Shelby Fero: Education, Emmy Nomination, Stand-up & Net Worth

The world of stand-up comedy is bizarre and amusing. One among the people who have been able to stand out in his profession is 27-year-old American comedian Shelby Fero. Shelby Fero, who openly identifies as a non-binary person, is an extremely talented stand-up comedian, actress, editor, performer, and scriptwriter.

Fero started as a screenwriter or content writer at a very young age. Throughout the years, she received numerous opportunities to work in the creative media and now is a renowned writer and performer.

Fero is also known for her hilarious and engaging tweets on Twitter. Hence, that might have paved her way into being a comedian because people often find her extremely funny and amusing.

Shelby Fero.
Shelby Fero.

Born in California, Shelby always had the chance to get a close look at Hollywood life and the exciting things that happen only in California.

Likewise, too open about new possibilities and never hesitant in giving her liberal and leftist views on politics, Shelby has been a role model for many blooming female and non-binary comedians and actresses.

Quick Facts 

Full name  Shelby Ann Fero
Birthdate  October 27, 1993
Birthplace Santa Clara, California, United States
Nickname Shelby Fero
Religion  Not Religious
Nationality  American
Ethnicity  Caucasian
Horoscope  Scorpio
Father’s name Not Known
Mother’s name Not Known
Siblings  Three (2sisters 1 brother)
Siblings’ names Kelly Fero

Ellie Fero

Mostyn Fero

Age  30 Years Old
Pronouns They/Them
Height  5 feet 6 inches
Weight  Not Known
Shoe size  Not Known
Hair color Reddish-Orange
Eye color Light Brown
Marital status  Unmarried
Relationship status Unknown
Children  None
Education Menlo-Atherton High School,

USC School of Cinematic Arts

Profession  Actress, Screen Writer, Stand-up comedian
Genre  Observational Comedy
Subject(s)  Gender dynamics, Female stereotypes, everyday life
Years active 2010- present
Net worth Approx $200
Social media handles Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
Last Update February, 2024

Shelby Fero: Childhood & Family

Shelby Ann Fero was born to a Caucasian family on October 27, 1993. She was born in Stanford hospital in Santa Clara, California. Very little is known about Fero’s parents, but it is assumable that her family is beautiful and supportive of her creative endeavors and career choices.

Shelby and Her Family In The Beach.
Shelby and Her Family In The Beach.

Moreover, Shelby grew up with her three siblings. The names of her siblings are Kelly Fero, Ellie Fero, and Mostyn Fero. Kelly is the oldest sibling and is a Urologist who graduated from UCLA.

Similarly, Mostyn,20, is the youngest sibling among the four. Kelly is the second oldest, and Shelby is the second youngest.

The skilled writer also appears very close to her grandmother and grandfather as she occasionally posts their pictures on her Instagram. Fero has a beautiful family, and her mother and father also seem together and happy.

Shelby Fero: Education

Shelby Fero attended the Mento- Atherton High School located in Atherton, California, United States. She mentioned in an interview that she played water-polo in High School.

From a young age, Shelby precisely knew what she wanted to be, and it didn’t involve a job that would be monotonous or enclose her creative brain.

After completing High School at 17, Shelby joined USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angelos, California. Shelby had a deep interest in film, acting, editing, and scriptwriting from a young age. Hence, she got enrolled in a film school.

Shelby Fero in DVTV Infomercial.
Shelby Fero in DVTV Infomercial.

But after about one and a half years, Shelby dropped out of college. During her college time, she was already doing many jobs like writing and editing for several websites, acting in many short films, and doing stand-up comedy.

Shelby Fero: Professional Background

In an interview done by QUEENS OF STONED AGE, Shelby mentioned that her career as a writer and editor had started while she was a sophomore in High school.

She was only sixteen when she first started writing for an Online Indie Humor Website called Cracked: Fero said, “I was in an AP computer science class, and I didn’t understand it, so I just went online instead.”

Moreover, while in High school, Shelby started doing stand-ups for fun.

Likewise, at the age of seventeen, Shelby had graduated from her High school and worked for other sites like Hello Giggles and Rookie.


Fero also didn’t miss the chance of being an intern at ‘Funny or Die,’ where she was a part of the social-media-department.

At that time, as Fero mentioned, she already had a manager who later became her agent and hooked her up with other job opportunities.

Fero also had a prevalent Twitter account where she tweeted humorous content, which caused her to gain many followers. Hence, she knew that with her humor and her capability to make people laugh, she would be a fantastic stand-up comedian.

Shelby: USC Film Student & Dropping Out

During her freshman year in USC film school, Fero wrote for ‘Punk’d‘ and the summer after Freshman of college, she wrote pilot tapings for a ‘Pete-Holmes Late Night Show’ which aired later on TBS.

In 2012, when Shelby was 18 years old, she did her first’ Key and Peele‘ sketch called ‘substitute teacher‘ where she played a high school student named ‘Denise.’ The sketch took over the internet by storm as it has over 159 million views on youtube alone.

Likewise, the gifted young writer was also recruited as an editor on the short-lived Bobby Moynihan cartoon ‘Chozen,’ which was only on air for one season.

During this time, Shelby decided to drop out of her college because she didn’t want to take a loan for her elaborate college fees.

Shelby said, referring to her reason to drop out, “I went to USC for a year and a half studying screenwriting, and then I dropped out because I got staffed on a show. I was about to take out loans, and they wouldn’t let me take a math class, which is hilarious and crazy.

It didn’t fit into my curriculum because I had tested it out. I was like, ‘this feels like a waste of my time.”

Shelby Fero: Acting, Screenwriting & Winning an Emmy

Though Fero doesn’t refer to herself as an actress rather a writer slash performer, she has acted in some of ‘Key and Peele’ sketches and appeared in the 2018 mini-series ‘East of La Brea‘ from Paul Feig’s Powderkeg production company as the character ‘Allison.’

Furthermore, Fero has also written for Adult Swim’s long-running ‘Robot Chicken,’ @ midnight, and another short-lived show created by Paul Feig called ‘Other Space.’

In 2016, Shelby earned an Emmy Award for her work on ‘Robot Chicken’ for Outstanding Short-Form Animated Program. Moreover, she has been a frequent panelist on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me.’


It is no surprise that Shelby Fero has also been featured in a Forbes Magazine article called “25-year-old Shelby Fero Makes Writing For TV Look Easy”.

Shelby Fero: Stand-up comedy

The incredibly talented 27-year-old Shelby started stand-up comedy when she was in high school. Though it had started just for fun, she realized that people would enjoy seeing her perform on the stage with humor like hers.

In 2013, Shelby performed stand-up at UCB LA’s HOT MEAT. The performance has been uploaded on her youtube channel.

Shelby Fero Performing Stand-Up in 2013.
Shelby Fero Performing Stand-Up in 2013.

Besides, Fero has also done stand-up at ‘Magic bag‘ ((Eliza Skinner’s and DC Pierson’s stand-up showcase in Los Angeles)

Moreover, until 2015, Shelby also uploaded her hilarious skits on Youtube, which currently has 1.65 k subscribers, but Fero doesn’t seem to be active on youtube anymore.



Currently, Fero is assumed to be working as one of two editors at Snoop Dogg’s cannabis website, Merry Jane. She has also appeared in an interview with Merry Jane managing editor Mira Gonzalez to talk about Fero’s professional background.

Shelby Fero: Lifestyle

27-year-old Shelby lives a relatively modest and low-profile life. She lives a comparatively simple lifestyle in the Hollywood area and is pretty close to her family.

As shown in her Instagram posts, she often attends family functions, where all of her family members can be witnessed together.

Besides, Shelby is a feminist, gender equality advocate, and has leftist ideologies. She often shares her liberal opinions and views via Twitter and in her Instagram posts.

Shelby Fero With Her Sister's Baby.
Shelby Fero With Her Sister’s Baby.

Though her natural hair color is reddish-orange, Shelby seems to spice it up by using various hair colors frequently. She has dyed her hair in different shades of pink, green, and blond.

The young writer also seems to be open about weed consumption for recreational purposes. In an interview, she had shared that she was only 15 when she tried weed for the first time and since then has been consuming it in a healthy amount.

Furthermore, Fero is also an extreme animal lover. She has multiple pets, whom she loves very much.

She had a Maltese Breed dog named Victor, who dies in June 2018. Currently, Shelby owns multiple cats for whom she has even created a separate Instagram account.

Likewise, in her latest Instagram post, Shelby has shared a picture of five newly hatched chicks, which she seems to adore.

Besides, Shelby also seems to be fond of giving herself tattoos. She has multiple self-made stick-and-poke tattoos of spider, hand, crossbones, etc., on her leg.

Shelby Fero In Her Sister's Wedding.
Shelby Fero In Her Sister’s Wedding.


Shelby Fero: Net Worth

Fero had been engaged in earning money and working from a young age. Infact she had a manager when she was only eighteen. She is a multi-talented personality who has proven herself to be an efficient worker in all creative outlets.

Moreover, Shelby currently works as a stand-up comedian alongside being a writer and an editor.

Shelby’s Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $200.

Shelby Fero: Social Media

The multi-talented writer is a pretty social person. When she was pretty young, she had earned herself twitter fame by tweeting various entertaining trivial stuff.

She is currently mildly active on her social media as she occasionally posts about her life and work.

Amusing comedian Shelby has 103.5k followers on her Twitter account. On Instagram, Shelby has 10.7k followers, is following 2023 people, and has 3575 posts.

Moreover, Shelby also has a Youtube account where is she is not active anymore.


Is Shelby Fero non-binary?

Shelby Fero is non-binary and goes by the pronouns They/Them.

When did Shelby Fero win an Emmy award?

Shelby Fero won an Emmy award in 2016 for Outstanding Short-Form Animated Program for her work in Robot chicken.

Is Shelby Fero single?

Shelby Fero’s relationship status is unknown as she prefers to keep her personal like secluded. It is assumed that she is single.

What is Shelby Fero’s profession?

Shelby Fero is a writer, performer, actress, stand-up comedian. She is currently working at the SnoopDogg owned cannabis-focused digital media platform called Merry Jane.

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