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Has Tank Fish Done A Face Reveal? Real Name Age Identity And Twitter Explore

A famous Canadian YouTuber named Tank Fish is known for playing popular Roblox games. In 2018, Tank Fish launched his first animation channel, “Is No One Here.” The videos are all for private use only.

Likewise, he then switched to another name in the channel; when viewers complained that Aquariums appeared when they searched for his channel, he later altered the name of his new channel from Fish Tank to Tank Fish.

His first popular video was a tutorial for the Roblox game “Rise Of Nations,” which he had previously uploaded before switching to other games. Let’s know about this platform more through this article!

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Has Tank Fish Done A Face Reveal?

Youtube channel Tank Fish’s creator has not yet done a face reveal to its fans. Many such YouTubers prefer keeping their real identity a secret.

Similarly, he has kept a crow-like image as his display picture, and the creator has displayed no human photo to confirm his identity. However, shortly, his subscribers expect to see him in real.

Tank Fish Apeerance
Tank Fish Apeerance [Source- Wikitubia]
It has been around more than five years since he entered this platform, i.e., in 2017. Since then, he has not tried to expose any kind of identity.

He also has a second account called “Tank Fish’s Garbage Dump,” where he currently streams but just sometimes. He just started creating artwork, creating multiple sketches of a female avatar.

Tank Fish Real Name And Age Identity

As mentioned, Tank Fish’s creator has been away from his real identity publicly, so we can just guess his real name or age.

Although he has a webcam, he always appears in a plague doctor mask when using it. His viewers can know about his gender, which sounds male.

His video shows that he can easily speak Mandarin Chinese with a northern accent. The video’s conclusion demonstrates his ability to sing in Mandarin as well.

He asserts that he only speaks “Simplified” and not “Traditional,” even though there is no real distinction between the two save in how the characters are written, not in how he utters them. Tank Fish’s proficiency in Chinese suggests that he is of Chinese ancestry.

As per his activeness and skills in making modern videos enthusiastically, one can assume that he is in his 20s or early 30s.

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Tank Fish On Twitter [Source- Twitter]
Tank Fish On Twitter [Source- Twitter]

Tank Fish Twitter Explore

Viewers can find Tank Fish on Twitter under the username @TankFishYT, with more than twenty-five thousand followers.

However, he only follows 30 people and joined this app in March 2019. He mentioned his bio: “Hey Fish gang, I am the autistic kid who makes edgy Roblox content.”

He has also mentioned his youtube channel’s link, so interested people can visit his profile accordingly. One can observe numerous comments from his followers when scrolling through his profile and contents.

In total, he has made one thousand and forty-four tweets. It looks exciting and full-filled among the followers since many retweets are there too.

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