Kelly And Zandile Khumalo

What Happened Between Kelly And Zandile Khumalo? Relationship Explained

Could Kelly Khumalo and Zandile Gumede’s long-standing conflict be warming up? Let’s explore the relationship between the sisters.

After the latter posted that she was praying for the former’s safety, fans seemed to think so.

The singer, who should not be mistaken for the politician, posted a picture of herself and Kelly that was probably taken years ago and prayed for God to watch after her sister no matter where she was.

But, she also expressed her hope for a future where their relationship might improve.

What Happened Between Kelly And Zandile Khumalo? Relationship Explained

The conflict started after Zandile and her husband, Mhlo Gumede, were implicated in a con.

Kelly quickly distanced herself from the couple, which enraged her sister and caused her to “divorce” her publicly via a message posted on social media.

However, she admitted that even though she and her sister are no longer speaking, their children continue to have a close relationship as cousins since their mothers have chosen not to let their disagreement impact the rest of the family.

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TshisaLive reports that Zandile clarified this in the latter part of last year when fans expressed shock that Christian and Thingo, Kelly’s children, had met her newborn boy.

“On September 17, Sunday, I shared pictures of my son Zenala with his relatives, my niece Christian and nephew Thingo. Since they are both like my own children and have been a part of my pregnancy since I was three months along, this was a very memorable time for me, Zandile said.

She continued by saying that her niece and nephew practically “forced me to put a phone in my tummy so they could speak to their cousin” when they called her weekly.

“When that moment occurred, and I saw the joy on their faces, it was wonderful for me,” the mother said. “They couldn’t wait to meet and cuddle him when he was born.”

Zandile said that she chose to let her dispute with her sister not affect how the kids felt about their cousin.

“The two of them are extremely young and have no contact with either side of their fathers, which is a decision I respect made by their mother. However, I’m not going to prevent them from seeing their cousin or me since doing so would be incredibly cruel of me.”

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