Who Are Rohan Browning’s Parents? Mother:Liz Johnson & Father: Mr. Browning

The son of wonderful parents, Rohan Browning, is an Australian sprinter. After representing Australia in a variety of events, he rose to prominence. January 16, 2021, Browning ran the 100 meters with a tailwind of +3.3 m/s and 9.96 seconds.

As a result, Browning broke the 10-second barrier, becoming Australia’s second sprinter to do so after Patrick Johnson, who did it in 2003 with a run of 9.93 seconds. The tailwind, however, rendered the run ineligible for record-keeping.

Australian parents gave Rohan Browning birth in Crows Nest, Australia, on December 31, 1997.

Rohan Browning’s Parents

His father’s name is unknown, but his mother’s name is Liz Johnson. In response to Rohan’s 100m under 10 seconds celebration, Liz, his mother, received media attention for an alleged racist tweet.

Liz Jackson tweeted congratulations to Browning on his new personal-best time and expressed her surprise that he had joined the company. 

Who Are Rohan Browning’s Parents? Mother:Liz Johnson & Father: Mr. Browning
Who Are Rohan Browning’s Parents? Mother: Liz Johnson & Father: Mr. Browning (Source: Rohan Browning’s Instagram.)

In the tweet, she writes, “I believe my eldest son has just become the first non-Indigenous Australian to run a 100m in under 10 seconds,” 

“I can’t believe it.”, she added.

Australian sprinter Rohan Browning’s mother defended herself against allegations of racism in a tweet congratulating her son on his recent success.

During the Illawarra Track Challenge on Saturday, Browning clocked a 9.96-second wind-assisted time for the 100 meters sprint.

The 23-year-old Rohan Johnson is Australia’s fourth highest scoring Indigenous athlete, with three records to his credit.

She was forced to reaffirm her remarks when questioned whether they were discriminatory. Rohan said her mother wanted to recognize Indigenous athletes in her tweet. However, the tweet has created controversy on social media. There is no racism involved here; in fact, quite the contrary.

 Daily Mail Proud mum is accused of being 'racist' after sharing a post congratulating her son
Proud mum is accused of being ‘racist’ after sharing a post congratulating her son.

Jackson claims that by doing so, she recognized Indigenous athletes’ talents.

According to Jackson, her comment was a “tip of the hat to our indigenous athletes because of the quality of their performances.”.

There is no information available on the father of Rohan Browning, Mr. Browning. It is possible that he is avoiding media and fans so as not to have his personal space invaded. Although he might be hiding, his 22-year-old son’s achievements should be a source of pride for him.

Some of the replies she got for her tweet are: 

‘This is a really racist tweet,’ one person replied.

‘Please correct this and apologize for putting this out there and please, please learn from your mistake and why this is so harmful.’

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