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Did Veronica Falcon Have Weight Loss? Husband Parents And Net Worth

Known as the Queen of the Mexican entertainment industry, Veronica Falcon does not need an introduction. 

Setting her footstep into the entertainment world at a very young age, Falcon is a versatile woman with excellent dancing and acting skills. For those who have watched the movie “Queen of the South” must recognize her as Camila Vargas. 

In 2022, the actress also appeared in the 4th Season of a famous Netflix series“Ozark.”

Veronica Falcon
Veronica looks stunning in black

Lately, one question concerning her fans is: Did Veronica Falcon lose weight? 

Let’s find out if the actress had really lost some weight or if the fan’s concerns are baseless.

Did Veronica Falcon Have Weight Loss?

Yes, Veronica Falcon has had weight loss in recent years.

Lately, the 5′ 5¼” actress is 63 kgs as per the source. Those who have watched Veronica have noticed that she has been losing weight constantly over the past some years.

 Before, she used to be quite chubby, but now she is all slim and sexy. 

Though her physique appears great now, her fans are worried, assuming her weight loss is due to some health issues. 

On the other hand, the actress does not seem to have any health issues. She also tweeted about how a healthy diet is essential and helpful in maintaining one’s body.

In one of her tweets in 2019, she even wrote a paragraph about her diet and asked her fans to eat healthily and go green.

Veronica, during her workout

So, fans, be assured Veronica Falcon’s weight loss is not because of any illness.

Veronica Falcon Husband

Veronica Falcon’s husband is Marius Biegai. 

As per online portals, he is also an actor like his wife, but he is also a great writer. Likewise, Marius is a Polish citizen with German citizenship. 

Likewise, the pair first met in an acting master class in New York City and fell in love. It is said that they dated for quite some years before they decided to exchange their wedding vows on 22 August 1998.

They have a son named Lucca Biegai. 

They had a peaceful and harmonious life for some years, but slowly, problems were seen in their relationship.

And unfortunately, after having a beautiful married life for more than a decade, Veronica and Marius parted way on 20 June 2016.

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Veronica Falcon Parents

Flacon was born to strict Christian parents in Mexico City.

As Veronica prefers to live a lowkey life, she has not yet revealed the name of her parents. 

The actress is now 56 years old, as per her IMDb profile. She was born in 1966, and her birthday is celebrated on 8 August every year.

Her full birth name is Verónica López Casa Madrid. 

As her family was quite strict, the actress claims she had to struggle and ignore their beliefs to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Veronica Falcon’s Net Worth

The net worth of the Mexican actress is estimated to be millions in 2022.

Her actual net worth, however, is yet to be published.

Nonetheless, looking at her accomplishments and fame, we can be sure that her earnings have provided her with a comfortable life.

Speaking of her career, Veronica entered the acting world in the year 1995. And her first debut was a movie named “Midaq Alley.” 

Since then, she has appeared in dozen of Mexican films and TV shows. Some of her well-known works in the Mexican entertainment industry include” Days of Grace,” ” Tiempos Felices,” ” Operación Triunfo,” “Los Minondo,” and many years.

Furthermore, after having a successful acting career in Mexico, the actress made a very bold decision to enter Hollywood in 2016. 

As of now, she is seen in some famous American films and TV shows; “The Starling,” Jungle Cruise,” “Room 104,” and ” Ozark” are some of her renowned ones.

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