Has Enoki Done Face Reveal? Age Real Name And Identity- Twitter Explored

Enoki is an aspiring Twitch Streamer who started streaming on February 2021. She mostly streams games from Animal Crossing.

The Streamer goes by the name @Enoki_Doki on Twitch, where she has only 91 followers. However, the Streamer might get more famous in the future.

Has Enoki Done Face Reveal?

Indeed, Enoki revealed her face to her fans through her Instagram post. However, the Streamer does not show her face in her streams as she currently does not have a face cam.

Enoki face
Enoki revealing her face to her fans.
Source: Instagram

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The Streamer is a young and energetic streamer who only plays happy games like Animal Crossing and others. Well, this could also be the reason for her low follower count.

Enoki Age: How Old Is She?

Sadly, the Streamer has not exposed her exact date of birth to her fans. Nevertheless, looking at her picture on the internet, the Streamer seems to be in her mid-twenties.

However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the Streamer herself.

Enoki on her Instagram.

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Similarly, other information about her personal life, such as her partner, height, weight, and so on, is currently available on the internet. The Streamer appears to be a little secretive about her personal information.

Enoki Real Name And Identity Explored

She has not revealed her real name to her fans as of the date and is known as “Mushroom Grandma” among her fans. It is no surprise as Enoki is a mushroom widely used in Japanese Cuisine.

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The Streamer is yet to reveal other information about herself, like her birthplace, education, and career plan to her fans. She might share her private info later after gaining more followers, but there is nothing about her on the web.

Enoki Twitter Explored

The Streamer is not available on Twitter as no user matches her profile. However, the Streamer has an Instagram account where she shares her gaming experiences and news and sometimes posts selfies.

She goes by the handle @enoki_doki_ and has only 100 followers as of 2022. She seems very active there, as the Streamer has over 70 posts and posts stories frequently.

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According to her Instagram post, the gamer was absent from her streams and social media for quite some time and continued her work in March. Sadly, the Streamer has been through a lot of stress lately.

Enoki twi
Enoki taking her Game Character to fishing in Animal Crossing.
Source: Instagram.

Besides that, she mostly shares pictures of her “happy games” there, like taking her character to picnics, and fishing, among many others.

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