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Scott Arceneaux Jr: Struggles, Controversies & Net Worth

Scott Arceneaux Jr., also known as Suicide Christ, is an up-and-coming name in the rap industry. He performs with his cousin named Ruby Da Cherry.

The duo together is called the Suicide Boys and has been performing together since 2014.

Scott Arceneaux Jr. has become famous for his devilish look. The look is complete with a nose piercing, ear piercing, dreadlocks, tattoos on his face, and metallic teeth.

Scott Arceneaux is posing for a camera.

The rapper is also known to wear jewelry, and one that is always seen on his neck is the FTP necklace. FTP stands for F**k The Population.

They have collaborated with underground artists such as Black Smurf and Bones, which have earned them recognition in the rap circles.

Quick facts

Here are some quick facts about Scott.


Full name Scott Arceneaux Jr.
Date of birth April 11, 1989
Known as Suicide Christ
Age [calculate_years datestring=”04/11/1989″] Years Old
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Unknown
Education Delgado Community College
Father’s name Scott Arceneaux
Mother’s name Toni Arceneaux
Zodiac sign Aries
Height 6 feet
Weight 75 kg
Spouse None
Children None
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Net Worth 1.5 million US$
Profession Rapper, DJ
Stage Name $crim, $slicksloth, Young Heath Ledger, Yung $carecrow, Budd Dwyer, Pontious Pilate
Youtube Channel $uicideBoys 
Cousin Name Ruby da Cherry
Band name $uicide Boy$
Nickname Suicide Christ
Salary Unknown
Social Media Instagram, Soundcloud
Debut year 2014 AD
Merch Kill Yourself, Art Tee T-Shirt, Paris
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Scott Arceneaux: Family and Childhood

Scott was born on April 11, 1989, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. His father’s name is Scott Arceneaux Sr., and his mother’s name is Toni Arceneaux.

He has two brothers. His older brother’s name is Gage Arceneaux, and his younger brother’s real name is unknown but goes by the name of Slim Gucci.

Scott reveals very little about his early age. And very less is known about his family. But we do know that he went to Delgado Community College for his studies.

Scott developed a love for music since the young age of 8. He was especially interested in the rap genre of music. He started idolizing artists like Shawty Redd. Scott listened to rappers like T-pain and Kanye West.

However, his interest in DJ peaked when his parents bought him a Turntable at the age of fourteen for his birthday after his parents saw Scott’s love for songwriting and DJ. He even bought a laptop from the money he got by selling drugs.

As a teenager, he started DJ gigs at the Delgado Community College for parties. It was around this time he discovered Auto-tune and became a fan of the artist.


Scott Arceneaux: Personal Life

Scott is caucasian in terms of ethnicity, and he holds American citizenship. Since he was born in April, his zodiac sign is an Aries. The traits of people with this zodiac are aggressive, competitive, demanding, romantic, etc.

Scott is not married to anyone. He does not have any children. However, he is engaged to a girl named Tori Miranda. No further information is available on her.

Arceneaux started recording from the money he got by selling drugs. He also worked as a furniture salesman for three years before being fired for his body’s tattoos.

Scott Arceneaux: Physical Appearance

Scott Arceneaux is 6 feet tall in terms of height, and he weighs 75 kg. He has blue eyes and black hair, and a fair complexion.


Scott is known for his devilish punk look, which is complete with nose and ear piercing. He also has face tattoos and metallic teeth.

He likes to accessorize and has a necklace with FTP initials which stand for F**k The Population.

Scott Arceneaux: Rap Career

Pre Debut

Scott started listening to famous rap compositions such as U.N.L.V’s ‘Drag em and the river’ and Three 6 Mafia’s’Slob on my Knob’ at eight while riding with his uncle. He was completely obsessed with the composition of those.

After a couple of months, Scott started creating music and playing at clubs and parties. He also sold drugs and furniture to make a livelihood.

But all that changed when his cousin Aristos Petrou came to him to create a band together. The two joined forces, and thus the band $uicideBoy$ was born.


$uicideboys was the turning point for both of these cousins. Scott took on the stage name of Suicide Christ, and his cousin Aristos came to be known as Ruby da Cherry.

Scott, along with Ruby, composed several raps that were popular for their aggressive lyrics.

The band’s music and lyrics circled around the idea of depression, drug addiction, and self-destruction, which Ruby and Suicide Christ personally dealt with in their personal lives.

In 2013 the Suicideboys released their first song, “$moke a $ack’ on Soundcloud. The track ‘Paris’ gained millions of listeners on Soundcloud.

After that, the duo signed a contract with G59 records and released a twenty-one-part series, Kill Yourself.

They collaborated with Black Smurf on the track Black Suicide. They also released several EPs such as ‘Grey-sheeps,’ ‘G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S,’ ‘My liver will handle what my heart can’t’ in 2015.

The band had now become a big name in the rapping community by 2016. They started booking international shows at this point.

Similarly, the duo released its 29th EP ‘Radical Suicide’ in the same year, which became 17th place at the Billboards Rap Charts.

In 2016 the duo also booked their first tour called the ‘Global Epidemic Tour.’ They also released a revised version of ‘Kill Yourself.’

The band has a cult following because of the subjects such as suicide ideation, satanism, and depression that they deal with in their lyrics.

Their most viewed song on Youtube is ‘Paris,’ which has 60 million plays on Spotify.

The duo has been featured on Billboard Dance’s  Top 15 Artists to watch in 2017. In 2019 they also collaborated with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and Korn’s guitarist James Shaffer.


Side Projects

Scott has released several solo tracks as well under the stage name $crim.

These include Narcotics Anonymous, #Drugflow2, Patron saints of everything totally fucked, all of which were released before joining the band.

Scott has also worked as an in-house producer for Universal and help many artists produce.

In 2020, he released a solo album called A Man Rose From The Dead, which has gotten mixed reviews from fans. This is his first solo album since the band was formed in 2013.

Scott Arceneaux: Struggles

Drug Addiction

Scott started dabbling in drugs at a very young age. He started getting into drugs after the demise of his grandfather. His grandfather’s death came off as an emotional shock to him, and to cope with it, he depended on drugs.

Vicodin was the first drug he ever tried after his friends offered it. Then he started using pills, heroin, and marijuana. It seemed like he was far too gone into addiction.

Then, Ruby, his cousin, helped him. He emotionally blackmailed Scott, saying that he would be kicked out of the band if he did not quit drugs. And eventually, it worked, and Scott gave up on drugs.

Scott hasn’t used hardcore drugs since 2017, but he continues to smoke marijuana from time to time.

Depression and Self Destruction

Cousins Scott and Aristos shared a close relationship before even forming the band. They both wanted to pursue music professionally, but they were severely dissatisfied with their lives.

They were both dealing with depression and had thoughts about self-harm. This was when they decided to form Suicideboys, and if the band failed, they both would have suicide.

Scott once in an interview said,

“It was pretty much like cutting the hand,bleeding and making a pact that there is no plan b, that if it does not happen by the time we are 30, I’m blowing my head off.”

But thankfully, that never happened, and they had pretty successful careers.


Scott Arceneaux: Net Worth

With his musical talents and collaboration with big names in the rap circle, he has amassed a good fortune.

According to online sources he has a net worth of $1.5 Million.

Scott has a tattoo all over his body, and he was fired from his job due to the tattoo. He wears a necklace with FTP initials.

Scott Arceneaux: Controversies

No stranger to controversies, Scott Arceneaux has received much criticism for their abrasive and offensive type lyrics. Even their band names and stage names have gotten backlashes stating that they insinuate satanism.

Scott came out about the situation and tried to clear the air by saying their satanic imagery represents the negative effects of money and drugs used to manipulate people.

The Suicideboys have also been accused of copyright infringement after artist Deadmau5 accused them of sampling their song ‘Antartica’ from his song ‘I Remember.’

After the incident, the duo has removed their songs from Youtube and Soundcloud.

Scott Arceneaux: Social Media

Scott is active on Instagram. He used to be active on Twitter, but he has deactivated it since 2017. He has over 1 million followers on Instagram. Scott often posts about his upcoming music.

The $uicideboys also have an Instagram account with over 1.7 million followers. In this account, they post about their merch and upcoming music.

Also, he has a Soundcloud account as well as the band.

The band also has a Youtube Channel with over 2 million subscribers and a Facebook with more than 100 thousand followers.

Fun Facts about Scott Arceneaux

Scott has many stage names such as Scrim, Yung Scarecrow, Yung Heath Ledger, Anthony Mars, Budd Dwyer, and Pontious Pilate.

The Suicideboys have different alter egos under which they rap. Their different egos have different styles of rapping and also lyrical meaning.

He was under rapper Juicy J’s mentorship, and he gave them his full support. He once enlisted them to produce mixtapes for him highly intoxicated named Shutdaf**k up. Scott has also produced for Denzel curry and Dash.


When did Suicideboys debut?

Suicideboys debuted in 2014.

Which is Suicideboys most famous track?

Their most famous track is ‘Paris.’

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