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Is David Letterman Sick? Illness And Health Update- What Happened To American Television Host?

David Letterman’s sickness has worried his fans, who have been following him as their idol since the early 80s. 

On June 23, 1980, Dave had his morning comedy program on NBC. Despite receiving positive reviews, it received poor ratings and was canceled after only four months. NBC attempted to move him to a different time slot, though. In February 1982, Late Night with David Letterman made its debut. 

Bill Murray was the first person invited. Monday through Thursday, the show aired at 12:30 am EST, immediately after The Tonight Show. College students and young adults developed a cult following for Dave’s irreverent, bold, cynical, self-deprecating comedy and eccentricity.

Dave’s followers found his honesty refreshing, and he quickly developed a reputation as a witty and direct interviewer. The program also became well-known for its absurd comedy, such as “Stupid Pet Tricks” and Top 10 List segments.

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Is David Letterman Sick? Illness And Health Update

David Letterman, the presenter of THE AMERICAN talk show, revealed how a life-saving heart operation took the “edge off” of his hypochondria.

Oprah Winfrey questioned Letterman if his complex quintuple bypass surgery was “humbling” in 2013, more than ten years after he underwent it. I was a hypochondriac, he said. When you get heart surgery, it lessens your hypochondria, so now you’ve got something.

During a bypass procedure, doctors reroute blood around obstructed areas of your heart’s arteries. As plaques and fatty deposits accumulate over time, the arteries may narrow, preventing the heart’s steady blood flow.

David Letterman
David Letterman In NetFlix Show (Source: Instagram)

Letterman saw his doctors for a routine checkup just two weeks after the year 2000 to monitor his heart, which had experienced a few minor issues. Letterman required urgent bypass surgery after being airlifted to New York City.

To build a new pathway, surgeons link healthy blood vessels from different sections of the patient’s body above and below the obstructed areas of the heart.

Letterman resumed hosting The Late Show with David Letterman soon after his procedure.

The host welcomed eight members of the medical staff who helped him on stage for his resuming show. Coronary heart disease is characterized by an accumulation of fatty deposits in the coronary arteries.

According to the NHS, there is an increased risk of coronary heart disease as people age.

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What Happened To David Letterman, The American Television Host?

Tinnitus, a sign of hearing loss, is a problem for Letterman. He discussed his experience with tinnitus on the Late Show in 1996 while speaking with William Shatner, who suffers from acute tinnitus brought on by an explosion that occurred on set. Letterman has claimed that he has a persistent ringing in his ears and was initially unable to identify the noise within his head. 

Letterman has given up drinking. He frequently claimed to have been an “awful alcoholic” who started drinking at 13 and kept doing so until 1981, when he was 34. He said I was intoxicated 80% of the time in 1981. I was smitten. I was one of those people who noticed that everyone else had stopped drinking, but I was unable to comprehend why.  On Late Night or the Late Show, he was seen consuming what appeared to be booze, but it was apple juice.

“For years and years and years—30, 40 years—I was worried and hypochondriacal and an alcoholic, along with many, many other characteristics that made me different from other people,” Letterman remarked in 2015 of his anxiety. Transcendental Meditation and low-dose medicines helped him to become more at ease. Letterman was raised in a Presbyterian faith by his mother. However, he once claimed that “Lutheran, Midwestern guilt” was what drove him. Letterman is a Presbyterian.

Letterman was taken to the hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, in August 2021 after banging his head on the sidewalk and losing consciousness. In a video made public by the hospital’s owner, he spoke positively of his treatment there.

David Letterman Net Worth: How Rich Is He? 

David Letterman has a net worth of $400 million, claims CelebrityNetWorth. Letterman used to easily make $50 million a year in licensing and syndication fees, but recently, that sum has somewhat decreased.

David has used his stash to establish himself as a real estate tycoon. He also owns a 2,700-acre ranch close to Chateau, Montana, a home on Martha’s Vineyard, and a residence in St. Barth’s. 

David Letterman
David Letterman With Robert Downey Junior And His Alpacas (Source: Instagram)

David’s 108-acre estate in Westchester County, New York, was purchased for $5 million in 1994 and the remaining $5 million in 2007. He shares ownership of the Indy Racing League team Rahal Letterman Racing.

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