What Happened To Mike Tindall Nose? Surgery Before And After Photos

What Happened To Mike Tindall Nose? He just had surgery to correct his famously crooked nose, which he fractured multiple times throughout his sporting career.

Former English rugby union player Michael James Tindall, MBE Tindall, had fun playing outside the center for Bath and Gloucester and earned 75 England appearances between 2000 and 2011. He was a member of England’s World Cup-winning side in 2003.

Tindall earned his England debut against Ireland in the 2000 Six Nations Championship on February 5, 2000. He was a member of England’s squad that won the 2003 Six Nations Championship and the 2003 World Cup.

What Happened To Mike Tindall Nose? How Was It Broken?

Rugby has led to his broken nose since the game is highly rough, which might lead to numerous injuries in the athlete.

What Happened To Mike Tindall Nose?
                                                                Mike Tindall at a 2003 rugby match (Source: itv)

He just had surgery to correct his famously crooked nose, which he fractured multiple times throughout his sporting career.

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The 39-year-old former rugby World Cup winner fractured his nose when he was five years old and had three further breaks throughout his rugby career, which concluded in 2014. 

His nose was at a 45-degree angle before surgery, and both nostrils were compressed, so he could only breathe via his lips. He claimed he ‘liked’ his crooked nose but had to get surgery because it made him ‘unable to breathe.’

Mike Tindall Surgery Before And After Photos

Mike Tindall, a former Gloucester Rugby player, has admitted to having cosmetic surgery on his nose. The 43-year-old smashed his nose at least eight times over his 12-year athletic career.

Mike, who lives in Minchinhampton, stated on Loose Women’s special all-male panel that he had finally undergone corrective surgery to straighten his nose after years of sinus difficulties.

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                                              Mike Tindall Surgery Before And After Photos (Source: Ok.Co)

He even grew a beard to hide the surgery results, which he claims his wife approves of. Princess Anne wanted him to get the surgery before his wedding in 2011, but he resisted. Eventually, he got the surgery and fixed his broken nose.

Who Is Mike Tindall Married To? Wife And Children

In 2011, the former rugby player, 43, married Zara. Zara is an Olympic showjumper who has benefited from several lucrative endorsement deals. 

Mike hosts a popular podcast called “The Good, The Bad, and The Rugby,” in which he periodically discusses royal topics.

In December 2010, Buckingham Palace confirmed the rugby player’s engagement to the “love of his life.” Six months later, in May 2011, the Queen gave her consent to the marriage, as necessary, before the ceremony, which took place in Edinburgh in July with 400 guests in attendance.

Mia Grace Tindall, the couple’s first child, was born on January 17, 2014. the royal couple lost the baby approximately four months into Zara’s pregnancy, right before Christmas 2016, just a few weeks after announcing they were expecting their second child.

Mike stood behind his wife and other members of the Royal Family for Queen Elizabeth’s royal funeral.

How Much Is Mike Tindall’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Earning, Mike is the fourth richest rugby player in the UK, worth £15.7 million, while his wife Zara is an estimated £14.4 million.

Among the well-known brands with whom Mike and Zara Tindall have cooperated over the years are Land Rover and Rolex. Zara recently signed a deal with luxury outdoor brand Musto that analysts estimate is worth over £500,000.

However, this isn’t the couple’s sole source of income; Mike is allegedly expecting to earn at least £150,000 for his impending participation in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

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