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Tyson Fury: Body Transformation, Career & Net Worth

Tyson Fury, also known as the Gypsy King, is a British professional boxer with an amazing record of 30-0-1.

He is widely famous in the boxing world for his devastating knockouts. Out of his 30 wins, he has won 21 fights by knocking out the opponent.

Fury is a two-time world heavyweight champion and also a British and Commonwealth Champion.

Fury was just another boxer before 2015.

Tyson Fury flexing
Tyson Fury flexing

But after 2015, when Fury defeated the fan-favored Wladimir Klitschko, he was recognized by a huge crowd. Consequently, becoming the WBA (Super), IBO, WBO, and IBF heavyweight champion worldwide.

He was already famous in the UK and Ireland, but he was noticed by fans worldwide after that win.

Besides boxing, Fury has also appeared in the WWE ring. He was part of Smackdown on October 4th of 2019.

Moreover, he has written three books to this date. Fury wrote his autobiography in 2019 and followed it up with two books of “The Furious Method” in 2020.

Quick Facts

Let’s look at some facts about Tyson Fury before we go further into his life and career.

Full name Tyson Luke Fury
Date of birth 12 August 1988
Age [calculate_years datestring=”08/12/1988″] Years Old
Birthplace Wythenshawe, Manchester, England
Religion Christian
Nationality English
Ethnicity Irish
Education Styal Primary School
Father’s name John Fury
Mother’s name Amber Fury
Siblings Shane Fury, John Fury Jr, Tommy Fury
Zodiac sign Cancer
Height 6 feet and 9 inches
Weight 124 Kg
Reach 85 in (216 cm)
Hair color Bald
Eye color Hazel
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Paris Fury
Children Sons: Prince John James Fury, Prince Adonis Amaziah, Prince Tyson Fury II
Daughters: Venezuela Fury, Valencia Amber
Net Worth $30 Million
Profession Boxer
Nickname Gypsy King, The Furious One
Division HeavyWeight
Social Media TwitterFacebookInstagram
Debut year 2008
Merch Signed belt, Signed Photo, Autographed Gloves
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Tyson Fury: Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Fury is currently [calculate_years datestring=”01/12/1988″] Years Old.

The Gypsy King stands taller than everyone at 6 feet and 9inches. He easily towers over any other person who comes near him.

We look like dwarfs compared to Tyson’s height.

Similarly, Tyson weighs about 124 kilograms. He has a huge but fit body, and despite being huge, he is pretty agile.

Moving on to his body measurements, Fury has the 45-34-15.5.

Where 45 is his chest size, 34 is his waist size, and lastly, his biceps are 15.5 inches.

With that huge body, he has great reach in the boxing ring. Tyson has a reach of 85 inches which is approximately 216 cm.

Due to his long reach, he can stay away from his opponents while punching them down.

Tyson also has a pair of hazel eyes with a bald head. He looks like a total badass guy.

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Tyson Fury: Nationality, Ethnicity, and Horoscope

Fury was born and raised in England, which makes him an English citizen.

Despite being an English citizen, he belongs to the Irish/Gypsy ethnic background. His ethnic background resulted in him having the nickname “The Gypsy King.”

Fury is a Cancer on the zodiac table. Cancers are known to be Vindictive and protective.

Tyson Fury: Early Life

Parents and Childhood

Tyson Luke Fury was born on 12 August 1988 in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England.

He was born to his mother, Amber Fury, and father, John Fury. They lived in a house in Styal along with their other kids too.

Fury was born prematurely three months before the due date. It was a desperate situation, and the doctors stated that he wouldn’t survive, but he made it through.

His father named Tyson after the famous boxer ‘Mike Tyson‘ because he felt Fury had just won a battle against death and survived despite low chances of survival.

Tyson Fury was a fighter since his birth.

Fury did not have a great childhood. He could not continue his studies due to his family problems, and he then decided to help his father and brothers on tarmacking roads.

Around that time, he got into boxing, and his father used to mentor him as he was a former professional boxer himself.

The Fury family comes with a boxing background as most of them are boxers, from Tyson’s father to his uncles.


Fury grew up around Styal, so yes, he attended his local school there. It was called Styal Primary School.

He studied till the age of 11 and dropped out.

Personal Life

Personality and Lifestyle

Tyson is a very chill guy outside the ring. Despite him being cruel and dominant in-ring, outside of it, he is a very nice guy.

He is also extremely determined and adaptable to any situation.

Moving onto his lifestyle, he is quite a humble guy, but he also has some luxurious things that he loves.

Fury owns a 550,000 Euro worth mansion in Morecambe, Lancashire.

He also used to own a Rolls Royce but sold it after a while.

Body Transformation

Fury had a jaw-dropping body transformation after his depression phase.

Around 2015 when he won against Klitschko, he was at the top of the world but soon, due to some uncertain reasons, he was depressed.

Due to this, he was unable to fight in the rematch against Klitschko. Moreover, Fury became an alcoholic and a drug addict during that phase.

As he was not in the right mind, his body also became unhealthy, and he got a weight of 174 kilograms.

Tyson Fury Body Transformation
Tyson Fury Body Transformation

Those were his dark times, and it was difficult for him to do anything. He even stated that he just wanted to kill himself and leave everything behind.

But slowly, his family helped him recover. His family members used to talk to him and stay with him, and around that time, he also seemed help by a psychiatrist.

After a hard-fought battle, he went through a shocking body transformation, and looking at him now, and he is a completely different person.

Tyson Fury: Career

Amateur Boxing

Tyson used to fight for Britain and Ireland in his early career and train at Holy Family Boxing Club in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

His amateur career was just a normal one, and there was nothing extraordinary but around 2006, he won a bronze medal at the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships, which put him in the limelight.

Consequently, he also claimed the EU Junior Championship next year.

Despite not having a lot of recognition, Fury has still ranked no 3 junior boxers globally.

Before turning professional, Fury won the ABA super-heavyweight title in 2008 and then decided to retire from amateur boxing with a record of 31-4.

Out of his 31 wins, 26 were Knockouts.

Professional Career

Fury debuted in the professional boxing world on 6 December 2008 in Nottingham. He was just 20 years old at the time of his debut.

The Gypsy King faced Bela Gyongyosi. He decimated Bela and won the fight in the first round via TKO.

With all the attention on him, other fighters took their shot. Fury fought 7 fights in the span of 7 months and won all of them.

The wins boosted Tyson’s confidence, and he challenged John McDermott for the English Heavyweight Championship.

It was a close match, but Tyson won it via unanimous decision.

He became the English Heavyweight Champion in 2009.

Fury continued his streak and kept winning against other boxers, and in 2011, he got a shot on British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles.

It was the biggest fight of his career till now, and it was held at the prestigious Wembley Stadium.

Fury was set to face Derek Chisora, who was an undefeated champion at that time. Chisora was the one who everyone thought would win, and Fury was treated as an underdog.

But despite being the Underdog, Fury emerged victorious after defeating Chisora via a unanimous decision.

It was a very intense match with the result of 117–112 in favor of Fury.

This was the highest point of his career at that time, and he was finally beginning to show his dominance in the boxing scene.

Becoming the European Heavyweight Champion

After becoming the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles, he shortly pursues the shot at the World title.

In 2012, he fought Kevin Johnson in the WBC title eliminator at the Odessy Arena.

Next, in 2013, Fury was set to face an American former cruiserweight world champion, Steve Cunningham.

This fight was Fury’s first fight in America, and this meant exposure for his boxing skills and career to the rest of the world.

Fury won the fight via Knockout in the seventh round. He was ranked no.2 at that time by the IBF.

Then next came the European Heavyweight Championship, and Fury was set to face off against his long rival Darek Chisora for the title contender spot.

He won the fight dominantly. He devastated Chisora with his punches, and Chirsora’s side threw the towel in the 10th round.

Fury faced Christian Hammer on 26 December 2014 for the European Heavyweight title. He won the fight with rather ease, and after the win, he called out Wladimir Klitschko and said he was coming for him.

Fury Vs. Klitschko

Fury was prepared to go again, and finally, the fight was scheduled for 28 November 2015.

WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO, Lineal, and The Ring heavyweight titles were on the line. Whoever wins takes it all.

The fight was set to take place in the Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf, Germany.

It was a tough match for Fury, but consequently, Fury won it via unanimous decision.

The final scores from the three judges were 115–112, 115–112, and 116–111 in favor of Tyson.

Fury was overjoyed with the win, and he claimed that this was his dream, and he felt like he had finally achieved it after all the hard work.

After this fight, Wladimir used his rematch clause for the rematch.

The fight was set to take place on 8 April 2016, but unfortunately, Fury was going through a harsh time at that point, and the fight was postponed to a later date.


Despite going through those dark times, he did not give up and come back stronger than ever. He was hungry to fight and win his titles that were stripped from him.

He stepped back in the ring in 2018 after the BBBofC reinstated his boxing license.

Fury said that he would defeat Deontay Wilder to claim his title back.

But Fury couldn’t just go for Wilder right off the bat. He had to work his way through. He was set to fight Sefer Seferi after his return.

Fury won the fight with ease after Seferi refused to get back in the ring after the 4th round.

Next was Francesco Pianeta. A two-time World title challenger, but in front of Fury, he was just another boxer.

Fury was victorious again via points decision.

At this time, the Fury Vs. Wilder‘s fight was almost ready to be fought, and both sides were working on the contracts.

Fury Vs. Wilder I

The Gypsy King was ready to face Wilder and was prepared more than ever.

Their fight was set to take place on 1 December 2018 in Staples Center.

This was estimated to one of the biggest PPV selling fights due to the long-awaited comeback and all the taunts in the press conferences.

On December 1st of 2018, 17,698 attended the fight in the Staples Center. The fight went to the full extent, and it was a very back and forth fight.

Both the fighters were exchanging blows and trying to score points, and after 12 rounds of fighting, it was still hard for anyone to judge the winner.

The judge announced it as a draw with a score of 113-113.

When a fight is drawn, the champion retains the title, and so did Wilder. Unfortunately for Tyson, he was unable to claim the title.

Wilder vs. Fury II

After the draw in their first match, both the fighters were eager to get back in the ring to see who the better fighter is.

The rematch was dated 22 February 2020. During the built-up, the fighter trash-talked each other to get in their heads.

Things got personal, and it was a clown fiesta but very entertaining to watch.

The fight day came, and both the fighters were prepared to wreck each other. They both stepped into the ring Fury was the aggressor from the first round.

He was evading Wilder‘s punches and kept pushing him on the defensive. Tyson then caught Wilder with a big right-hand punch in the 3rd round.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder
Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder

Fury then continued his aggression and knocked Wilder down a total of five times before the fight came to an end due to Wilder‘s side throwing the towel in.

The fight ended in the Seventh round, and Fury claimed the title of World Heavyweight Champion.

There was supposed to be a trilogy for this fight, but unfortunately, it’s on a halt due to this ongoing Pandemic.

Next, Fury will be fighting Anthony Joshua on the August 14th of 2021. It will take place in few months, and we can all look forward to it as it will be a great fight.

Do you think the fight between Tyson and Deontay Wilder is over? No, the boxers are set to fight their 3rd match on 24th July in Las Vegas.


Fury has also made an appearance in the WWE ring in 2019. Tyson appeared in Smackdown and started a feud with Braun Strowman.

Fury made an appearance on RAW to ask Braun to apologize, but things did not go well, and instead, both of them just started trading insults.

After trading insults, Fury and Strowman agreed to fight at the WWE Crown Jewel event.

Fury won the fight after beating Strowman via Countout.

Writing Career

Tyson Fury has written a few books throughout his career, more specifically 4.

Fury’s first-ever book was ‘Behind the Mask: My Autobiography.’ Where he describes his life and how he became who he is now.

The British Boxer opens up about his family life and how it was growing up, and then he talks about his career and his depression phase as well.

Next, he wrote The Furious Method: Transform Your Body, Mind, and Goals and published it on October 15th of 2020.

He followed the book with another series: The Furious Method: The Sunday Times Bestselling Guide to a Healthier Body and Mind Tyson Fury.

The book was originally published on November 12 of 2020.

Tyson Fury: Wife and Kids

Fury is a fortunate guy when it comes to relationships and love life.

He found the love of his life when he was just 17 years old. He is married to his long-time girlfriend, Paris Fury.

They both come of Irish descent and also had similar experiences in their childhood. That’s why they clicked and fell in love with each other.

The couple got married in 2008 in St. Peter in Chains Catholic Church in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Fury Family
Fury Family

They are still married for 13 years and have 5 children, three sons and two daughters.

Prince Tyson Fury II, Prince Adonis Amaziah, and Prince John James are their sons.

Moreover, Venezuela and Valencia Amber are their daughters. They all live happily together in Morecambe, Lancashire.

Tyson Fury: Net Worth

The Gypsy King is quite wealthy as he has done many ventures throughout his career, but this main source of income is still his boxing matches.

“Tyson Fury has the net worth of $30 Million”

Fury has had deals with other big companies like ESPN, and also he has few endorsements.

His appearance in the WWE ring also made him $15 million. Moreover, he also earns from his book sales.

Tyson Fury: Social Media

Fury is available on three social media platforms.

Tyson has 4.1 Million followers on his Instagram account.

Next, he has around 1.4 Million followers on his Facebook account.

Lastly, He has 1.7 Million followers on his Twitter handle.

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Who is Tyson’s Coach at the moment?

Coach Andy Lee coaches him.

Is Fury still Undefeated?

Yes, Fury is still undefeated with a record of 30-0-1.

What Stance does Fury have?

He has an Orthodox Stance.

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