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Is Zoe Laverne Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked- Baby And Husband

The “Zoe Laverne Dead” topic has been all over social media as some prankster created the confusion. There has been a death hoax debunked as many online sites posted the news of her death; some even said her dead body was found in the jungle!

With the increase in social media users, people get the news instantly from all around the world, and even without confirmation from the authorized ones, havoc is created. The same has happened with the social media personality Zoe LaVerne!

Similarly, 21-year-old, LaVerne is a Tik-Tok influencer, YouTuber, internet personality, and singer from the United States Of America.

Is Zoe Laverne Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked

Zoe Laverne is alive and completely fine; death hoaxes have been debunked over the internet. Before, in April and February last year, her death news was spread as well.

Some online media stated that her dead body was found in the jungle, whereas some expressed that her ex-boyfriend Cody Orlove killed her.

Zoe Laverne is not dead! She is alive and fine
Zoe Laverne is not dead! She is alive and fine [Source- TV Overmind]
She was having social media break for some time but is back now and updates promptly. Just two days before, she shared her photo on her Instagram account. She can be found on @zoexlaverne.

Also, she shared a picture of her baby wishing her a happy birthday one week ago and expressed her love for her in the caption. We can confirm that she is not dead with all these proofs of her expression online.

If she were dead, her family or the closest one would have shared an obituary in public, but nothing much has happened, and this isn’t the first time Zoe has been under major scrutiny.

Months ago, TikTok users created a Change.org petition to get her banned from the platform. They cited that she was a bad influence, vaped on camera, said inappropriate words, and even told people to “go kill themselves.” Nearly 47,000 people have signed the petition.

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Zoe Laverne Husband And Baby

Zoe Laverne married her husband last year in 2021. She announced her marriage through an Instagram post that she married the 20-year-old on October 5.

Before that, on September 30, she had given birth to her recently one-year-old baby, Emersyn. Her husband had asked Laverne to marry her in May 2021 at the gender reveal Party of their first child.

Her husband, Day, is a Danville, Indiana, native. The couple had known each other since 2018 through a mutual friend. He currently holds over a million followers on social media platforms.

Zoe Laverne Is Engaged
Zoe Laverne Is Engaged: Boyfriend Dawson Day Propose During The Gender reveal party! [Source- Dexerto]
In addition, his Instagram profile includes several pictures of the couple together and the recent addition to the family, Emersyn Raylee.

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Zoe Laverne Parents

Zoe Laverne was born to her parents on June 3, 2001, in Greenwood. Her parents’ names are Debbie Pemberton and Doug Wright.

She moved to Franklin with her family during her early years, and her parents admitted her to Community High School. She also has a brother named Eric and a step-brother named Cameron as a sibling. 

She has posted many pictures of her parents appreciating them in her Instagram posts. It looks like they have had a good bond since they a child.

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