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Stephon Marbury: Suicide Attempts, CBA & Net Worth

Stephon Marbury, a Legendary Basketball player, has a Net Worth of $60 Million.

Basketball, one of the most popular sports in the world, has given birth to many legends.

From the hatred of USA people to several failures in his career, depression, and being cast away from NBA, he has seen it all and has suffered through every agony one could handle.

Stephone Marbury sitting in white t-shirt
Stephon Marbury in an Interview

Despite having several downfalls in life, Marbury never failed to rise. Though his career in the US came to an end in 2009, he did not give up hope.

He had faith and found an unexpected career rebirth in china. He proved his haters wrong with all his hard work and made an excellent career path in a totally new place.

There were barriers in his way but not more than the love and support of Chinese people.

Quick Facts

Professional Name
Stephon Marbury
Full Name Stephon Xavier Marbury
Nickname Starbury, Old Ma, Lone Wolf
Birth Date February 20, 1977
Birth Place Coney Island, Brooklyn, USA
Nationality American
Profession Basketball Player, Actor
School Abraham Lincoln High School
Horoscope Pisces
Religion Christian
Ethnicity African-American
Father’s Name Don Marbury
Mother’s Name Mabel Marbury
Siblings Zach Marbury, Eric Marbury, Norman Jou-Jou Marbury, Donnie ‘Sky’ Marbury
Age 47 Years Old
Height 1.88m
Weight 93Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Marital status Married
Tasha Marbury (M. 2002)
Ex-Partner Nicole Thompson
Children Xaviera Marbury, Stephanie Marbury, and Stephon Marbury, Jr.
Net Worth $60 million
Social Media
Last Update
May, 2024

Stephon Marbury: Early Life

Stephon Marbury was born on February 20, 1977, at Coney Island, near Brooklyn, New York.

He has six siblings. All his elder brothers were also basketball players.

Stephon Marbury Seems Disappointed
Marbury in Lincoln Jersey when he was in High School Basketball Team

But only Stephon became the sensation of NYC Powerhouse Abraham Lincoln High School, where Stephon and his elder brothers did their high schooling.

After his impressive games in high school, he started his NBA career in 1996.

Marbury: Professional Career

His NBA career started when he got selected in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks.

After being selected in the Draft, he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Marbury was named All-Rookie Team in 1997 after scoring 15.8 points and 7.8 assists in every game.

Because of some dispute in Minnesota Timberwolves, Marbury was eventually traded through a three-way trade to the New Jersey Nets in 1999.

Thenceforth, the trading of Marbury from one team to another continued till 2009.

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New York Knicks

When Marbury was traded to New York Knicks in 2004, he played in the Olympics, where the team failed to win the gold medal resulting in becoming the first U.S team to get a bronze medal instead of gold.

Stephon Marbury Standing in Blue Jersey
Stephon Marbury in New York Knicks Jersey

Due to continuous dispute with coaches of the New York Knicks and sexual harassment trial with Knick’s intern, Marbury had to face diminishing popularity amongst the audience.

Those controversies severely affected Marbury’s NBA career, and he got banned from attending games and practices in New York Knicks in 2009.

The same year he signed with Boston Celtics, but he left Boston Celtics, giving the reason of having an interest in his own business.

Turning Point in Stephon Marbury’s Life

While Marbury was dealing with his problems and depression, he got a call from China to play on the Chinese Basketball Team.

Thenceforth Marbury’s CBA career Started. He first played with Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragons of the Chinese Basketball Association in January 2010.

The player won the MVP All-Star scoring an average of 30 points and 10 assists but failed to lead Shanxi to the Playoffs.

In December, he left Shanxi though he had signed a three-year contract and joined Foshan Dralions.

After failing to lead this team to the playoffs, Marbury joined Beijing Ducks in 2011.

Beijing Ducks was Marbury’s ultimate team to flaunt his game and leave a good impression on the Chinese Audience.

In the 2012 CBA All-Star Match, he led this team to the Playoffs. However, his achievements did not stop there.

He led Beijing to their first-ever CBA Finals against Guangdong Southern Tigers, the seven-time champion, and finally to the 2011-2012 CBA Championship.

Retirement and Coaching Career:

In 2017, Marbury announced that he would play for Beijing Fly Dragons for his last season and would take retirement after that game.

Yet, Marbury played his final game in the CBA, scoring 20 points in a 104-92 win over the Jiangsu Dragons.

After that game, Marbury finally took retirement from basketball.

Afterward, Marbury started his coaching career with Beijing Royal Fighters as a head coach on June 24, 2019, and is continuing his career as head coach.

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TV show and Movies

Stephon Marbury has also acted in TV shows and Movies. The first TV show he acted on was Basketball Wives.

The movies based on Stephon Marbury’s biography are: ‘My Other Home’ and ‘A Kid from Coney Island.’ In both movies, Stephon has acted as himself.

‘My Other Home’ is about his life in China and his CBA career, but ‘A kid from Coney Island’ is the documentary that shows Marbury’s overall life and basketball journey.

Marbury: Personal Life

How much do you know about Stephon Marbury’s Girlfriends??

In his rollercoaster Basketball career, Marbury had enough of affairs.

During his high school, Marbury had a relationship with Nicole Thompson.

Soon they gave birth to a baby girl named Stephanie Marbury at a very early age in their life.

Marriage and Divorce

After high school in 1999, Stephon dated Latasha Freison for a while and got married in 2002.

Stephon Marbury With Wife Latasha Freison
Marbury With Wife Latasha Freison

Latasha and Marbury were blessed with two children named Stephon Marbury Jr. and Xaviera Marbury.

The couple had a happy family for 18 years, but they decided to separate after 18 years of marriage.

Latasha was harassed by one of the ladies of Marbury. Thus, Latasha filed a divorce.

Kitchen Romance with Personal Chef

While Marbury was playing with New York Knicks, he had extramarital affairs with his personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell.

Marbury paid nearly a million bucks to maintain silence about their relationship.

According to NY Post, both hooked up five times. But when Marbury let her go and denied to pay, Thurayyah screamed sexual harassment and made Marbury pay her $900,000.

Recent Girlfriend

The recent girlfriend of Marbury is Jessica Jung. Jessica Jung is the Korean Pop Star and is alleged as the second wife of Marbury.

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Stephon Marbury: Awards and Honors

All-Rookie-Team Award in 1997

All-NBA-Team Award in 2003 and 2004

CBA Finals MVP Award in 2015

Nominated for ‘China Movie Channel Media Award’ in ‘Best Male New Comer Category’ in 2017

Marbury: Statues and Museum in Beijing

The first-ever CBA victory of the Beijing Ducks in 2012 made Marbury a hero of China. He became the heart of the Chinese People.

As a sign of love and respect for Marbury, an extravagant statue of him holding the trophy was made on the MasterCard Center lawn, outside the Duck’s arena, Beijing.

In his succeeding years, he won two more championships with the Ducks. One was on March 30, 2014, and another on March 22, 2015.

In his third championship, he also won the first official CBA finals MVP award. There was a great celebration in china when the Ducks won the third Championship.

He is the only NBA player to own a Museum dedicated to him in china. This way, NBA bad boy became successful in winning fans in china.

Stephon Marbury: Endorsements and Controversies

When he took a break from Basketball, he started focusing on his endorsements and own sneakers business. But his business went unraveling.

Marbury Sneakers
Marbury’s Sneakers

The mixed emotions of Marbury’s dad’s death, the problems he was facing in his career, and the failure in his business all led him to become suicidal.

As he got depressed, he started making a bizarre video where he was seen eating Vaseline and doing crazy stuff.

He posted several videos in his social media accounts where viewers could see him crying, dancing in Michael Jackson’s songs with lotion all over his face, and pouring water in his head.

Stephon Marbury: Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Stephon Marbury is $60 Million.

Marbury had a house in LA which he lost at Foreclosure Auction after being sued by Wachovia for $3 Million.

He now owns a house at Suitland, which worth more than $415,000.

He also owns several cars, such as Mercedes SLR 772, Rolls Royce, and Limousine.

Social Media

Stephon Marbury is very active on Social Media.

Similarly, he has an Instagram account with over 204k followers.

Stephon also has a Twitter account with over 99k followers.


How much does Stephon Marbury make a year?

As per his earning in 2008, Stephon Marbury makes $20.84 Million in a year. He earns through his game, endorsements, and shows.

How long has Stephon Marbury been in China?

Marbury was residing in China from 2010 to 2015 as a CBA Champion, but in 2015, he got a Chinese Green Card.

Is Stephon Marbury a Hall of Famer?

Stephon Marbury is definitely a legend in Basketball, and his story is undeniably compelling. Unfortunately, despite being an amazing player and wonderful basketball career, Marbury is not in the Hall of Fame.

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