Walter Chaffe: Tug of war, Personal Life & Net Worth

Late British tug of war athlete and police constable Walter Chaffe was a renowned personality. 

He competed in the Olympics games and was a part of the 1908 London Olympics and 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

Chaffe had earned a silver and a bronze medal during his participation in the games.

Walter Chaffe with his tug-of-war teammates in the 1920 Olympics.
Walter Chaffe with his tug-of-war teammates in the 1920 Olympics.

He played tug of war with the Division “K” British team of City of London Police and Metropolitan Police.

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Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about the tug of war player Walter Chaffe:

Full Name Walter Chaffe
Date of Birth April 2, 1870
Birth Place Dunsford, Devon, England
Date of death April 22, 1918
Place of Death Plaistow, Greater London, Great Britain
Religion Christianity
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Education N/A
Hobbies N/A
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Build N/A
Profession Policeman, Tug-of-war player
Associated Teams Metropolitan Police K Division, City Of London Police Metropolitan K Division team.
Awards Silver and Bronze medal
Olympics 1908 London Olympics and 1912 Stockholm Olympics.
Marital Status Married
Wife Florence Ada Stock
Kids Six sons: Walter William, William Henry, Walter John, Reginald Robert, Florence May, and Frederick Edward.
Two daughters: Elsie Audrey Chafffe and Annie Esther Chaffe
Net Worth N/A
Social Media N/A
Tug of War Merch Olympics
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Walter Chaffe: Body Measurements

Walter Chaffe’s body measurements are not mentioned to the public.

Moreover, as an athlete, he had an athletic body type and maintained a good physique.

He used to eat healthy food and used to exercise often. 

Walter Chaffe: Early Life and Education

Walter was born on April 2, 1870, in Dunsford, Devon, England. He died at the age of 48 on April 22, 1918, in Plaistow, Greater London, Great Britain. 

As for his education and family, there aren’t any details regarding it.

In February 1891, he decided to be a police officer and finally joined the Metropolitan police force.

Chaffe was 21 when he started working as a policeman. He, alongside his police career, competed in the Olympics and other championships.

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Walter Chaffe: Career

Walter Chaffe was professionally an athlete and policeman who competed in the tug of war championships. David Andrew Charlton managed him.

Also, he excelled as a policeman and an athlete. Chaffe was a member of the Great Britain team.

His teammates were Alexander Munro, Frederick Humphreys, John James Shepherd, and Walter Tammas.

In his lifetime as a tug of war player, he had won several awards and medals.

Unfortunately, sometime later, his collection of awards and medals were stolen.

He had kept his collection of honorary awards at his daughter-in-law’s house in Plaistow, where it got stolen.

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Olympics and Other Championships

Walter Chaffe made his Olympics debut in the 1908 London Olympics alongside his British team.

Chaffe was 38 years old when he first competed in the world-renowned Olympics game event.

Chaffe played tug of war with the British team, called Metropolitan Police K Division. During the game, the team won a bronze medal.

Moreover, in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics, he represented the City Of London Police Metropolitan K Division team.

Chaffe with his team managed to grab a silver medal in the games.

Furthermore, during his gameplay with the K Division, he won several championships and got recognition.

Moreover, in 1913, he competed in the British Police Championship with the London Police tug of war team.

Chaffe was appointed as a secretary of the team. In addition, they won the championship.

During his serving time at Plaistow, he became a part of the Plaistow Sub Division team. His team consisted of many talented athletic personalities.

Later on, some of his teammates went on to become successful Olympians.

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Walter Chaffe: Net Worth

Walter Chaffe’s net worth was not estimated. However, he earned a decent income by competing in tug-of-war events.

By winning bronze and silver medals, he must have grabbed considerable prize money.

As a police constable, he received a decent salary.

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Walter Chaffe: Personal Life

Late Walter Chaffe was married to Florence Ada Stock. He had six sons and two daughters.

Chaffe’s sons were named Walter William, William Henry, Walter John, Reginald Robert, Florence May, and Frederick Edward.

He had two daughters named Elsie Audrey Chafffe and Annie Esther Chaffe.

Chaffe’s firstborn, Walter William Chaffe, was born on April 10, 1896. Then a year later, a second son Frederick Edward Chaffe was born.

His elder daughter Annie Esther Chaffe was born in Canning Town, London, on September 28, 1899. 

On November 4, 1901, his second daughter Elsie Audrey Chaffe was born in 102 New Barn Street in West Ham, London.

Chaffe’s sons William Henry and Florence May were born on April 7, 1904, and August 9, 1905.

His youngest son Walter John Chaffe was born in Plaistow City in Essex on January 25, 1907.


Is tug-of-war still an Olympic Sport?

No, Tug-of-war was removed from the list of Olympics sport in 1920. In addition, 33 other sports were also eliminated as the number of sports was increasing rapidly.

Moreover, the authorities were finding it difficult to manage the numerous sports and their participants. Tug-of-war was played from 1900 to 1920 before it got removed.

Who ruled the Olympics in the 1900s?

Several Olympians had their share in making the Olympics a glorious and renowned competition. Among them were rugby and tug-of-war legend Jean Collas and Charles Gondouin.

In addition, other Olympians, Francisco Henriquez De Zubiria, Georges Taillandier, Frederick Humphreys, John James Shepherd, were renowned Olympians.

Which sports were mainly played in the 1900s?

In the 1900s, baseball, football, and basketball were getting popularized. However, people also played sports like tug-of-war and rugby.

Rugby is a popular game, and some athletes gained popularity by competing in the rugby competition in the 1900 Olympics.

Rugby is one of the most complicated sports and was played religiously during those times.

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