Leo Suter played a gay character in Vikings Valhalla.

Is Leo Suter Gay? Partner Relationship And Dating History

Needless to say, “Is Leo Suter Gay?” or “Is Leo in a relationship” is the most sought topic about Vikings: Valhalla star these days. The musically talented actor is mostly seen next to fellow actor Jordan Waller. Let’s dive deep in to learn Leo Suter’s Dating history, partner, girlfriend, relationship, and affairs in detail.

One can lately see Leo Suter, a rumored gay actor, as a leading character Harald Hardrada in the Netflix hit tv series Valhalla by Jeb Stuart. The series holds the world-wide number 1 position on Netflix. 

Before Vikings, Suter portrayed the role of James Previously, he co-starred in the Season 2 of Clique opposite Synnove Karlsen which airs on BBC1, BBC3, and Pop in the United States. Suter’s earlier acting credits include Maleficient alongside Angelina Jolie

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Is Leo Suter Gay? His Partner Girlfriend

Leo Suter, the rumored gay actor, and on-screen love Jordan Waller both starred as “same-sex partners” in the Victoria series. For Jordan-Suter shippers, Leo is only engaged to Waller’s onscreen character Lord Alferd. 

The English actor is tight-lipped when it comes to discussing his love life. Leo hasn’t introduced his “girlfriend” publicly, either. And, to clear the air for Suter’s wellwishers with queries “does he have a wife?” the answer is he is still unmarried. Leo Suter does not have a wife.

Leo Suter has not confirmed being a gay.
Leo Suter is close to Victoria star Jordan Waller. Source: Instagram

Due to Suter’s charming looks and mysterious nature, people speculate he a “gay”. The 29-year-old never publicly confirmed his sexual orientation or “dating history”.

However, based on his role in Victoria, the majority of followers assume him homosexual. People quickly concoct a flimsy concept just because he refuses to disclose a love connection.  

Leo Suter Dating History and Relationships

Ver less is heard about Leo Suter’s past relationships as the actor rarely speaks about his partners publicly. The rumored gay actor is possibly single at present. What’s more?

As Leo Suter is in his 20s, he seems to focus more on his career rather than on relationships. To be precise, Victoria’s Edward Drummond does not have a long dating history or a long list of girlfriends.

Leo Suter played Harald, the onscreen lover of Freydis in Valhalla.
Harald Sigurdsson and Freydis Eriksdotter from Valhalla, Source: Sportskeeda

We are not sure if Suter is seeing someone special secretly. Leo Suter, acclaimed for his low-profile demeanor, always preferred to spread the news with reel life over real life.

The English actor Leo is pretty close to his co-star Frida Gustavsson, He plays the major role of Harald Sigurdsson,  a real character who lived an incredible life. He plays the lover of Freydis Eriksdotter ( Frida Gustavsson) in the Netflix hits series Valhalla.  

Suter also has a good bond with his Valhalla co-stars Lucia Richard, Sam Corlett, and Johannes Haukur Johannesson. They share multiple photos and hang around behind the scenes for long hours.

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Leo Suter Parents Bio Siblings

Leo Suter’s parents welcomed him on 26 September 1993 in London England. He grew up with siblings Gregory and Nina Suter.

Leo’s father later dame Helen Alexander DBE was an organ master at Broadband  Stakeholder Group. His mother Tum Suter was a businesswoman. 

Leo Suter made a tattoo on Harold's arm and back for Valhalla.
Leo Suter is an expert in making tattoos. Sources: Instagram

Speaking of his hobbies, Leo sings and plays piano. The extremely talented uploads his singing skills on Instagram. In addition, Leo Suter loves wearing the same wristband King Herald wore in the virgin “Viking”.

Leo Suter was born to English parents.
Leo Suter gained attention for pivotal character in Beecham House. Source: the cinematic.

In the meantime, Leo prefers reading books, studying beewolf & the battle of Malden, and Anglo-Saxon poems.  Apart from that, Leo designs the character’s tattoos for the show.

He made a tattoo on Harold’s arm and back for Valhalla and only Suter understands the meaning of the tattoos. Leo Suter had a keen interest in acting when he was just a kid.

He started acting at age eleven. The brown-haired is famous for English tv shows like Snsishin Beecham House Click, and Victoria. 

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