Where Is Alex Smith Now

Where Is Alex Smith Now? Did He Retire After His Leg Surgery?

NFL fans are wondering where Alex Smith is now after his leg surgery.

Dr. Robin West, the Washington Football Team’s physician, told ESPN that Alex Smith’s return to the field in the NFL could be labeled a “miracle.” 

When Smith suffered a complex fracture with additional issues in 2018, it appeared that his NFL career was over. Instead, he rehabbed for almost two years and underwent 17 surgeries before returning to the NFL.

Where Is Alex Smith Now?

Alex Smith, America’s star-crossed quarterback who is now retired, appeared in Salt Lake City on March 2022. 

This is something he had done more frequently since retiring after the 2020 season when he made a remarkable comeback from his legendary injury. 

The public speaking engagements were unexpected, but when he gave a TED Talk last summer, he found it soothing.

Smith’s experience has been extensively covered in the media, including a compelling documentary, but there is something to be said for hearing deep comments from the guy himself, live on stage.

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Alex Smith Leg Surgery: What Happened To Him?

In case you haven’t heard, he has a story that surpasses athletics. Smith had a horrible injury in the fall of 2018 while playing quarterback for the Washington Football Team, a compound spiral fracture of the tibia and fibula with bone bursting through the skin. 

Doctors claimed the only thing they could compare it to was a war injury, such as those suffered by soldiers wounded by a bomb.

Alex Smith 1
Alex Smith’s leg surgery (Source: tmz.com)

To make matters worse, it became infected. Doctors switched from trying to save Smith’s leg, which was about to be amputated, to trying to save his life. There were concerns about his ability to walk again.

The leg was rebuilt over the course of 17 surgeries, using screws, plates, and muscle from other portions of his body. For months, he couldn’t walk. 

He sat on the couch for days, overwhelmed by dread, and was eventually left with a lumpy, scarred, and deformed leg below the knee. 

During his TED Talk, he displayed graphic photographs of the limb at various stages of reconstruction; it looked like something out of a butcher shop. Smith pushed up his jeans and exposed the audience his leg at the end of his speech.

Did Alex Smith Retire After His Leg Surgery?

Alex Smith concluded his remarkable NFL comeback journey, which was the end of the veteran quarterback’s playing career.

Alex announced his retirement from the NFL on Instagram, following 16 years in the game.

Smith, 37, was voted the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year for 2020 just two months ago for his return to action with the Washington Football Team. 

Smith underwent 17 operations and missed the whole 2019 season after suffering a complex fracture to his right tibia and fibula in a game against the Houston Texans. 

He also acquired sepsis, a potentially fatal infection-related consequence, and had to wear a brace to compensate for his decline.

Alex Smith’s Daughter Also Underwent Surgery: What Happened?

Alex Smith provided an optimistic report on the health of their six-year-old daughter, Sloane, who underwent emergency brain surgery.

Sloane Smith, the youngest of Alex and wife Elizabeth’s three children, was brought to Stanford Children’s Health on May 10 after experiencing stroke-like symptoms, the Smiths revealed in an Instagram post. 

Alex Smith daughter
Alex Smith’s announcement oh his daughter’s brain surgery (Source: nbcsports)https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/commanders/alex-smith-announces-daughters-emergency-surgery-remove-brain-tumor

An MRI swiftly revealed the presence of a massive brain tumor, necessitating an “emergency craniotomy.”

The surgeons successfully removed 100% of the tumor after a 10-hour procedure characterized by the Smiths as the most torturous moment of their life. Sloane has, thankfully, totally recovered from surgery after more than a month.

The Smiths thanked the medical personnel who performed the surgery, as well as everyone who helped them through this tough period. The family also revealed further information about Sloane’s tumor and the next steps.

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