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Who Are George Alaba And Gina Alaba? David Alaba Parents, Sister, And Family

Football fans are curious about David Alaba’s parents and want to know more about his Nigerian father and Filipino mother.

David Alaba is one of the most versatile players of his generation. Although he is a master of the left-back position, he can also play well as a central defender and a positioning midfielder.

David Alaba was a child prodigy. He made his debut with the Austrian National Team at 17 years.

Aside from his immense talent, he was made to debut early to prevent the Philippines and the Nigerian FA from showing interest in his recruitment.

Since his parents share Nigerian and Filipino origins, Alaba was available for recruitment in both of these nations.

Who Are David Alaba Parents? Family Explored

Alaba was born on June 24, 1992, in Vienna, Austria, under the sign of Cancer. He holds Austrian nationality.

David Alaba’s parents have Nigerian-Filipino ancestry. He was born to a Filipino mother, Gina Alaba, and a Nigerian Father, George Alaba.

Dad George Alaba is a Nigerian prince who arrived in Austria to study economics. George initially came to Austria to get a degree in economics at Austria’s Vienna University.

However, he dropped out of the University and decided to make a career as a musician. This decision turned out quite well for George Alaba, as he was able to take music to its full glory in Austria.

David Alaba with his father George Alaba
David Alaba with his Father, George Alaba (Source: Instagram)

Mother Gina Alaba is a nurse by profession and was named Miss Filipino in the 1980s in the country of her birth. His Visayan mother emigrated from the Philippines to pursue her career as a nurse.

Alaba grew up with his little sister, Rose May Alaba. Rose and David are the only children of George and Gina. Alaba’s sister, Rose May Alaba, also got into music, influenced by her Father, George Alaba.

Currently, she works as a singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Rose is best known for her 2016 single, “Love me right.”

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George Alaba and Gina Alaba Early Career

Born in 1960 in Nigeria, George Alaba is a Nigerian prince and an Austrian musician. He was born into a royal family in Ogere, a small village 55 kilometers from Lagos, the nation’s former capital. He grew up with his parents in Nigeria and completed his primary education there.

For further education, George moved to Vienna in 1984. As he was interested in economics, George applied to the Vienna University of Economics and Business and started studying there. But he later decided to give up his studies to work on his career as a musician.

George was granted Austrian citizenship in the mid-1990s. After gaining national fame from his musical career and being granted citizenship, he served as the first black soldier in the Austrian Army.

Geroge Alaba met the Philippine-born nurse and former Miss Filipino Gina in 1996. The couple met at a school party and eventually started seeing each other. They got married in 1998 and have been together since then.

David Alaba with his Mother and Sister
David Alaba with his Mother and Sister (Source: Instagram)

In his career as a musician, he found his partner Petra Suk in 1997. Alaba and Petra Suk debuted with the song “Indian Song,” which peaked at number two on the Austrian music charts.

However, a disagreement over the name of their band brought an end to their seven-year relationship. 

He resumed his work as a DJ at the Gogobar Beverly Hills in the heart of Vienna after realizing there was no way to fix the situation. He ultimately quit this profession to focus on his kids, whom he currently helps in their careers.

David Alaba Girlfriend And Net Worth

Shalimar Heppner is the girlfriend of the Real Madrid Star. She met the Austrian international for the first time in 2017. 

They made their relationship public in 2018 after attending Oktoberfest in Berlin. Back in 2019, the couple gave birth to their first child. The boy’s name and any further details are unknown as it has been kept a secret by the couple. 

Shalimar and Alaba in Dubai
Shalimar and Alaba in Dubai (Source: Instagram)

As of 2022, the Austrian footballer has a net worth of $20 million. His football career, contracts, salary, bonuses, and endorsements are primary sources of income. 

He has a six-year contract with Real Madrid which expires in 2026. He makes an astounding $20.5 million a year.

Alaba played in approximately 400 games for Bayern Munich & collected 27 trophies, including two trebles in 2013 and 2020.

During his first spell at Real Madrid, he won three major titles, including the UEFA Super Cup, La Liga, and the Champions League.

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