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ShayyDee: Early Life, Illness, YouTube, Music & Net Worth

Gen Z seems to love rappers and youtube stars with their whole heart, and in this social media generation, [calculate_years datestring=”07/14/2000″] Years Old media figure ShayyDee has been able to gain a lot of attention from young people.

The American youtube star and musical artist, ShayyDee, is best known for her peculiar and interesting lifestyle videos along with challenges and prank videos on youtube. 

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Growing up with multiple health issues and body conditions, Shayydee has inspired numerous young teens and adults online. 

Youtuber ShayyDee

Along with her videos, her audience also seems to be fond of her music. She is indeed one of the rising Gen Z social media figures.

In the article, we have mentioned detailed information about Shayydee.

Quick Facts

Let’s look into some facts about Shaydee that will make us more familiar with this young artist and media star.

Full name  Shakoveonce Reed
Another name/nickname  Shayydee/Big Dragon
Birthdate  July 14, 2000
Birthplace  Davenport, Iowa, United States
Religion Christain 
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  African-American 
Zodiac sign Cancer
Father’s name Not known
Mother’s name Tabitha Sanders
Siblings  One sister and one brother
Sibling’s name Onna Reed (sister)
Frederick/Jay (brother)
Age  [calculate_years datestring=”07/14/2000″] Years Old
Height 5 ft (1.52m)
Weight  Not known
Eye color  Blue 
Hair color Blonde 
Health disorder (conditions) Muscular dystrophy 
Marital status  Unmarried 
Relationship status  Girlfriend (Kat Breezy) 
Children  None 
Profession  Youtube star, musical artist
Genre  Hip hop/rap
Media Affiliation  Youtuber Woah Vicky
Joined Youtube  April 2018
Net worth  $500k- $1 million
Social media handles Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok 
Merch Yuh Get Into It, Temperature, Demons
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

ShayyDee: Early Life, Birth, and Family

Shakoveonce Reed Aka “ShayyDee” was born on July 14, 2000, in Davenport, Iowa, United States.

The four-pound six ounces Albino baby girl was very sickly since her birth.

Born to Tabitha Sanders Aka “Ma Dee” and an unknown father, ShayyDee’s family, went through a rollercoaster ride while raising her.

ShayyDee with her mom in a youtube video
ShayyDee with her mom in a YouTube video

In a youtube video, ShayyDee’s mother, Tabitha, opens up about giving birth to ShayyDee, saying that the labor lasted for a couple of days, which was very hard for her.

Because her pregnancy result initially came out negative, Tabitha had no idea that she was pregnant.

Later, after a month of taking a depo-shot (contraceptive injection), Tabitha started feeling sick. 

In her next pregnancy test, she came out positive. Shayy wasn’t due until August 2, and the pregnancy was seemingly normal.

However, on the morning of July 12, Tabitha was shocked to find blood all over her bathroom, which made her think it was a miscarriage. 

Amongst the confusion, pain, and frustration, finally, on July 14, Shayy was prematurely born.

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Premature Birth and Hospital Journey

In that very three-part youtube video uploaded by the channel “Mz peach” in February 2020, Tabitha explained that it was hard for the doctors to believe that ShayDee’s father was African-American because she was very pale. 

Later they found that she had a genetic disorder called Albinism, which caused her skin, hair, and eyes to have minimal pigment or color.

Not only pale, but Shayy also had blue, green pigment in her skin. Tabitha was almost sure that Shay wasn’t alive because all Shayy did was look with her eyes open without crying or moving a single bit. 

yooung shayydee
Young ShayyDee

The doctors immediately took her from Tabitha and put her in an incubator with a breathing machine and feeding tubes.

Moreover, the doctors said that Shayy couldn’t be taken home yet as she showed a lot of complications. 

So, Tabitha stayed with Shayy in the hospital while giving partial custody to her mother to take care of her other daughter Onna. 

However, the doctors had already asked Tabitha to start preparations for Shayy’s funeral as the baby Shayy was very frail.

But miraculously, Shayy slowly started eating and breathing better and gaining more weight. Finally, Shayy was able to go home from the hospital.

Returning Home

At the time of her birth, Shayy’s biological father was locked up in jail, and her mother(Tabitha) was living with her new boyfriend.

After Shayy returned home, everyone in the family was happy. Her older sister Onna is very protective of her and loves her very much.

Later, Shayy and her family moved to Louisville, Mississippi.

ShayyDee: Therapy, Illness, Seizures, and Coma

While ShayyDee was one or one and a half years old, her mother got her involved in a physical therapy program in Mississippi as she was not walking.

In that early learning program, Shayy learned to catch up with physical activities from her therapist, Ms. Mary.

shayydee illness
ShayyDee is in the hospital.

One day, when ShayyDee was three years old, her mother found her lying all blue, cold, and still.

Further, she was rushed to the hospital, where her family found out that she had a seizure in her sleep.

ShayyDee was again admitted to a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. When the doctors tried to give her CPR, she had already gone into a coma and wouldn’t wake up.

Later, Shayy woke up in the arms of her grandmother, Annie.

According to Tabitha, ShayyDee walked for the first time in the hospital. Moreover, she finally began walking at the age of three.

ShayyDee: Education, School, and Bullying

ShayyDee started Pre-K at the age of five. Being a unique and almost distinctive child, public school was very hard for her.

Her school friends talked about her, laughed, threw stuff at her, and were mean to her.

At first, ShayyDee was insecure about her skin tone, how she walked, and how boney she was. 

But later on, ShayyDee learned to accept herself and socialize more, which made more people like her.

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ShayyDee: Surgery, Scoliosis, and Breast Cyst

In her youtube video posted on September 8, 2019, titled ‘My Life Story,’ ShayyDee shared a great deal about the challenges in her life.

Moreover, the videos have over 2.9 million views (2,912,712) on youtube.

In that particular video, she opened up about her three surgeries.

Moreover, she had gone through a surgical procedure in her leg, twice in her eyes to get it lifted, and in her backbone.

Shayy had also been molested by a family member when she was only nine years old.

When she was 12, her backbone’s small curve was estimated to be unharmful, but it turned out to be fatal scoliosis as she grew older.

As a result, at the age of 18, she had to go through back surgery.

Similarly, at the age of 17, Shayy discovered that she had lumps in her breast. Upon checking it in the hospital, they turned out to be breast cysts. 

Additionally, in her video, she said there was one lump on her left side and three on her right. Fortunately, it wasn’t cancer.

ShayyDee: Going Viral

ShayyDee went viral in 2016 when she was only 16 and in high school. Her video blew up on Facebook after doing the “break em challenge.”

Although she had gone viral and gained fame, a massive number of hate comments and feedback left her downhearted.

Moreover, all the responses from random people were undoubtedly very overwhelming for a 16-year-old.

It was tough for her because she had been bullied and belittled her whole life and judged for the way she looked.

However, that viral video did help her make more friends in school as more kids were curious to know her.

ShayyDee: Depression and Mental Health

Shayy, in her video, also disclosed her mental condition in the past. 

She said,” Because of my health issues, I fought with depression a lot. It was depressing because I felt like nobody could help me, nothing was changing, nothing was getting better for me.”

She added, “So, I felt like I was in a dark place. I used to get bullied.”

After the overwhelming and hurtful response from the public, ShayyDee thought she couldn’t keep doing it.

So one day, she tried to kill herself by taking a lot of pills. Thankfully she was taken to the hospital by her mom.

Shayy expresses that she is doing good and is trying to work through the pain while she makes more music and more videos for her audience. 

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ShayyDee: Relationship and Pregnancy

Openly queer, Shayy is currently dating her girlfriend, Kat Breezy.

They first made their affair official via an Instagram post, which was posted in October of 2020 by Kat Breezy with the caption “dis da best relationship I’ve been in.”

Shayy often features her girlfriend in her videos, which are very fun to watch.

Likewise, she was previously dating a YouTuber named Hakeem Newkirk, who also appeared on her videos multiple times. 

ShayyDee and her Ex-boyfriend Hakeem
ShayyDee and her Ex-boyfriend Hakeem.

Shayy and her ex-boyfriend, in May 2020, announced that Shayy was pregnant via a video, and they often talked about it on her Instagram.

But fans had already suspected that it was a prank. And it was indeed fake news.

ShayyDee: Youtube and Music

ShayyDee first joined youtube on April 27, 2018. In addition, she has over 203k subscribers on the youtube channel.

Her content consists mainly of vlogs, lifestyle videos, question answers, pranks, and so on.

She is also associated with another famous Youtuber, Woah Vicky, who currently has 1.14 million subscribers on youtube

shayydee and voah vicky
ShayyDee with YouTuber Woah Vicky.

She has featured her family (mom and brother), Woah Vicky, her ex-boyfriend, her girlfriend, and many more people in her videos. 

Moreover, ShayyDee released her first single, “Temperature,” in 2019. Her second single, “Demons,” was also released in 2019. Her latest single, “yuh get into it,” was released on May 15, 2020. 

She is almost a music sensation because her fans seem to love her music.

Her songs are also used continuously in another media platform, TikTok.

On December 17, 2020, she dropped a teaser to her new song on Twitter and Instagram.

 Shayy will undoubtedly make more and more fantastic music in the upcoming years.

ShayyDee: Net Worth

Though ShayyDee’s salary is not disclosed, it is estimated that her net worth is around 500K to 1 million US dollars.

Furthermore, she has gotten a lot of social media fame for a couple of years.  

ShayyDee: Social Media Presence

Shayy is active in all of her social media. 

Twitter: 21.3k followers

Facebook page: 195k likes

Youtube: 203k subscribers

Tiktok: 1.3 million followers 

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