was also overburdened by the job. 

The beautiful woman didn’t fret because she already had something else in her mind, which she would enjoy doing a lot more. Moreover, she wanted to be a fitness instructor and a body trainer.

sharee hough sipping coffee
Sharee is sipping coffee in her flamingo pajamas.

Sharee is a free-spirited woman who isn’t constrained by convention. Thus, she became a full-time fitness instructor who teaches fun dancing, light to heavy exercises, and cardio.

Nonetheless, she has even trained a bunch of celebrities, including her sister Julianne Hough. 

Other than this, Sharee is also a traveling enthusiast as she advises her clients about the importance of traveling. Moreover, she has traveled to a lot of places.

Besides all this, the goal-oriented woman is also a lipstick distributor. She uses her social media ventures to promote her lipstick collection.

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Sharee Hough: Fashion and Style

As already mentioned, the Hough family has a conspicuous sense of style; Sharee Hough is no exception.

The beautiful 46 Years Old looks much younger than her age. Moreover, she is incredibly fit and healthy-looking, which makes her look fantastic in any outfit she puts on.

Sharee and her siblings are also called ‘The Blonde Squad‘ because of their captivating blonde hair.

Moreover, the fitness instructor seems to love light and bright tone dresses that directly complement her perfectly suntanned skin and wavy hair.

While training, Sharee seems to love wearing a sports bra and leggings. On casual days, she wears suitable and comfortable dresses to highlight her curves.

Sharee also seems to love going to the beach with her friends and family members. She puts on perfect clothes for each occasion, which can be noticed if we look into her social media profile.

Sharee: Marriage, Husband, and Children 

At 19, Sharee Hough was married to Randall Wise in 1996. Sharee stayed in Utah her whole life, but she moved to Los Angeles after getting married to Randall.

It is pretty apparent that they were young and married because they were in love.

Moreover, Sharee and Randall have six children together, four daughters and two sons.

Among them, Sharee is the biological mother of four children. The remaining two are the children of Randall and his former wife.

However, Sharee and Randall didn’t have a successful marriage as the couple broke up and got divorced in 2016.

It was the end of a two-decade-long relationship, but we can assume that it was all for the better of both.

Sharee Hough and Mark Selman

Consequently, six months after Sharee’s divorce from Randall, she shared a post with her new partner on her Instagram. It meant that she had moved on from her broken relationship.

Her new love partner was none other than Mark Selman. Mark is from Raymond, Alberta.

He studied at St. Louis University of Missouri and is currently working at Tall Tree Administrators. Like Sharee, Mark Selman had also been married once in 2012.

Unsurprisingly, they started dating in 2017 and finally got engaged on 17 February 2018.

Sharee shared a photo of a paved oval halo ring on her finger on Instagram. She captioned it, “Finally, it happened.”

Likewise, on 25 September 2018, Sharee and Mark had an elegant traditional Christian marriage. Currently, the couple lives with their children in Draper City of Utah state.

Sharee Hough: Mother of Six Kids

Sharee has a blooming family with six kids named Paris Hough, Skye Hough, Star Hough, Quaid Hough, Bronson Hough, and Willow Hough.

Moreover, her son Quaid studies in grade 3rd, and Bronson studies in 5th grade.

Sharee with her children
Sharee With Her Children.

Paris, Star, and Skye have already graduated from high school. Similarly, Willow is a freediver instructor.

Furthermore, Sharee has nine nephews and nieces from her maternal family.

Sharee Hough: Net Worth

Sharee earns her living from being a fitness instructor, a social media figure, and a lipstick distributor.

Not long ago, Sharee shared her show, ‘305 fitness‘, which aired on 25 April 2019 on Instagram.

It is estimated that Sharee’s Net Worth is $500,000.

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Social Media Presence

Currently, Sharee is active on Instagram. She has over 17.3k followers. Additionally, she frequently posts about her life to keep her followers well updated.

Likewise, her posts mostly contain pictures of her children, her husband, and all the beautiful moments in her life.

Thus, Sharee can be called a social butterfly as she has a broad social circle and impressive Instagram feeds.


Is Sharee Hough related to Derek Hough and Julianne Hough?

Yes, Sharee Hough is related to Derek Hough and Julianne Hough. In addition, Derek is the brother, and Julianne is the sister of Sharee.

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