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Sonya C Miller: Children, Actor, Divorce & Net Worth

Sonya C Miller is an American rapper and actor. Although she is famous as Master P’s ex-wife, she has earned a name for herself in the industry.

Sonya C Miller is a famous female gangsta rapper with popular songs from the album ‘Married To The Mob.’ Also, she is a critically renowned actor, producer, and director.

The critically acclaimed rapper has been through a lot with her divorce. Even after divorce from Master P, she has built a great life for herself and her kids.

sonya c miller
Sonya C Miller striking a pose.

Although things fell apart with her marriage, she has become a role model for divorcee single mothers. Being independent and getting back in the game is her main priority now.

Sonya C Miller sacrificed her career to take care of her children. And this has paid off well, as her children are doing great in the industry.

Like her son, Romeo Miller, and her daughter, her children follow their parent’s footsteps. They are prominent in the hip-hop music industry.

Quick Facts about Sonya C Miller

Here are some quick, interesting facts about Sonya C to get you started.


Full Name Sonya Cassandra Miller
Known as Sonya C
Date of Birth 1970
Age [calculate_years datestring=”01/01/1970″] Years Old
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Place of birth New Orleans, United States
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Spouse Percy Robert Miller (Master P)
Number of children 7
Name of children Romeo Miller, Vercy Miller, Hercy Miller, Mercy Miller, Tytana Miller, Inty Miller, and Itali Miller.
Gender Female
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Singer, Producer, and Director
Years active 1964-2009
University Pepperdine University
Major Theater Art
Music Genre Rap
Movies Material Girls (2005), Weekend Mechanic (2004), and Catalog This! (2004)
Music Albums Married to the Mob, True to the Game, Da Crime Family, The Best of TRU
Net worth $1 million
Social media Twitter
Master P’s Merch Ice Cream Man, Burbons and Lacs, Ghetto D
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Sonya C: Early Life and Origin

Sonya was born in 1970 in New Orleans, United States of America. Her exact birth date is not disclosed to the public. As of 2021 starts, she is 50 years of age. But, her exact age is unknown to the public.

The public and the media have little knowledge about her early life and her parents. She seems to enjoy her privacy.

She did say that her parents owned a record store when she was a kid. Other than that, nothing much about her early life and family is disclosed to the public.

Sonya C: Family

Although little to nothing is known about her parents and childhood, but her family with Master P is well known. After marrying Percy Miller, aka Master P, she has been the center of attention for quite some time.

sonya and family
Sonya and family

She is the ex-wife of the rapper Master P. Their marriage lasted 25 years. They have seven children together. After taking a break from her acting and music career for their kids and family, Sonya tried to return to the industry as a producer and director.

Sonya C and Her Children

After marrying the critically acclaimed rapper, businessman, and philanthropist Percy Miller, Sonya took a break from her career. She took time to take care of her family and their kids.

Percy Miller and Sonya C Miller had seven children together. They are named Romeo Miller, Vercy Miller, Hercy Miller, Mercy Miller, Tytana Miller, Inty Miller, and Itali Miller.

Sonya, in her latest interview, talked about how it felt to choose family over her career.

She talked about how it was hard on her and her kids. However, she did her best to raise her kids.

Apart from raising her seven kids, Sonya also raised two children from Master P’s other relationships.

Sonya C: Career

Music Career

Sonya has made herself a name in the music career with her rap album. However, she began her musical journey as a part of the TRU group.

Although the group got banned from the radio after the lyrics were branded as profanity, that didn’t stop her.

Miller continued as a solo female gangsta rapper. However, she got criticized a lot for her music. Despite the criticism, she went ahead and gave us the album ‘Married to the Mob.’

Her songs, including ‘Life Aint Nothing But a Game,’ ‘Bitches Die in The Dope Game,’ No Credit, and many more, were a great hit at the time.

Despite her struggles to build her career, she gave it all up for her family after her marriage with Master P.

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Hollywood Career

Sonya C may be known as the ex-wife of the infamous rapper, Master P, but she has also left her mark in the Hollywood industry.

Although the media criticized her roles a lot, she is well renowned for her roles. Some of her well-known roles were in the Catalog This! (2004), Weeken Mechanic(2004) and Material Girls(2005).

Sonya C and Master P

Who is Master P?

Master P is Sonya C’s ex-husband. Percy Miller or Master P is a critically acclaimed rapper, businessman, actor, philanthropist, record producer, and a former basketball player. He has produced songs with Sonya C as well.

Sonya’s ex-husband is an entrepreneur who started the No Limits Record Label and P.Miller Enterprises. He has also taken a shot at writing and pro-wrestling.

Master P and Sonya C’s Marriage

Sonya and Percy Miller, also known as Master P, were married in 1989. Their marriage was long-lived. But it fell apart eventually in 2014.

They met while working in the same group, TRU, at the beginning of their music career. Both of them were rappers, so they probably hit it off well.

master p and sonya c
Master P and Sonya C

After getting married in the year 1989, they worked together on their record label, ‘No Limit.’ Sonya released her hit solo gangsta rap album “Married to the Mob’ with No Limit.

The couple has 7 children together in their 25 years of married life. Sonya C even gave up her career to take care of her children and family.

Sonya C Divorce with Master P

 It is no surprise that Sonya C’s divorce with Master P was a messy one. It is not simple for the couple and the children to separate after 25 years of being together.
The divorce was hard on the kids and the couple itself. The public and the media judged Sonya for the divorce. Many people called her out for her alimony after the divorce.
She recently spoke about her experience, which led to the divorce and the aftermath. Sonya was heartbroken by the criticisms.
And, she related to the voices of the women in the same situation as her.
Being cheated on by celebrities and judged by the media for standing up for themselves was not fair. Sonya said-

“But at what point will the public look at me as a woman that was cheated on and left to fend for myself with 7 kids while my husband lavished his life with the spoils of the industry?”

Like other divorced women, Sonya got labeled as a gold digger for asking for what she deserved from her husband after putting her career on the bay and taking care of her family while sacrificing herself.

 And what she got in return was heartbreaking for her. She mentions in the interview that she suffered a lot in her marriage.
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Divorce Alimony

Mostly known in the media as Master P’s ex-wife, Sonya Miller knew exactly what she wanted from her husband after her divorce.
Although many people judged her for this, she was not backing up. Sonya wanted $67 million worth of parting gifts from her marriage separation.
The legal documents for the divorce included a total estimation of assets worth $178,743,300. This included 13 cars, 31 properties, and 45 companies, along with other things.
She also wanted a share of the No Limit Records and Master P’s energy drink company.
Having worked alongside her husband throughout his life for his success, she definitely deserves the gift.
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Sonya’s Post Divorce Life

After the messy divorce, Sonya tried her best to bring her life back on track. She picked herself up and started going back to college.
The single mother majored in Theatre Arts at Pepperdine University while her youngest son was in the third grade. A bold and empowering move on her part.
Apart from getting her college degree, she is also working on writing a book. Sonya has also shown interest in building her modeling career. She also has plans to work on a TV show.

Sonya Miller: Net Worth

Sonya Miller or Sonya C’s net worth is at an estimate of over $1 million.

This includes her accumulated assets from her previous careers and her divorce settlement with Master P. The divorce settlement included many of Master P’s businesses.
Along with a share of his No Limit record label and the energy drink company.
Also, there are over 31 properties and 45 companies in the settlement. The total settlement is at an estimate of around $67,647,800.

Sonya C: Social Media

Sonya C is not particularly active in her social media. She does have a Twitter account @sonyacmiller. However, she has not posted as of April 2013.
Other than that, she isn’t active on any other social media.


How many years did Sonya C’s marriage to Master P last?

Master P and Sonya C married each other in 1989 and separated in 2014. They shared 25 years of marriage.

How much is Lil Romeo worth?

Lil Romeo’s net worth as of March 2021 is $6.5 million.

How much is Master P’s net worth?

Master P’s current net worth is $200 million.

Is Sonya C Cymphonique Miller’s mother?

No, Sonya C is not Cymphonique Miller’s biological mother. Master P had Cymphonique with another woman. However, Sonya C raised her along with her kids.

What is Sonya C’s whereabouts in 2021?

There are no new updates about Sonya C currently. No new details about her work in 2021 have appeared.

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