Sherry Pollex: Career, Martin Truex Jr. , Cancer & Net worth

Life sometimes becomes a journey of hard going and struggle for a living. True inspiration can motivate people for a reason to live. Sherry Pollex is the one living inspiration whose story gives rays of hope to many people battling fatal diseases such as cancer.

The American businesswoman is the long-term girlfriend of NASCAR champion Martin Truex Jr. and the third stage ovarian cancer survivor. Her battle with cancer is well watched by the public, due to which many people follow her.

Many of you might know Sherry as a girlfriend of Martin Truex Jr. Well, how much do you know about her personal life?  What is her professional life? And her fight against ovarian cancer.

Beautiful Sherry Pollex
Beautiful Sherry Pollex

Here in the article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about this inspiring lady, including her bio, net worth, husband, battle with cancer, and many more.



Full Name Sherry Pollex
Known as Sherry Pollex
Birth Date  May 10, 1979
Birth Place Michigan, USA
Residence North Carolina, USA
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Bachelors of Sporting Marketing  (Florida State University)

High School (Not available)

Horoscope Not available
Father’s Name Greg Pollex
Mother’s Name Julia Pollex
Siblings 1 sister (Jill Pollex)
Age 28 Years Old
Height Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Body type Lean
Profession  Businesswoman, Social Worker
Associated Organization Lavender Boutique, Martin Truex Jr. Foundation,
Marital Status Unmarried ( In a relationship)
Boyfriend’s Name Martin Truex, Jr.
Boyfriend’s Profession Professional Car Racer
Children No
Net Worth $30 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May, 2024

Who is Sherry Pollex?

Sherry Pollex is an American businesswoman who is the founder of Lavender boutique. The boutique is famous among women for clothing supplies of different shapes and sizes.

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More importantly, she is the girlfriend of NASCAR champion Martin Truex Jr.

Likewise, she is the founder of Martin Truex Jr.’s foundation. The foundation works for the welfare of cancer patients. Raising funds and rehabilitation of cancer affected individuals are the prime tasks of the foundation.

However, in recent times her battle against stage III ovarian cancer was in the highlights of media. The lady working for cancer patients since 2007 was diagnosed with ovary cancer in 2014 herself. Her battle against cancer was well admired and applauded by a lot of people.

Sherry Pollex Early Life

Pollex was born on 10th May 1979 in Michigan, United States.  She spent her early childhood in Michigan.

However, she completed her education at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida. Pollex, after graduating in Sports Marketing, joined PPC Racing as a public relations representative in 2006.

Sherry Pollex Family

Sherry was born as an elder daughter to father Greg Pollex and mother Julia Pollex in Michigan, USA. Her father is the owner of the car racing firm PPC Racing.

Likewise, Pollex is a white woman of American nationality. She has a sibling sister named Jill Pollex.

Moreover, Sherry is unmarried. Though, she is in a long-term relationship with NASCAR champion Martin Truex Jr. since 2007.

Sherry Pollex’s Boyfriend, Martin Truex, Jr.

Sherry is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Martin Truex Jr. The couple had met each other in 2005 during Pollex’s job as public relation representative in PPC Racing. According to sources, they were in a relationship since 2005.

Likewise, Martin Lee Truex Jr. is a two-time NASCAR Xfinity champion and one-time Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion. The American professional car racer was born on June 29, 1980, in Trenton, New Jersey.

Pollex posing with her boyfriend NASCAR champion Martin Truex Jr.
Pollex posing with her boyfriend NASCAR champion Martin Truex Jr.

Similarly, his father Martin Truex Sr. was also a former car racing champion. Martin chooses his professional life as a car racer, none other than true inspiration from his own father.

Furthermore, the American racer drives the No. 19 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing in the NASCAR series. He has more than 549 races in his 17 year NASCAR career.

Martin Truex Jr. Awards

The three-time NASCAR champion had love and attraction towards car racing from childhood. However, he waited until 18 to be eligible for car racing legally.

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During his career, Martin has won the championship inside the racing arena and some awards for his Excellency. He was honored with the Busch Series Most Popular Driver in the year 2004 and 2005, respectively. Likewise, he won the ESPY Best Driver award 2018.

Martin Truex Jr. Foundation

Sherry Pollex and her long-term boyfriend Martin Truex Jr. established a foundation named Martin Truex Jr. foundation in 2007.

The foundation’s main motive is to support the underfunded cancer patients and rehabilitate the people affected by cancer. However, after Sherry’s diagnosis with stage III ovarian cancer, the foundation mainly aims to rehabilitate and fund ovarian and pediatric cancer.

Similarly, the Martin Truex Jr. foundation is active in donation to the firms and initiatives working for cancer. In May of 2018, the foundation donated a massive sum of 1.2 million dollars to Novant health.

Meanwhile, the foundation receives donations and grants from its well-wishers, donors, partners, and sponsors.

Sherry Pollex Net Worth

The founder of Lavender boutique is making good money through her boutique. However, she has not revealed her net worth to date.

But, according to her long-term relationship Martin Truex Jr. has a net worth of an estimated $30 million dollars.

The NASCAR champion has earned good money from his professional racing career. So, the couples are living a luxurious life in North Carolina.

Sherry Pollex Cancer

The woman actively running a campaign against cancer and raising funds for cancer patients have to face inconsolable news in 2014. Sherry suffered from third stage ovarian cancer. Martin recalled this devastating story of his life:

“She had gone to three or four doctors, and they couldn’t figure out what was going on,” Truex said. “This went on for a couple of months. Finally, we got her to a surgeon — a friend of a friend — in Lake Norman. He said right away, ‘Let’s do a CT scan.’

“They did the scan. Two hours later, he called and told us to come down to the office. Right away he told us, ‘You have ovarian cancer.’ ”

On the other hand, Pollex also recalled the moment; one thing she had in mind is to be the mother by saving the egg.

 “I had stopped taking birth control pills,” she said. “As soon as I had the CT scan and heard the diagnosis, I did ask if I could save my eggs. The doctor told me there was no time for that. He said, ‘We have to get you to surgery in the next few days, or you’re going to die.’

“There was no time to think about the fact that I was devastated that I could never be a mother. I don’t know what hit me worse – the devastation that I couldn’t carry my own child or the devastation that I had Stage III cancer. To hear all that in a matter of five minutes — it was so hard.”

Pollex Recovery

Oncologists went under the surgery of Pollex after 5 days of diagnosis. They removed 47 tumors from the appendix, ovaries, fallopian tubes, part of her stomach, and spleen during the process.

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After that, the girlfriend of NASCAR champions was put on chemotherapy for 17 months. But, Sherry revealed on her social media she had gone into remission on February 18, 2016.  As a result, surgeons underwent another surgery to remove the spleen and different parts of the stomach.

Sherry, these days is on a strict diet with oral chemotherapy and other maintenance drugs.

Pollex the Strongest Fighter

The rate of survival with stage III ovarian cancer is minimal. However, Sherry being the living idol of many women and children, didn’t give it up easily.

Pollex established a sister organization of Martin Truex Jr. Foundation, The foundation’s main motive was to address the issue openly related to the recurrence of ovarian cancer for women.

“I don’t believe that we’re all destined to be here forever, to grow old and be 80,” she said. “I think some people are destined to die young. And we have a purpose here on Earth, and maybe my purpose is to be an advocate for this disease.”

Likewise, Sherry posts her fighting story on her social media and organization page. She shares everything necessary for her recovery, like yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and food habit.

Latest Condition of Sherry

According to the post of Pollex on her social media, she had a recurrence of stage III cancer in December 2020.

Unfortunately, my cancer is back (which is expected with Stage 3C recurrent ovarian cancer as cancer begins to outsmart the drugs we are on),” “So here I am going to battle again.

Praying my doctors can remove all of the diseases so I can start chemo again soon and be out there fighting for all of you soon! Much love to all of you out there fighting or caring for a loved one that is.

However, Sherry posted about the success of her operation on 19 December 2020. Meanwhile, she thanked all her well-wishers, doctors, nurses, friends, and relatives who were directly or indirectly involved in her successful surgery.

Pollex Social Media Presence

Sherry Pollex is actively available on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Her Instagram account has over 23 k followers, while her Twitter account has 113.3k followers. The cancer survivor shares different posts regarding her daily rehabilitation and activities on her social media.


Are Sherry and Martin Truex still together?

Well, it’s been 15 years since the couples have been together. However, they haven’t married yet.

Is Sherry Pollex in remission?

Sherry is currently in remission. She had successful surgery on December 19, 2020, and currently under-recovery.

How did Martin Truex meet Sherry Pollex?

Martin met Sherry in 2004 during the NASCAR championship series. Initially, Sherry worked as a public relations officer for another driver, but she shifted to Martin after meeting him. Further, the couples are in a long-term relationship since 2005.

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