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Survivor: Who Is Elie Scott Husband Michael Pierce? Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Who Is Elie Scott Husband? Fans of the show are eager to learn more about the cast member: stay tuned to learn more about the cast member.

Elie Scott is a clinical psychologist born on April 17, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia, and currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated with a 3.89 GPA from college and earned a 4.0 GPA in all of her Master’s and Doctoral courses.

She possesses the same natural ability as Kim Spradlin to guide a team to victory. Still, I am also aware that Kim Spradlin had a lot of luck and favorable circumstances during her first season.

One of her friends informed Elie that Michele Fitzgerald, a contestant on Old Survivor, reminds her of Elie and that if Elie attended the show, her style of play would be similar. 

Who Is Elie Scott Husband, Michael Pierce?

Elie Scott is married to her husband, Michael Pierce.

There is no information about Micheal since he has remained private and has not been seen on social media. He likes to keep himself and away from social media.

He has been seen in a few pictures on Eli’s Instagram, but much more information about him isn’t available on Instagram.

Elie Scott Husband
Elie Scott Husband, Michael Pierce (Image Source: filmhist)

The 41-year-old is active in social work and aids those in need in overcoming a variety of challenges. He actively assists others through social services and does what he can.

It is challenging to learn how he spends his time and what hobbies he engages in because he does not have a Wikipedia page.

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Elie Scott’s Husband, Michael Pierce: Age Gap & Family 

Eile Scott and her husband, Michael Pierce, have an age gap of nine years.

Elie Scott was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is currently 33 years, four months, and three days old (Updated Recently). She speaks English and French, Spanish, and German fluently.

In the province of Quebec in Canada, Micheal Pierce was born in 1980. He is an excellent person and has worked as a social worker for Thrive Behavioral Network.

Elie Scott
Elie Scott (Source: filmhist)

Whether or not they are parents is unknown. According to Rumour, She gave birth to their daughter, Fran├žoise, in September 2018. The family has been extremely private, keeping their online activities and personal lives off social media and other websites.

Elie Scott’s Net Worth Explored

Since she started her career, Elie has participated in more than six television projects, many of which have raised her net worth. She belongs to a moderate family as she has not gotten much pay as a psychologist.

Her estimated net worth, according to trustworthy sources, is $65,0000. Her wealth will undoubtedly rise if she successfully continues her work in the coming years. 

Elie was intrigued to take part in Survivor 43 after hearing this statement. She then went to the crowd and was picked. She represents the Baka tribe in the program. In a survivor interview, Elie described her work with post-traumatic stress-disordered veterans as highly complex.

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