Terry Bradshaw Health Condition: Bladder Cancer Diagnosis, Where Is He Now?

A Former American Professional Football Quarterback, Terry Bradshaw, is Alive, overcoming Bladder Cancer. Let Us know more about Terry Bradshaw’s Health and his Cancer journey.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL, Terry Paxton Bradshaw, better known by his stage name Terry Bradshaw, was an American quarterback throughout his professional football career. Since 1994, he has switched from an experienced player to a television sports analyst and co-host of a show called Fox NFL Sunday.

In 1970, Bradshaw allured the Steelers with four Super Bowl won over six seasons and was eminent as Super Bowl MVP on two occasions. After retirement in 1983, he became a key media analyst on NFL football and acted for both the CBS and FOX networks.

Moreover, he has also snipped up in minor roles in three movies by Burt Reynolds: The Cannonball Run, Smokey, Hooper, and the Bandit II.

Terry Bradshaw Is Alive: Bladder Cancer Diagnosis

Talking about Terry Bradshaw’s health issue, Terry disclosed his Fight with Bladder Cancer in the Fox Sports “NFL Sunday” at the start of the season last month. 

He looked exhausted, for one thing, and on last week’s episode, an incident made him aware of the need to note what was going on with his health.

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He confessed what happened to him physically and what happened in his life. He started with,
“I was diagnosed with bladder Cancer in November last year. For the bladder Cancer treatment, I went to the Yale University Medical Center.”

 Former Quarterback Terry Bradshaw (Source: CBC Sports)
Former Quarterback Terry Bradshaw (Source: CBC Sports)

Bladder Cancer wasn’t done with the 74-year-old former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, however,
He added, “In March, I had a bad neck and found a tumor in my left neck after getting MRI. It turned out to be a Merkle cell tumor, also known as neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin, a rare form of skin cancer. I did surgery at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.”

However, he concluded, “The cancers are all gone, so I’m not dying.” Bradshaw said about his swelling face that it was a part of the treatment to maintain fluid in his face and jaw. It’s going to take a while. But I’m totally fine though I may not look fine.”

Terry Bradshaw Health Update: Where Is He Now?

Bradshaw received two diagnoses of Cancer in the past year. According to Today, Terry shared the personal detail in the Oct. 2 episode of Fox NFL Sunday. He cited that he still feels like his old self, although he does not look like his old self anymore.

Terry Bradshaw in Fox Sport
Terry Bradshaw in Fox Sport (Source: The Washington Post)

Bradshaw got applause from his cohort “Fox NFL Sunday” cast members as he expressed appreciation about Terry being still healthy and able to be with them on the show. He then added I think you’re light of hope for many people out there who are facing something very similar.

Moreover, Bradshaw has previously publicly discussed his encounter with depression. He also added, “I got a lung issue from surgery where my nerve got blocked, and, at present, I am suffering from asthma. I had a hard time out there in California.

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Likewise, I have been coping with a lot of stuff; I’m not someone who wants to talk about being a subject of pity. I don’t want to hear people chatting, ‘Woe is me, poor Terry.’ I’m not too fond of that. I am just asking you to shut everybody up.”

Cheering Terry up, his Fox co-host expressed their support, love, and admiration, but Michael Strahan had a witticism.

However, the good news is good news, and here’s to Bradshaw’s protracted health. According to Sporting News, he divulged that he is officially cancer-free.

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