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Who Is Archie Battersbee Mum Hollie Dance? Archie Battersbee Ethnicity And Sister

Archie Battersbee Mum had a tough choice ahead of her after her child suffered Brainstem Death. He was found unconscious and brain dead, leading to a trial debating whether life support should be taken off or not.

The boy was subject to several court hearings between April and August 2022 regarding withdrawing his life support.

He was taken off life support in a win for Barts Health NHS Trust and a loss for Archie Battersbee’s parents.

Battersbee was initially found unconscious at home and taken immediately to the Southend University Hospital on April 7.

Archie Battersbee was then transferred to the Royal London Hospital, where he remained for treatment.

The NHS started a High Court proceeding to perform Brainstem testing on Battersbee as they couldn’t take consent from Archie’s mum or dad.

The entire process was hectic and complicated, as even the staff involved in the case couldn’t be named publicly.

Battersbee didn’t respond to any of the tests or simulations that were precursors to the brainstem tests.

Archie Battersbee mum Hollie Dance and close family members after his death
Archie Battersbee’s mum Hollie Dance and close family members after his death

In June, the initial hearing with the critical topic of continuing or discontinuing Archie’s life support.

It was later decided in July that continuing his support treatment would be futile by Mr. Justice Hayden.

The hearing result even induced a heart attack in Archie’s father, who had no history of heart disease but was later stable.

On August 1, The Court of Appeal, including Sir Andrew McFarlane, Lady Justice King, and Lord Justice Moylan, ruled the withdrawal of life support before August 2.

The family didn’t give up and even approached the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on August 3.

On August 6, The doctors later announced Archie dead.

Battersbee’s family and parents requested an inquiry into what happened to him on August 7, bringing the events to a conclusion.


Hollie Dance is a British citizen of White ethnicity. She is the mother of Archie Battersbee, who passed away due to Brainstem death. 

Hollie and Archie were attempting the famous Tiktok challenge called the ‘Whiteout Challenge’ when Archief fell unconscious.

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While Archie Battersbee was unconscious, his mum attempted many life-saving maneuvers, such as CPR on him but to no avail.

Hollie was a stout advocate in the campaign to save her son’s life, even setting up a web page.

There are no exact personal details about Hollie Dance on the internet or in any interviews.


Archie Battersbee is a British 12-year-old boy who suffered from a catastrophic brain injury due to a Tiktok challenge.

Battersbee was born on 2010. He took birth in Southend, Essex, England.

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His nationality is British. However, his exact religion is unknown, and many of his details are missing from social media, the internet, and interviews.

Specific details on Archie Battersbee and his family are not freely available on the internet or any other relevant interview.

In a recent interview, Hollie Dance mentioned that Archie had one tightly gripped onto her hand.


Archie Battersbee is the child of Paul Battersbee and Hollie Dance, who was only 12 years old when he passed away.

 The couple divorced each other when Archie was only six years old.

However, this has left the couple unaffected as they have teamed up and not shown any discomfort while fighting for their child.

The couple has researched all possible avenues that could help them recover their child to a normal state.

No discernable information is available on Archie’s sister or any other family member.

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