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The Culpo Sisters: Olivia Frances, Sophia And Aurora Culpo, Parents And Family

The Culpo Sisters is a series about a former beauty pageant winner-turned-content creator and her sisters.

Olivia Frances Culpo is a model, fashion influencer, social media celebrity, and Actor from the United States. She was named Miss USA and Miss Universe in 2012 after winning the Miss Rhode Island USA competition.

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The network has launched a new program based on Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012, and her sisters, Aurora and Sophia Culpo.

Olivia is one of just three Miss USAs that have won the coveted Miss Universe crown.

Who Are The Culpo Sisters? Meet Sophia And Aurora Culpo

TLC describes the show as “following Aurora, Olivia, and Sophia Culpo as they navigate their lives, loves, family, and careers in Los Angeles.”

The Culpo Sisters
The Culpo Sisters, Sophia And Aurora Culpo (source: meaww)

Sophia, Olivia’s sister, is a model and social media influencer. She’s worked with several skincare and beauty businesses and has shared her favorite products on social media.

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According to her Instagram, the 26-year-old is passionate about nutrition and beauty.

She constantly informs her followers about new vegan and organic recipes, particularly baked goods.

The youngest, Culpo, is currently living with Olivia in Los Angeles. Aurora also resides in Los Angeles with her sisters!

She frequently documents their daily sister adventures, including videos of them drinking wine, cooking, working out, and playing with Olivia’s dog, Oliver Sprinkles.

Aurora’s Instagram page is filled with photos of her family, particularly her son Remi and daughter Solei. 

The eldest sister has opened up to her followers on social media about her pregnancy cravings, workouts, raising her two children, and nutrition.

 Who Are The Culpo Sister Parents And Family?

Peter Culpo, the Culpo Sisters’ Father, owns a restaurant. In the Boston region, he has launched multiple eateries. Meanwhile, Susan, their mother, is a musician.

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The Culpo Sister Parents (source: distractify)

She has performed as a violist with the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra and the Boston Symphony. They also have two sons named Pete and Gus.

Although the parents are proud of their daughters’ accomplishments, they are unaware of their daughter’s influencer careers.

Peter and Susan have constantly expressed their displeasure with their daughters’ decisions. In April, Peter called Olivia’s clothing “inappropriate,” claiming that it was overly exposing following a flying mishap.

Despite the ups and downs, the family is quite close. The daughters will plan their parents’ 35th anniversary Party and travel back home to Rhode Island for the opening of their family restaurant in the new season of The Culpo Sisters.

How Much Is The Culpo Sisters’ Net Worth In [Current-year]?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Olivia’s net worth is $7 million. Even though Olivia is the wealthiest of her sisters, Aurora and Sophia aren’t short on cash.

Sophia, the youngest of the group, allegedly makes between $1 million and $2 million, according to Life & Style. Aurora’s net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

According to rumors, each Culpo sister makes a different amount of money. Olivia’s main sources of income include modeling, social media brand sponsorships, acting, and entrepreneurship.

Aurora and Sophia both work outside the home. Aurora has a background in behavior analysis and special education and describes herself as a “straight shooter” and “wellness junkie.”

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